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The Obama Deception


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European court finds in favour of Greek Cypriot refugee

For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is pleased to circulate the
report that " The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Meletios
Apostolides, a Greek Cypriot refugee from Turkish-occupied Lapithos, near
Kyrenia, can reclaim land he was uprooted from by the Turkish invasion in 1974
and which was subsequently 'bought' by an Anglo-Jewish couple, Linda and David
Orams" , the ground breaking report by London-based Greek-Cypriot blogger
Hellenic Antidote is provided below. We encourage the distribution of this
report, and the forwarding of this press release.



European court finds in favour of Greek Cypriot refugee ,Tuesday, 28 April 2009
by Hellenic Antidote blog

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that Meletios Apostolides, a Greek
Cypriot refugee from Turkish-occupied Lapithos, near Kyrenia, can reclaim land
he was uprooted from by the Turkish invasion in 1974 and which was subsequently
'bought' by an Anglo-Jewish couple, Linda and David Orams.

Apostolides initially took the Orams' to court in Nicosia in 2005, which decided
that the Britons should knock down or hand over to him the villa with swimming
pool they had built on his land and pay him compensation and rent for the
deprivation and use of his property.

When the Orams', with the protection and full backing of the Turkish-occupation
regime in northern Cyprus, refused to recognise the Nicosia court's ruling,
Apostolides sought to have it enforced in the UK, where the Orams' permanently
reside, on the principal that judgments in Cypriot courts have to be recognised
in all other courts in the European Union.

The High Court in London in 2006 found that while it accepted that Apostolides
owned the land in Lapithos; Cypriot – and by extension EU – courts did not have
effective jurisdiction over Turkish-occupied Cyprus and, therefore, the Nicosia
court ruling against the Orams' could not be enforced. (The judge also awarded
costs of £863,000 against Apostolides, a substantial amount of which was to be
paid to 'human rights' lawyer Cherie Blair – former prime minister Tony Blair's
wife – who had been hired by the Turk/Orams' side).

Apostolides appealed the High Court decision and the UK Court of Appeal referred
the matter to the European Court of Justice – the EU's highest court – which
today found the High Court decision erroneous, stating that: 'The fact that the
land concerned is situated in an area over which the [Cyprus] government does
not exercise effective control... does not preclude the recognition and
enforcement of those judgments in another member state [and]… the fact that Mr
Apostolides might encounter difficulties in having the judgments enforced cannot
deprive them of their enforceability.'

Read ECJ judgment summary here.
(URL: )

Without being a legal expert or understanding just yet what the full
implications of this undoubtedly positive ruling are: two points have struck me
so far following the initial reaction by Cypriot lawyers to today's verdict:

Firstly, the matter is not finished with the ECJ ruling. The case is now back
with the British courts, which have to decide how they are going to enforce the
ECJ verdict. Given the High Court experience and the probable reluctance of a
British court to find itself executing decisions made by a foreign (Cypriot)
court that adversely affect the interests of British citizens, the possibility
remains that a British court will seek to water down or side step the Nicosia
court and ECJ rulings.

Secondly, while the ECJ ruling has potentially devastating implications for EU
citizens who have 'bought' usurped Greek Cypriot land and will surely put off
others considering investing in property in occupied Cyprus; it is likely that
the Turkish occupation regime will seek to ameliorate the consequences for its
'property development' sector by looking for buyers outside the EU – most
probably from Israel and Russia.

Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)
2578 Broadway #132
New York, NY 10025
New York: Tel. 917-699-9935

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is a grass-roots, not-for-profit
movement created to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the
people of Cyprus.

To be added to CANA's Action Alert e-mail distribution list, or to introduce
CANA to a friend or colleague, please forward the pertinent name and e-mail
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You are encouraged to forward this action alert to five or more individuals who
may have an interest in our e-distributions or in CANA’s mission.

You may post any CANA article, press release or action alert on the internet as
long as you credit CANA and the author(s).

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

EU must obey Nicosia's rulings, even in north Cyprus, EU court says

Europe News
Apr 28, 2009, 9:06 GMT

Luxembourg - European Union member states must enforce rulings by courts
in the Greek half of Cyprus even if they cover property in the Turkish-controlled north of the island, the EU's highest court
ruled on Tuesday.

'A judgment of a court in the Republic of Cyprus must be recognized and enforced by the other (EU) member states even if it concerns land situated in the north of the island,' the European Court of Justice said in a statement.

Read full article here.

Natane to '21- If only '21 would come back..

«Να 'τανε το '21»

Στίχοι: Σώτια Τσώτου
Μουσική: Σταύρος Κουγιουμτζής
Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Γρηγόρης Μπιθικώτσης

Μου ξανάρχονται ένα ένα χρόνια δοξασμένα
να 'τανε το 21 να 'ρθει μια στιγμή

Να περνάω καβαλάρης στο πλατύ τ' αλώνι
και με τον Κολοκοτρώνη να 'πινα κρασί

Να πολεμάω τις μέρες στα κάστρα
και το σπαθί μου να πιάνει φωτιά
και να κρατάω τις νύχτες με τ' άστρα
μια ομορφούλα αγκαλιά.

Μου ξανάρχονται ένα ένα χρόνια δοξασμένα
να 'τανε το 21 να 'ρθει μια βραδιά.

Πρώτος το χορό να σέρνω στου Μοριά τις στράτες
και ξοπίσω μου Μανιάτες και οι Ψαριανοί

Κι όταν λαβωμένος γέρνω κάτω απ' τους μπαξέδες
να με ραίνουν μενεξέδες χέρια κι ουρανοί

Να πολεμάω τις μέρες στα κάστρα
και το σπαθί μου να πιάνει φωτιά
και να κρατάω τις νύχτες με τ' άστρα
μια ομορφούλα αγκαλιά.

Μου ξανάρχονται ένα ένα χρόνια δοξασμένα
να 'τανε το 21 να 'ρθει μια βραδιά.

They come back (to my memory) one by one
Those glorious years,
If only '21 would come back for one moment.
I would pass on a horse back in the wide yard
And I would drink wine with Kolokotronis.

I would fight during the days at the castles
And my sword would be on fire
And at the starry nights I would hold a beautiful young lady in my arms.

They come back (to my memory)
Those glorious years one by one
If only '21 would come back for a night.

I would lead the dance at the streets of Morea (Peloponnese)
And behind me would be the Maniots and the Psarians(people of the island of Psara)

And when wounded I lie under the orchard trees
Violets, hands and skies would be scattered on me.

I would fight during the days at the castles
And my sword would be on fire
And at the starry nights I would hold a beautiful young lady in my arms.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pan-European Front at Armenian Genocide Vigil

Washington D.C. April 24, 2009 — A small but determined contingent of Nuova Patria Meridionale and Hellenic League of America members joined the Armenian community in the Nation's Capitol for the annual Armenian Genocide Vigil. Our support was another example of NPM’s and HLA's concerted effort to show solidarity and forge bonds with other Euro-American identitarian organizations.

It took Herculean might not to pummel the disrespectful counter-protestors horded outside the Turkish embassy. From the moment we arrived to the very end of the protest we were subjected to the most vile and vulgar taunts. Obscenities and racial epithets were hurled at the massive gathering of peaceful protestors, which should be noted were mostly women and children. To their credit the Armenians stayed composed and didn’t sink to their adversaries deplorable level, despite considerable provocation.

The atmosphere on the opposing sides of Massachusetts Avenue couldn’t be starker. The Turkish side was festive and mocking while the Armenians solemnly and painfully remembered the innocent victims of inhuman barbarism. Whenever the 1.5 million death toll was cited the Turks retorted with a hateful, “That wasn’t enough” chant. Instead of the usual denial of the charges they basked in their murderous legacy.

