Monday, December 29, 2008

World watches in Horror: Gaza attacks continue

As Israel continues there attacks on the region of Gaza, the civilized world watches in horror praying and pleading with the Israeli authorities to end the siege. The death toll continues to rise today in Gaza as innocent Palestinians are forced to run and hide from Israeli military attacks using American made munitions. Meanwhile thousands have rallied around Europe and the civilized world to protest the ongoing assault on Gaza by Israeli forces. These attacks on the Palestinian people are uncalled for and must end admittedly! Even now as Israeli bombs are killing innocent women and children in Gaza, Israel tries to play the victim. Hellenic Politician George Karatzaferis, the leader of the LAOS party released a statement comparing Israel and its actions in Gaza to the actions of Hitler in World War Two. A comment that spark anger from the Israeli ambassador to Hellas, with the following statement, "Racism is not in Greece's culture. I'm saddened by the pathetic statement made by Mr. Karatzaferis; it shows, if nothing else, complete historic ignorance. It is the Jewish people that were the prey of racism." But of course how foolish of Mr. Karatzaferis, Israelis are immune to committing actions of Racism! It's not in there 'DNA'.

Oh to be Israeli,
immune to thoughts and actions of Racism,
able to massacres hundreds of innocent women and children and still be seen international as the non aggressors - the victims in fact of 'Terrorism', oh to be an Israeli - a God amongst men.

Shame on the Israelis to hell with them!

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