Strangely, the Greek faction of the vigil drove the Turkish throng into a frenzy. Plainly obvious to everyone present they harbor a remarkable hatred for Hellenes, who were singled out for special ridicule. With sadistic delight the Turks barked “Istanbul” and gloatingly waved the rag of Turkish-occupied Cyprus, both historically Greek homelands but now under Turkish occupation.

Ironically, the majority of the Armenians were waving American flags but it was the Turks who carried placards thanking Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their support in denying the genocide. Sadly, the Armenian community’s patriotic fervor and loyalty was paid back with betrayal by the United States Government.

Our presence did not go unnoticed. The gracious Armenian community, whose grief and suffering has been largely ignored by the international community, warmly received us.


ARMENIAN protest in WASHINGTON DC April 24 2009 (part 1)

ARMENIAN protest in WASHINGTON DC April 24 2009 (part 2)

Armenian Genocide Protest, Los Angeles 2009

ANCA: Obama Betrays Armenian Genocide Pledge

For Immediate Release
April 24, 2009
Contact: Elizabeth S. Chouldjian
Tel: (202) 775-1918


-- April 24th statement avoids "genocide" characterization

WASHINGTON, DC -- Despite repeated statements properly
characterizing the Armenian Genocide during his Senate career and a
clear pledge stating that "As President, I will recognize the
Armenian Genocide," President Barack Obama today issued an April
24th statement evading the proper characterization of the Armenian
Genocide, reported the Armenian National Committee of America

ANCA Chairman Ken Hachikian issued the following statement
regarding President Obama's April 24th statement:

"I join with all Armenian Americans in voicing our sharp
disappointment with President Obama's failure to honor his solemn
pledge to recognize the Armenian Genocide."

"In falling short of his repeated and crystal clear promises, which
reflected a thorough knowledge of the facts, the practical
implications, and the profound moral dimension of Armenian Genocide
recognition, the President chose, as a matter of policy, to allow
our nation's stand against genocide to remain a hostage to Turkey's

"The President's statement today represents a retreat from his
pledge and a setback to the vital change he promised to bring about
in how America confronts the crime of genocide."

"Genocide must be confronted unconditionally at the level of
American values and our common humanity. As Americans, we should
never allow the prevention or recognition of this crime to be
reduced to a political issue that can be traded away, retreated
from under pressure, or used to advance a political agenda, of any

"We urge the President to act quickly to correct his
Administration's stand on the Armenian Genocide by properly
condemning and commemorating this crime, removing Turkey's gag-rule
on its recognition by the United States, and working publicly
toward the adoption of the Armenian Genocide Resolution before
Congress," concluded Hachikian

As a Senator and presidential candidate, President Obama pledged
repeatedly to recognize the Armenian Genocide and promised
"unstinting resolve" to end the Darfur Genocide, stating, "America
deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide
and responds forcefully to all genocides. I intend to be that
President." View his record on the issue at:

President Obama's complete statement is provided below.



Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release
April 24, 2009

Statement of President Barack Obama on Armenian Remembrance Day

Ninety four years ago, one of the great atrocities of the 20th
century began. Each year, we pause to remember the 1.5 million
Armenians who were subsequently massacred or marched to their death
in the final days of the Ottoman Empire. The Meds Yeghern must live
on in our memories, just as it lives on in the hearts of the
Armenian people.

History, unresolved, can be a heavy weight. Just as the terrible
events of 1915 remind us of the dark prospect of man's inhumanity
to man, reckoning with the past holds out the powerful promise of
reconciliation. I have consistently stated my own view of what
occurred in 1915, and my view of that history has not changed. My
interest remains the achievement of a full, frank and just
acknowledgment of the facts.

The best way to advance that goal right now is for the Armenian and
Turkish people to address the facts of the past as a part of their
efforts to move forward. I strongly support efforts by the Turkish
and Armenian people to work through this painful history in a way
that is honest, open, and constructive. To that end, there has been
courageous and important dialogue among Armenians and Turks, and
within Turkey itself. I also strongly support the efforts by Turkey
and Armenia to normalize their bilateral relations. Under Swiss
auspices, the two governments have agreed on a framework and
roadmap for normalization. I commend this progress, and urge them
to fulfill its promise.

Together, Armenia and Turkey can forge a relationship that is
peaceful, productive and prosperous. And together, the Armenian and
Turkish people will be stronger as they acknowledge their common
history and recognize their common humanity.

Nothing can bring back those who were lost in the Meds Yeghern. But
the contributions that Armenians have made over the last ninety-
four years stand as a testament to the talent, dynamism and
resilience of the Armenian people, and as the ultimate rebuke to
those who tried to destroy them. The United States of America is a
far richer country because of the many Americans of Armenian
descent who have contributed to our society, many of whom
immigrated to this country in the aftermath of 1915. Today, I stand
with them and with Armenians everywhere with a sense of friendship,
solidarity, and deep respect.


Armenian National Committee of America
1711 N Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036
Tel. (202) 775-1918
Fax. (202) 775-5648

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

URGENT!: Community Action Alert: Protest NY Times Sales for Illegal Turkish-Military Occupation

For Immediate Release: April 22, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK--The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) encourages all activists,
supporters and readers to participate in the following Community Action Alert,
forwarded from "Hellenic Organization of University Graduates of America"

Community Action Alert


In response to an article in The New York Times Great Homes & Destinations
section on April 22, 2009 promoting property for sale in occupied northern
Cyprus , we encourage everyone to write a letter of protest. For your
information, below please find:

1. Points that may be used in your letter

2. Email addresses at the NY Times

3. The article itself

Points that may be noted in your letter or email:

*The northern part of the Republic of Cyprus , under Turkish military occupation
since the Turkish invasion of 1974 and as such, the illegal secessionist entity
in the occupied area of Cyprus does not have jurisdiction to perform valid
transfers of property ownership

*Thus, foreign citizens interested in purchasing property in the area under
Turkish military occupation are strongly advised to thoroughly examine the legal
ownership status of the property concerned, through the Lands and Surveys
Department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus, in order to
ascertain, at first, that no violation of the property rights of the legal
owners will be effected through the transaction, and, second, to safeguard that
the purported seller is the true owner of the property and can transfer a valid
title. Given that more than 4/5 of the property in the areas situated in the
north of the buffer zone belongs to forcibly displaced owners (the term ‘owners’
includes the Republic of Cyprus), one can reasonably reach the conclusion that
this advertising material relates to illegal activities, even if at the time of
its discovery there is no evidence linking the object of the advertisement to
specific displaced owners.

*The European Court of Human Rights, in its Judgment of 18 December 1996, on the
individual application of the Greek Cypriot displaced owner from Kyrenia, Mrs.
Titina Loizidou, against Turkey , and in the Fourth Interstate Application of
Cyprus against Turkey of 10 May 2001, upheld the rights of the refugees to their
properties. In the Loizidou case, the Court ordered the Government of Turkey to
compensate the applicant for the time period of deprivation of use of her
property and to provide full access and allow peaceful enjoyment of her property
in Kyrenia. The right of the displaced owners to their properties was
reconfirmed in the most recent decision of the European Court of Human Rights
(Dec. 2005) regarding the application of Myra Xenides- Arestis v. Turkey.

*Greek Cypriot owners may also bring civil action against usurpers of their
property before the competent civil Courts of the Republic of Cyprus . In its
judgment of 15 November 2004 in the case of Meletios Apostolides v David and
Linda Orams, the Nicosia District Court found the Defendants liable for trespass
in the property of the Plaintiff, ordering them to demolish the villa and other
buildings erected on the property, surrender vacant possession to the Plaintiff
and pay damages.

*Under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus , the exploitation of property
registered in the name of another, constitutes a criminal offence, for which a
European arrest warrant, executable in any of the 27 EU countries, and an
International arrest warrant could be issued.

*In reference to travel to and from occupied Cyprus -- The so-called “ERCAN”
airport is not recognized by ICAO, which is the highest international authority
on legal issues relating to civil aviation in general. ICAO’s policy on matters
relating to Cyprus is in conformity with that of the United Nations and the
international community. Consequently, ICAO recognizes only the Republic of
Cyprus and its Government as the sole representative of the whole island. Any
possible use by international traffic, of the illegally operating airports, such
as “ERCAN” (TYMBOU), violates International law, U.N. Security Council
resolutions, E.U. positions and contravenes the ICAO and the EUROCONTROL
Conventions, and their respective norms, standards, procedures and recommended
practices. This means there are problems in air safety as there is no interface
between the illegal airport and legitimate entities, and that the airline
industry and the pilots express concern over the existence of the illegal
airport (Ercan), which confuses pilots and threatens air safety.


Arthur Sulzberger Jr., Chairman & Publisher:

Scott H. Heekin-Canedy, President, General Manager:

Letters to the Editor :




April 22, 2009 (published April 21, 2009)

International Real Estate, NY Times

For Sale In... Cyprus


£919,000 ($1,337,329)

Built in the 19th century by a wealthy Ottoman family, this property offers a
350-square-meter (3,767-square-foot) main house and two guest cottages. It is in
the center of Ozankoy, a village in the foothills of the Kyrenia mountains, five
miles east of the coastal town of Kyrenia , whose historic harbor is a popular

The main house, built of Cypriot stone and with a timber roof, has three
bedrooms and three baths, a large kitchen and dining room. Though it has been
renovated several times, and now has air-conditioning and heating, it retains
its rustic charm, including high ceilings with exposed beams and Ottoman
windows. It is being sold furnished, with antique furniture and Turkish carpets.

The first guest cottage has about 130 square meters (1,399 square feet) of
space, with two bedrooms; the second covers 50 square meters (538 square feet)
and has one bedroom. Also on the property are a swimming pool, gardens with
mature avocado and orange trees, original stone paths, and a small structure
with a Turkish bath and two earthen ovens for outdoor cooking.

The 3,000-square-meter (0.75 acre) property, surrounded by stone walls, is
reached through a large wooden door. Restaurants and cafes are within walking
distance, and a beach is three miles away. Ercan International Airport is about
30 minutes away.


Real estate prices in the northern portion of Cyprus are relatively low compared
with those elsewhere in the region, said Cameron Deggin, a director at Place
Overseas, a London-based real estate firm. This is partly because of the
complicated political situation on the island, which has been divided since

The southern two-thirds of the island is internationally recognized as the
Republic of Cyprus and is predominantly Greek Cypriot. The northern third, which
is home to a Turkish Cypriot community, calls itself the Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus , though it is recognized by Turkey alone. Clashes over the
years led the United Nations to set up a buffer zone, also known as the green

From 2002 to 2007, the real estate market in the northern part of Cyprus was
“extremely buoyant,” Mr. Deggin said. Before the boom, a typical three-bedroom
villa with a garden and pool cost £40,000 to £50,000 ($58,208 to $72,760); today
it might run £80,000 to £100,000 ($116,416 to $145,520), he said. Most real
estate in north Cyprus is priced in British pounds, Mr. Deggin said.

In 2003 the increase was fueled by the easing of travel restrictions across the
green line.

Peace talks to unite the island have resumed recently, though parliamentary
elections held in northern Cyprus on April 19 suggest a tough road ahead. And
since the start of the global recession, prices have softened 10 to 15 percent,
said Mark Unwin, managing director at Unwin Estates, a real estate company based
in Karaoglanoglu, a suburb of Kyrenia.


Cyprus is a former British colony; the majority of foreign buyers in the
northern part of Cyprus are British, but there is a growing population of
Russian buyers, Mr. Unwin said.


Foreign buyers are limited to new properties smaller than one donum (14,400
square feet) or pre-existing homes built on five donums (72,000 square feet),
said Mustafa Sener, a lawyer in Kyrenia who handles real estate. Buyers are also
limited to owning one property, he said. They are required to obtain a special
ownership permit, in a process involving many local agencies and Interpol, and
sometimes lasting as long as two years, according to Mr. Sener. (While awaiting
approval, buyers can take occupancy, Mr. Unwin explained.)

Lawyers’ fees are about £1,350 ($1,965), Mr. Sener said. (The use of a lawyer is
generally recommended.)

Given the delicate political situation, newcomers to the market in northern
Cyprus should also be aware of the type of title deed they buy. If the island
were reunified, Greek Cypriots who owned property in northern Cyprus before
fleeing south might come forward to seek compensation, Mr. Sener said.

To avoid complications, he advises cautious buyers to seek a property with a
Turkish title deed, which indicates ownership by a Turkish Cypriot before 1974.
This title is internationally recognized and carries no risk to the buyer.

Still, Mr. Sener believes that any property developed since 1974 carries minimal
risk, as potential compensation to Greek Cypriots would be based on the pre-1974
value of the land alone, which is likely to be nominal.

Other costs include a 0.5 percent stamp duty, a 5 percent value-added tax and a
6 percent land-registry fee, which can be reduced to 3 percent for first-time
buyers, Mr. Sener said. Real estate agents’ fees are paid by the seller and
typically range from 3 to 5 percent, Mr. Deggin said; mortgages are uncommon,
and a majority of foreigners pay in cash.


Travel and business guide:

Travel guide:


Turkish; Turkish Lira (1 Turkish lira equals 60 cents)


Property taxes are about £2,500 ($3,638); the house has a caretaker, whose
annual salary is about £5,000 ($7,276), said Mr. Deggin.


Cameron Deggin, Place Overseas,, 011-44-20-8371-0059


Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)
2578 Broadway #132
New York, NY 10025
New York: Tel. 917-699-9935

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is a grass-roots, not-for-profit
movement created to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the
people of Cyprus.

To be added to CANA's Action Alert e-mail distribution list, or to introduce
CANA to a friend or colleague, please forward the pertinent name and e-mail
address, with the subject heading "Add e-mail to CANA distribution list", to

You are encouraged to forward this action alert to five or more individuals who
may have an interest in our e-distributions or in CANA’s mission.

You may post any CANA article, press release or action alert on the internet as
long as you credit CANA and the author(s).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Media Coverage of Hellenic Genocide Commemoration For Immediate Release: April 16, 2009

For Immediate Release: April 16, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. (917) 699-9935

Following the success of our "Stop the Cycle of Denial" Hellenic Genocide
Commemoration in front of the United Nations in New York on April 6, 2009, a
number of media outlets gave coverage of the event. Some of the media outlets
that mentioned the Hellenic League of America (HLA) or the Pan Thracian Union of
America “ORPHEUS” include:

* GREEK NEWS Greek-American Weekly Newspaper, “Hellenic Genocide Commemoration
outside the UN”, Monday April 13, 2009:

*TA NEA (The major Greek newspaper for the Greek community in the UK), Hellenic
Genocide Commemoration outside the UN, Saturday April 11, 2009:

*XRONOS Radio and XRONOS Newspaper (The major News outlet of Thrace in the Greek
city of Komotini or Greek: Κομοτηνή) interviews Theofanis Malkidis on the
Hellenic Genocide Commemoration, Friday, April 10, 2009:

*PanARMENIAN.NET Armenian News Agency, “Victims of the Armenian and Hellenic
Genocides were commemorated in New York”, Wednesday April 8, 2009:

* Ethnikos Kyrix, or The National Herald (New York-based Greek American
Newspaper) in the Greek- language edition ran two pages on our Commemoration
including a front page directly underneath a picture of Obama visiting the Saint
Sophia Cathedral in Constantinople, Wednesday April 8, 2009

Page 1 (PDF)

Page 7 (PDF)

The aforementioned report from XRONOS, interviewing our main speaker Dr.
Theofanis Makidis, was also published in the hugely popular world wide Pontian
website Pontos World:

Prior to the event we also received coverage from news sources as diverse as:
Daily Frappe, Greek Alert blog, Hellenic Lines Newspaper, Hellenic Revenge blog,
Olympia blog, FiloPatria blog, Hellenic Antidote blog, Greek Realm and Eleftheri
Ora Newspaper, to mention just a few, here are the links to some of those
weblogs expressing enthusiasm and support for our commemoration across the

*The Athens-based Greek daily newspaper Eleftheri Ora, expressed excitement
about the Hellenic Genocide Commemoration running the front page title “Κάτι
κινείται... “(Trans: Something is being done!)

The ThracianGenocide website ( has also made available
additional high resolution pictures for viewing and download:

More interesting video footage of our Hellenic Genocide commemoration (including
interviews) is expected to be released following modification. Stay tuned.

Finally, we would like to thank the many people, of various backgrounds, around
the world, who called or e-mailed us, congratulating us on our successful
Hellenic Genocide commeoration, and offering their help and support.

Join our E-list on the web at WWW.THRACIANGENOCIDE.ORG

The Thracian Genocide website and Thracian Genocide affirmation is a cooperative
and collective effort by the Pan Thracian Union of America "ORPHEUS", the
Hellenic League of America HLA and the works , action and spirit of many
Hellenic, Phil Hellene and American scholars and activists.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enotitan Revolution Quoted in Global Voices Online

Armenia-Turkey: Mixed reaction to Obama speech in Ankara
Onnik Krikorian

Read Full Article Here

I'd like to thank Mr. Krikorian for deeming the opinions posted here at Enotitan Revolution as quotable. Mr. Obama's recent trip to Turkey was a wake up call to both Hellenic-Americans and Armenian-Americans, that our issues will continue to be put on the back burner.

"Whether Democrat or Republican, The same scumbag government, Where scumbag brains are running shit" (Ill Bill)

Monday, April 13, 2009

“Bullshit” revisited! , Anti-Cyprus Revisionism

For Immediate Release: April 13, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is pleased to distribute a
review of the Anti-Cyprus revisionist book “Cyprus: The Post-Imperial
Constitution By Vassilis K. Fouskas and Alex O. Tackie”. This book is apparently
the latest effort by forces that attempt to distort the heroic role of EOKA, and
Grivas. It also attempts to exonerate the Turkish Anti-Cypriots from their
Crimes Against Humanity, and it also falsely distorts the anti-terrorist effort
by Cyprus during the 1960s. Not unsurprisingly, this anti-Cyprus revisionist
book has already been presented in New York on the air of the unpatriotic AKTINA
FM of Elena Marouletti, the weekend of April 5th.

The review (originally published by in London) is
provided by London-based Greek-Cypriot writer and journalist Fanoulla Argyrou.

In parallel there was a second book presentation two days after the presentation
of the groundbreaking book by the MOVEMENT FOR FREEDOM AND JUSTICE IN CYPRUS
‘Αιματηρή Αλήθεια’ (Bloody Truth) in Nicosia last week , that of Dr. Vagelis
Koufoudakis. Another excellent production by the distinguished academic and
friend of Cyprus. We will be providing a review of that as well very soon.
However, no comparison with Fouskas’ product. Both “THE BLOODY TRUTH” and
Koufoudakis’ book, simply complement each other and counter the Turkish
Anti-Cypriot revisionism.

Please note the invitation by the Foreign Press Association for the presentation
of the Koufoudakis book in New York, directly following “Bullshit” revisited and
we also provide below,Greek-Cypriot press coverage on the release of “THE BLOODY
much more information forthcoming.



“Bullshit” revisited!

Review of the book “Cyprus: The Post-Imperial Constitution”
By Vassilis K. Fouskas and Alex O. Tackie commissioned by Lobby for Cyprus

In their acknowledgements the authors explain that the book was commissioned by
Kyriakos Christodoulou, former coordinator of Lobby for Cyprus (London based)
and the issue originally was to address the (so called) Turkish Cypriot
‘isolation’. To my understanding K.C must have asked them to write a pamphlet
explaining that such a thing as “T/C isolation” does not exist. A book or
pamphlet to be used against the Turkish propaganda.

However, they decided to proceed on a different level (to the disappointment of
Lobby for Cyprus, as they note, which nevertheless accepted their proposal)
because as they claim the issue is inseparable from a number of other
complicated themes and because there is no reliable statistical information
about the areas where the European acquis is suspended, where the T/cs and
settlers as well as other ethnicities live, work etc.

I disagree with the authors: 1) The so called “isolation of the T/cs” is
straight forward and clear. They chose to side with Turkey who invaded half of
Cyprus in 1974 and still holds that part of the Republic under its occupation.
Therefore whatever “isolation” they claim is due to the Turkish invasion and
occupation. (Strange as it may seem, the British documents endorse fully this
position and it is questionable why the authors chose to ignore that first hand
evidence – the writer has already published references to that effect in
‘Simerini’). Since 1974 to this day, we have not seen or heard of any mass and
continued demonstrations in the occupied by the Turkish Cypriots for the
withdrawal of all Turkish occupation forces and of the hundreds of thousands of
Turkish Anatolian squatters imported to the occupied and for the return of all
Greek Cypriot refugees, legitimate owners of their properties in the occupied
2) Let us be clear. When the Turkish Cypriots claim “isolation” they mean
political isolation i.e. recognition. Nothing less. Therefore their demand is
forbidden by United Nations Resolutions 541 and 550.

Chronicle of the Cyprus Crisis

In their chronicle they list:

“ 1954 Britain, in defiance of the Treaty of Lausanne, introduces the idea of a
tripartite Conference (Greece, Turkey and Britain) to discuss the Cyprus issue.
Greece objects but finally accepts. Grivas, an extreme right-winger who fought
against the Greek Communists during the Greek Civil War (1944-49) using
terrorist methods, arrives secretly in Cyprus to organise the liberation

1955 EOKA (National organisation of Cypriot Fighters) anti-colonial campaign
begins on 1 April but the Communist left does not participate. Tripartite
Conference in London begins on 29 August. Riots in Izmir and Istanbul against
the Greek Minorities”.

These two references above apart from contradicting each other are also full of
historical inaccuracies.

1) The Tripartite Conference in London took place end of August 1955 and not
1954 as wrongly stated in para a) above but correctly in para b). 2) The
reference to Grivas as an “extreme right-winger who fought against the Greek
Communists…using terrorist methods” in para a) above, in my opinion was
deliberate by the authors, in order to undermine the EOKA struggle as a
“terrorist organisation” just like the British and the Turks did. 3) Grivas was
chosen by Archbishop Makarios himself, as the military leader of the EOKA
1955-59 struggle for Union of Cyprus with Greece (something the authors avoid
explaining). Makarios was the political leader of that organisation. According
to the authors a reader can assume that Archbishop Makarios is equally and
automatically branded as a “terrorist” too! 4) In para b) the authors refer to
“EOKA anti-colonial campaign” which is half the truth. As aforementioned EOKA
1955-59 whilst an anti-colonial, it was foremost a struggle for UNION OF CYPRUS
WITH GREECE. The authors avoid explaining this crucial factor to the readers. 5)
They add that the “Communist Left does not participate” i.e. relating this to
previous para and their reference to Grivas. 6) The authors conveniently avoid
explaining to the readers that the riots in Izmir and Constantinople (by the way
Greeks all over the world, Press, Politicians, Writers, Media and ordinary
people do not use the Turkish name of Istanbul but Constantinople) were
organised by the then Turkish Prime Minister and the British government to
coincide with the Tripartite Conference. They paid organised Turkish thugs to
attack the Greek community i.e. the pogrom…

“1963 – 65….Turkish Cypriot nationalists withdraw into military protected
enclaves…Greece and Turkey assume new role to solve the Cyprus issue on the
basis of Dean Acheson’s NATO partition schemes…”

This is a misleading chronicle. 1) By 1963 the Turkish Cypriots were armed to
their teeth by Turkey. They attacked the Greek Cypriots in December 1963 before
withdrawing to their self imposed enclaves, putting into effect a long devised
Turkish plan to attack the Greek Cypriots and dissolve the Republic of Cyprus
and create two Federated States. Full text of Turkish plan found in the safe of
Turkish Cypriot Agriculture Minister, who forgot it in his haste to abandon his
office. The document was dated 14 September 1963! References in Cypriot Press
especially in ‘Phileleftheros’ of February 1964 and many books. 2) There was NO
NATO partition scheme at the time, that is a myth created by elements who want
to shield British front line involvement. The PARTITION PLAN (and how to execute
it step by step leading to 1974) was devised by the Planning Department of the
Foreign Office in February 1964. The Americans did not want to get involved in
January 1964 but the British Government pressed hard to achieve their agreement
to do so. Full description of those historical events in British Archives (also
articles by the writer in Simerini in Cyprus and London based Eleftheria and Ta
Nea). Acheson was guided by Lord Hood of the Foreign Office in all his
negotiations. Acheson, who was a sick man soon got fed up and left the scene…

1967-“Most military officers are on the payroll of the CIA”… write the authors
in their chronicle. This is very important to us. But unfortunately the authors
name none of those officers. Not even one. In the same para under “1967” they
write “ Fighting in Cyprus between Grivas’s forces and Turkish Cypriots in
Kophinou…” This is also wrong. It was not “Grivas’s forces” but the Forces of
the legitimate Republic of Cyprus in defence of the Republic. (The removal of
the Greek Contingent/ (Merarchia was a Turkish demand which the British pursued
satisfactorily in order to eliminate Greek involvement, bring back Denktash from
Turkey and start the Clerides/Denktash dialogue between the two communities. All
that with the help of the Soviet Union too!).

2005 “Talat, a left-winger, wins elections in the areas where the European
acquis is suspended, renewing hopes for a just and fair settlement for all
Unfortunately they do not explain that the position Talat holds is an illegal
one, and the area where those elections were held is the part of the Republic
UNDER TURKISH OCCUPATION since 1974. Not just the “area where the European
acquis is suspended”. That is grossly misleading to readers who are not well
acquainted with the Cyprus issue.

2008 “AKEL President Christofias wins …and renews hopes for a solution on the
basis of an anti-imperial anti-nationalist agenda…”. Does this reference
insinuate that previous presidents were seeking a solution on the basis of
pro-imperial, pro-nationalist agenda?


As the authors say, the book argues instead that it is the time of two left-wing
parties on both sides of the Greek Line, to initiate an anti-imperial dialogue
and to launch a post-imperial constitutional process immune from great power and
NATO engineering… because the Republic of Cyprus is a member of the EU but not
of NATO.
The authors clearly detest NATO and this is more than clear right through the
book. The exact line taken by President Christofias himself. As one Turkish
newspaper in London quoted Christofias “ NATO over my dead body”. The authors
suggest thinking of a Cypriot society, politics after imperialism, they insist
on calling the OCCUPIED AREAS as ASA (Areas of Suspended Acquis), repeatedly
they refer to the Republic of Cyprus as “Greek Cypriot-led Republic or
Greek-led”. For instance in page 7 they say “The Cypriot Left is in office both
in ASA and in the Greek Cypriot-led Republic…”.
The authors have clearly taken the issue from a wrong prospective. Or was it
intentional? The Cyprus issue is one of INVASION and CONTINUED TURKISH
OCCUPATION. Instead, they have overwhelmed the book with Left-wing anti-Natoism
which to my opinion is prejudicial.

Narrating Cyprus

On page 19 they write: “ The British partition policy on Cyprus was upheld by
the Turkish Cypriot leadership and Turkey itself, and was additionally endorsed
by Acheson’s and Ball’s conspiracy plans of 1964-65. It could also be argued
that the faction of Greek Cypriot nationalists who gathered around General
Grivas, the leader of the military arm of EOKA, played straight into the hands
of the advocates of partition, since it aroused Turkish Cypriot nationalism
further. Grivas might have been fighting for enosis but, to all intents and
purposes, he and his fellow Greek nationalists, or some of them, were working –
whether wittingly or unwittingly we are not in a position to know – for the
undercurrents of partition, serving NATO’s policy…”

This para is, again, misleading (as in pages 22 and 23 and others). All
partition plans for Cyprus were British to start with in consultation with
Turkey. And there were NO conspiracy plans of 1964-65 by Acheson and Ball. This
is a myth, as already mentioned in this review. All plans were devised by London
and sometimes promoted through the Americans with the guidance of the Foreign
Office. And when George Ball, as claimed by Martin Packard, (Ball died and is
not here to confirm or deny) told the latter:
“You’ve got it all wrong, hasn’t anyone told you that our plan here is for
partition?”, (If he really said something to that effect) what he meant by “our”
was the UK/USA plan and not just an American plan!
The undercurrents of partition SERVE foremost TURKEY’s interest and not NATO’s
and that is a fact nobody should avoid spelling out loud and clear.

Another crucial point in this para is the fact that the authors do not clarify
which EOKA they refer to! Very important point. Epecially as they refer to
Grivas as the “military arm of EOKA”. Grivas was indeed the military arm of EOKA
of 1955-59 as I have already mentioned. However, do they refer to EOKA 1955-59
or EOKA B? Again, they grossly mislead without giving proper explanations to the
readers. Grivas died anyway in January 1974, six months before the coup and the
Turkish invasions of 1974.

In page 20, again they mislead when they say “Inter-communal fights broke in
1963-64… This gave the golden opportunity to the Turkish Cypriot leadership to
leave their government positions and…withdraw…” The authors avoid informing the
readers that it was the heavily armed by Turkey Turkish Cypriots who attacked
the Greek Cypriots in December 1963. The way they portray the situation –their
reference to “golden opportunity”- prompt one to take it that the Turkish
Cypriots were attacked by the Greek Cypriots!

Worth noticing that most of the times when referring to Greece (Turkey and
Britain) they refer to it as NATO power.

However, another vivid contradiction is to be found in pages 24 and 25. Whilst
they repeatedly refer to NATO’s and Acheson/Ball conspiracy partition plan, they
note that “The partition of Cyprus between Greece, Turkey and Britain, initiated
by the British in the 1950s and enshrined in the constitutional arrangements of
1959-60, were virtually put into practice in 1963-64 with the self-imposed
policy of enclaves by the Turkish Cypriots, a policy of which Resolution 186

In page 27 they revert to their anti-American obsession when they claim that the
Turkish invasions of 1974 were an amateurish implementation of Acheson’s
conspiracy scheme.
I find it befitting of any one who claims to be an academic to be so resentful
of the truth. The British Archives are full of documents revealing the actual
facts and the very truth. . What happened in 1974 was a well orchestrated
implementation of a detailed British plan devised in February 1964 taking into
account all Turkish demands. And had nothing to do with Acheson who was long
dead by then (1971).

The ‘Isolation’ of Turkish Cypriots

On pages 58 and 59 the authors write : “The Greek Cypriot project for
self-determination/enosis was defined from within and mainly by the Greek
Cypriot bourgeoisie and the prosperous Church – with Cold War Makarios and
Post-Cold War Papadopoulos being its most prominent political exponents,
although no Cypriot leader has since 1974 ever mentioned enosis…”.

This is again a distortion and deliberate undermining of the EOKA 1955-59
struggle. By referring to the bourgeoisie and prosperous Church (i.e. the
Communists not participating!) the authors directly insinuate that only a small
faction of the Greek Cypriot majority on the island supported that cause. By
referring to just “Papadopoulos” whom do they mean? The late President Tassos
Papadopoulos? But if Makarios was its “Cold War exponent” why was Papadopoulos
its “post-Cold War exponent”? Both of them were involved in the EOKA 1955-59
struggle, together, right from the beginning.

Finally the authors touch the heart of their promotion in the book on pages 64
and 65 (and in “Conclusions” 88 and 89). When more or less they regard as
misleading the following counter-discourse of the Republic of Cyprus:
“The Greek Cypriot counter-argument is that there is not so much isolation –
which is true – and that the isolation that exists is the self-imposed result of
1963, of the Turkish invasions of 1974 and of the declaration of independence in
1983. The very tag ‘isolation of Turkish Cypriots’ is a misnomer, they argue,
since there are more Turkish settlers in the North than Turkish Cypriots – which
is also true. The demand-driven inefficient economic system and ‘the large
public sector of the occupied areas’ has also been damaging to its economic
performance. Furthermore, the Greek Cypriot argument goes, the dependence on
Turkey and the influx of unskilled labourers from Turkey are detrimental to
productivity. Moreover, the Greek Cypriot side points to welfare policies
implemented on the part of the Republic, including the issuing of tens of
thousands of passports to Turkish Cypriots, the free welfare attention they
receive and other benefits. In short, the Greek Cypriots say that the Turkish
Cypriots are using the ‘isolation myth’ in order to gain political capital,
namely international recognition as a separate state-which might very well be

In actual fact they doubt the position of the Republic of Cyprus that the so
called ‘isolation’ myth aims at recognition. Further more they refrain from
referring in full detail to all the benefits the Turkish Cypriots absorb from
the Republic without paying a single penny in taxes. (The Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus has issued a booklet on that issue).

And they suggest:

“ We would assume that the Cypriot Left in particular, would want to step out of
the Macmillan-Annan illegal orbit, as this leads Cypriot society nowhere, while
deepening the dependence of European political and legal orders upon Anglo-Saxon
power-political calculations… Our duty here is to argue (and recommend) that the
Cypriot Left, both in the North and the South of the island, should get out of
this vicious circle of the illegal Cypriot acquis…will make some suggestions as
to how the developmental gap between the two separate parts of the island can be

In fact they promote the integration of the occupied areas with the rest of the
Republic but as two separate entities! This is more explicit in page 88: “…that
the Republic and the EU should try simultaneously to cooperate, in every
possible economic manner, to bridge the regional economic disparity between
ASA’s and the Republic’s territories, while advancing island-wide economic and
political integration…”. (ASA they call the occupied areas). Confederation?

And in conclusion they recommend: “ For it would be bourgeois humbug if the
Cypriot Left, now in office, fails to meet the condition hereunder, on the basis
of which our conception of a Cypriot post-imperial constitution is structured.
And as far as Cyprus after imperialism is concerned, this much is clear to us
for the future: Cyprus, guided by its society and its parties of the left,
should begin moving now, nationally and internationally, outside the perimeters
of its illegal and externally imposed imperial acquis. In other words, the
Cypriot left should convince itself that-with apologies to Marx-the liberation
of Cyprus will only be the work of Cypriots themselves”.

Wrong! Liberation of Cyprus comes only by the withdrawal of All Turkish troops
and all Turkish Anatolian squatters by “Natoist” Turkey and NOT by the “Cypriots

“Solution by the Cypriots for the Cypriots” was the invention of the Foreign
Office promoted by pro-Turkish Joan Ryan and which President Christofias
adopted. And implied nothing short of the recognition of two constituent states
legalised of course by a …new Constitution! (Already such a camouflaged attempt
failed in Zurich only recently).

This book is yes, music to the ears of President Christofias on many respects.

Let us make the long story SHORT:

CONSTRUCTION OF ANOTHER STATE OF AFFAIRS, namely Virgin birth i.e. in Greek

No doubt, the 1960 Constitution needs to be UPGRADED, but NEVER REPLACED, as
this -further to the “annanial character” the NEW Constitution will definitely
have- in no uncertain terms will lead 100% to “EU throw us OUT”.

The TETRAGONISMOS TOU KYKLOU (squaring the circle) by the EU guys, so to
accommodate the nonsense that will be agreed, is PARAMITHKIA THS PANO TSIKARTZHS
(total nonsense). Indeed, the chances for squaring the circle are the same
Cyprus will have in maintaining its EU identity, should the Constitution be
REPLACED and the Republic of Cyprus be deconstructed.

AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Whoever disagrees, HAS to document and convince of any
opposite position.

The authors have chosen and used repeatedly ( I lost count ) two words:
“bullshit”and “hambug”.

In which case I am entitled to use it myself. I regard this book as “bullshit”

Fanoulla Argyrou


(2) The Permanent Mission of Cyprus to the UN
In collaboration with
The Foreign Press Association

Cordially invite you to the launch of

“International Aggression and Violations of Human Rights: The Case of Turkey in
Cyprus ”
By Van Coufoudakis

Minnesota Mediterranean and East European Monographs
Number 17, 2008, Modern Greek Studies, University of Minnesota

Thursday, April 23 2009, at 5.30 p.m.

The Cyprus House
13 East 40th Street
N.Y., N.Y, 10016

Reception to follow

RSVP: Suzanne Adams (212) 370-1054 or
Maria Zoupaniotis (212) 481-6023 or


Το πιο κάτω άρθρο του Λάζαρου Μαύρου στην Σημερινή δημοσιεύθηκε στις 10.4.2009
και θεωρεί το νέο βιβλίο της Κίνησης για Ελευθερία και Δικαιοσύνη στην Κύπρο ‘
Αιματηρή Αλήθεια’ (Bloody Truth) ως το καλύτερο μνημόσυνο για την μνήμη του
Καβάζογλου. Διαβάστε το.

Μνήμη Καβάζογλου και ο κοινός εχθρός
10/04/2009 | ΤΟΥ ΛΑΖΑΡΟΥ ΜΑΥΡΟΥ Σημερινή

Τ Ο ΚΑΛΥΤΕΡΟ μνημόσυνο για τους δολοφονηθέντες την 11η Απριλίου 1965, από την
τουρκική ΤΜΤ, Ντερβίς Αλί Καβάζογλου και Κώστα Μισιαούλη, η αληθέστερη δηλαδή
Μνήμη της αλήθειας των δύο θυσιασθέντων ηρωομαρτύρων, δεν είναι οι
διαφημιζόμενες κομματικές εκδηλώσεις εκείνων που ο ραγιαδισμός τους οδηγεί σε
παραχάραξη της ιστορικής αλήθειας χάριν «λύσης» «Συνεταιρισμού Δύο Συνιστώντων
Στέιτς» με τον πρώην «μουτζαχίντ» του 77 λόχου της ΤΜΤ, συνεργάτη και όργανο των
κατακτητών, προϊστάμενο της πολιτικής πτέρυγας του Αττίλα, Μεχμέτ Αλί Ταλάτ… Το
καλύτερο μνημόσυνο για τον Καβάζογλου, για τις αλήθειες για τις οποίες
θυσιάστηκε ο Καβάζογλου, αποτελεί η έκδοση και κυκλοφορία, αυτές τις μέρες, του
δίγλωσσου βιβλίου «Αιματηρή αλήθεια - Bloody Truth 1955-1974». Θα το
διαπιστώσουν όσοι το μελετήσουν: Η πραγματική φύση της πολιτικής και της δράσης
των Βρετανών αποικιοκρατών με τους Τούρκους επεκτατιστές εναντίον της Κύπρου, με
κύριο όργανό τους την τρομοκρατική ΤΜΤ. Η οποία, από το 1958 κυνηγούσε να
δολοφονήσει τον ανυπότακτο Καβάζογλου. Και που γι’ αυτό ο ίδιος εγκατέλειψε τον
τουρκομαχαλλά της Ομορφίτας και διέμενε κρυβόμενος στον ελληνικό τομέα της
Λευκωσίας. Απ’ όπου αγωνιζόταν ενάντια και στην Τουρκανταρσία του 1963-64.
Στενός φίλος, συνεργάτης και σύντροφος - φρουρός του Καβάζογλου, υπήρξε κι ο
ηρωικός της νεολαίας του ΑΚΕΛ Μιχαλάκης Κουσουλίδης από το Καϊμακλί. Που αντί να
πάει για σπουδές στην Πράγα το 1964, κατετάγη στη νεοσύστατη Εθνική Φρουρά,
τοποθετήθηκε στην 31 Μοίρα Καταδρομών και θυσιάστηκε πολεμώντας τους Τούρκους,
7η Αυγούστου 1964, στον Λωρόβουνο της Τηλλυρίας.
Ο ΚΑΒΑΖΟΓΛΟΥ, όπως κι ο δρ. Ιχσάν Αλή, με την ανυπότακτη δράση τους αποκάλυπταν
δημόσια τον πραγματικό πρωταίτιο της Τουρκανταρσίας του 1963-64: Την ΤΜΤ. Τη
φασιστική, τρομοκρατική και δολοφονική ηγεσία των Τ/κ Κιουτσούκ και Ντενκτάς,
όργανα των αποικιοκρατών και των ιμπεριαλιστών. Εκατόν και Ένα φανατισμένα μέλη
της ΤΜΤ υπόγραψαν δήλωση με όρκο ότι, θα σκότωναν τον Ιχσάν Αλή και τον Ντερβίς
Καβάζογλου. Πέτυχαν, στη δολοφονική ενέδρα της Κυριακής 11ης Απριλίου 1965, να
εξοντώσουν τον Καβάζογλου και τον Κώστα Μισιαούλη, στα μπροστινά καθίσματα του
αυτοκινήτου τους. Στην κηδεία τους ο αείμνηστος Τάσσος Παπαδόπουλος, υπουργός
τότε Εργασίας, είπε και τα εξής: «Έζησαν και εργάσθηκαν αδελφωμένοι, για την
αδελφοσύνη του λαού μας και πέθαναν αδελφωμένοι, κτυπημένοι από τον κοινόν
εχθρόν. Διότι ο κοινός εχθρός Ελλήνων και Τούρκων, είναι ο τουρκικός σωβινισμός
και η τουρκική τρομοκρατία» («Χαραυγή» 13.4.1965 και 26.1.2003).

Και γιατί, λοιπόν, να μεμφόμεθα τον πρόεδρο των αμερικανο-νατοϊκών ιμπεριαλιστών
κ. Μπαράκ Ομπάμα που θέλει να μπήξει την Τουρκία στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση;
Σημαιοφόροι της τουρκικής ένταξης δεν είναι, πρώτοι απ’ όλους, οι του
νέο-οθωμανισμού νέο-ραγιάδες Αθηνών τε και Λευκωσίας, με τις αυταπάτες και
ψευδαισθήσεις τους περί δήθεν εξευρωπαϊσμού της… τουρκικής πολιτικής;



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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

As President, I Will Recognize The Armenian Genocide - Obama

Dear Serj Tankian,

God Bless all the work you've done for Recognition of the Armenian Genocide. I'd like to publicly state, as Coordinator of the Hellenic League of America, that we would be honored to cooperate with you in anyway possible to aid in the fight for International Recognition of the Armenian and Hellenic Genocides.

- Ioannis Fidanakis

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mr. Obama does “meet” Patriarch

Those of you who follow my blog are aware of my recent two part series titled “The Obama Betrayal of Hellenism”, in which I mention President Obama would not be meeting the Ecumenical Patriarch during his trip to Turkey. Well it turns out I was completely wrong about Mr. Obama, in fact he did meet with Patriarch Bartholomew. However, this meeting was not held in a grand location like previous meetings with American Presidents. Instead Mr. Obama had so much respect for Hellenism that he decided to hold this meeting with the spiritual leader of Millions of Orthodox Christians around the world in a private hotel room for a “quickie”. If it wasn’t bad enough that Mr. Obama didn’t have the guts and respect to meet the Patriarch in public, the meeting only lasted 15 minutes. If that’s not disrespectful to Hellenism, I don’t know what is.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew Private Meeting with President Obama
Read Full Article Here

Patriarch meets Obama in Turkey, EU
4/7/2009, 4:15 a.m. PDT
The Associated Press
Read Full Article Here

Hellenic Genocide Commemoration outside the UN on April 6, 2009

For Immediate Release: April 7, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, Tel. 1-(917)-699-9935

New York, NY- On April 6, 2009 The Pan-Thracian Union of America “ORPHEUS” and
the Hellenic League of America (HLA) remembered the Hellenic Genocide in Thrace
and all victims of the Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide perpetrated by
Turkey. Torrential rain, strong winds and brisk temperatures did not keep
community activists from gathering at Ralph J Bunche Park outside the United
Nations in New York for the first ever commemoration of Hellenic Genocide in
Thrace , Asia Minor and Pontos.

Organizers of the event Ioannis Fidanakis, Fotis Makritoxonis (CHEUNG), Georgia
Maratheftis , Paschalis Fidanakis and Giovanni di Napoli provided placards
with reproductions of American newspaper accounts of the Hellenic Genocide,
poster boards of Genocide perpetrators “ENVER” PASHA and Mustafa Kemal , books
such as “The Pontian Question in the United Nations” by Michalis Charalambidis
, and the educational pamphlet “The Genocide of Greeks: A Case Study of the
Region of Thrace” by Theofanis Malkidis.

Master of ceremonies and Pan Thracian Union of America “ORPHEUS” President ,
Ioannis Fidanakis addressed the crowd in attendance and urged for decisive
action and repeated a call for US President Obama (who was visiting Turkey on
that very day) to recognize the Armenian, Assyrian and Hellenic Genocide.

“President Obama you have come to your first test of character, will you prove
worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Alexander the Great or will
you be more the beautiful siren lurking our community towards death? We gather
here today to remind President Obama, that while he may be visiting the
perpetrators of our Genocide, He must not forget the promises he made to both
the Greek and Armenian communities here at home. We urge President Obama to
stand firm and not to waiver on his commitment to justice and human rights in
the face geopolitics.” Said Fidanakis, in his opening address . A brief video of
this historic call outside the UN has been uploaded to You Tube:

Statements from those who could not attend were also read aloud at the Genocide
Commemoration, including a letter from William H. Samonides, Ph.D., President,
Asia Minor Hellenic American Society (AMHAS). (Read the letter here)

Also present at the event include the president and members of the Hellenic
Organization of University Graduates HOUGA, the presidents and members of the
two local Pontian associations "Komninoi" of New York and "Pontos" of Norwalk
Connecticut and from the "Holy Institution Panagia Soumela."

Speakers included Reverend Father Mesrob Lakissian, pastor of St. Illuminator's
Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in New York City, Mr. Dimitris Molohides General
Secretary – Pan Pontian Federation of USA and CANADA, Mr. Elias Tsekerides, Past
President of Pan-Pontian Federation USA & Canada, Mr. Theoharis Kekis, member of
Hellenic Pontian Society Panagia Soumela of Boston, and Mr. Giovanni di Napoli
of Nuovo Patria Meridionale (New Southern Homeland)—the transcript of Mr .
Napoli’s emotional speech “Thrace is Not Alone” is available here.

Photos of Thracian Greek Genocide Commemoration outside the UN on April 6, 2009
for download on ThracianGenocide homepage.

Dr. Theofanis Malkidis brought the commemoration to a close with a speech in his
native Greek. Professor Malkidis is a member of the International Association of
Genocide Scholars (IAGS) and International League for Rights and freedom of
Peoples. He is also the author of many scholarly books and articles, including
“The Genocide of the Greeks: A Case Study of the Region of Thrace.” (Available
for download at

Ioannis Fidanakis publicly stated the promise of the organizers to join the
April 24th Armenian Genocide Remembrance commemorations and to again organize
for next year’s April 6th Hellenic Genocide commemoration, and to pass this
tradition on to our children and our children’s children, until justice is
served for all victims of the Turkish Crimes of Genocide.

Please keep visiting our homepage ( we will post more
photos, videos and related news articles as soon as they become available.
Join our E-list on the web at WWW.THRACIANGENOCIDE.ORG

The Thracian Genocide website and Thracian Genocide affirmation is a cooperative
and collective effort by the Pan Thracian Union of America "ORPHEUS", the
Hellenic League of America HLA and the works , action and spirit of many
Hellenic, Phil Hellene and American scholars and activists.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Obama betrayal of Hellenism (Part 2)

April 6th, 2009 was a day of great symbolism and disappointment. Here in the United States a crowd of patriotic Hellenic-Americans gathered outside the United Nations to commemorate those Hellenes from Anatoliki Thraki who perished during the Hellenic Genocide (1914-1923), while on the same day, the President of the United States, Barack Obama made his first ever trip to the Republic of Turkey, the very nation which committed the Hellenic, Armenian and Assyrian Genocides. While in Turkey, President Obama visited and paid his respects to the founding ‘father’ of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal. The very same man whose hands were covered in the blood of millions of innocent Hellenes, Armenians and Assyrians, which he ordered exterminated. During this ceremony, President Obama was quoted as saying, “I am honoured to pay tribute to his name”. Honoured? A man with such high morals and ethics, like President Obama should not be ‘honoured’ to pay his respects to a mass murderer, would President Obama dare lay a wreath at the grave of Adolf Hitler, if such a grave existed?

President Obama’s sly diplomatic skills were put to the test while visiting Turkey. Although a firm supporter of recognizing the Armenian Genocide in the United States, he gently tip toed over the subject, careful not to use the word ‘Genocide’, as to not upset his Turkish hosts, yet during his campaign for presidency, then Senator Obama openly declared, “America deserves a leader who speaks truthfully about the Armenian Genocide”. I guess truth, justice, and Human Rights are only good enough for drumming up financial support on the campaign trail.

The most disturbing aspect of this presidential trip comes with Mr. Obama’s handling of the indigenous Hellenic minority’s Human rights. Although a strong supporter of Hellenism during the campaign trail, Mr. Obama didn’t feel the need to meet with the religious leader of millions of Orthodox Christians around the world and in the United States, The Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, something both his predecessors Bush and Clinton had done. Yet, he did feel it necessary to comment on the need to re-open the Halki Theological School, a Hellenic Orthodox Seminary that has been closed for several decades. Some within the Hellenic-American community, may hail this small comment on the need for the schools reopening as a ‘victory’, however, seeing that the schools re-opening is a key demand for European Union membership, his statement is as meaningful as ones parents reminding them that if they don’t finish their dinner, no dessert for you.

Perhaps I am too hard on our new President. Perhaps he will defend Hellenism and push for International Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, only time will tell. However, from where I am sitting, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Obama betrayal of Hellenism

In less than 24 hours President Barack Obama will land in the Republic of Turkey for his first ever visit to this NATO-ally. This will be his first test of character as the President, in the eyes of his Hellenic-American supporters at home. An ethnic community that during this campaign for presidency saw a candidate who stood beside them on all their issues. The Hellenic-American establishment has even gone on to declare him another “Alexander the Great”. Yet during his trip to Turkey, President Obama will be turning his back on the Hellenic-American community, by not visiting the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of millions Orthodox Christians around the world, like his predecessors Bush and Clinton. The Obama betrayal goes even further with others reporting he will keep his so-called support for recognizing the Armenian Genocide to himself. Either way for a man who portrayed himself as a Phil-Hellene, his true character is starting to show its face. The self-appointed elite of the Hellenic-American community would like to continue pawning President Obama off as some type of ‘savior’ like so many other American communities are doing. However, with trips of appeasement to Turkey, perhaps my predictions of Hellas being the next Yugoslavia are not to far off.

Obama's Turkey tour heavy with symbolism
By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA - Associated Press Writer
Read Full Article Here

Obama: Economic crisis could threaten Balkan peace
Source: AP News
Read Full Article Here

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


CYPRUS IS HELLENIC LAND! 1st of April 1955, EOKA (Εθνική Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων
Αγωνιστών, National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) begins its struggle

For Immediate Release: April 1, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

New York—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) celebrates April 1st the
Anniversary of the Hellenic Revolution in Cyprus launched by EOKA (Εθνική
Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων Αγωνιστών, National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters) under
the leadership of Giorgos Grivas-Digenis. Today, we remember the dreams and
struggles of those who gave everything, asked for nothing more than to never beg
for anything. Memory Eternal! We also ask all of Hellenism to never forget that
there are many who try to distort the history of our heroes, namely the
well-financed revisionist school book project that is being introduced to
Cyprus. Please view the graphic in the lower left hand side of the page (linked
directly below) where “Cyprus Federation of America” is thanked for the
financial aid to the Revisionist project:

“The joint history project has been made possible through the kind financial
assistance of the following:

Dr Peter Mahringer Fonds, The Royal Dutch Embassy in Athens, Two anonymous
donors, Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, UK FCO, Swiss
Development Agency,

Cyprus Federation of America, Winston Foundation for World Peace”

For An Over View Of the Revisionist Books Visit this link:

Moreover, the revisionist history books by the CDRSEE upon examination blaspheme
the good name of the Hellenic resistance movement known as “EOKA” and its
martyrs and heroes, Auxentios and Diogenes and all of the Hellenes in Cyprus
from the age of eight years old to the age of seventy at the time of EOKA who
sacrificed so that Cyprus may be free from the rule of the British Empire.

In this history book, that “Cyprus Federation of America” apparently helped
produce, EOKA is cauterized as …..A “terrorist” organization!

Keeping the struggle and the dream alive, we at CANA continue to expose all the
efforts underway to diminish the historical reality of Hellenic struggles, not
by celebrating song and dance, but by protecting the historical memory. No one
knows what can happen in the next 30 years or 300 years, Hellenism we must
remind its offspring for generations to come that those lands which were
unjustly stolen from them will eventually return to their rightful owners.

Please distribute the following video and articles, and join the campaign for
historical remembrance in the month of April, for the Greek victims of Genocide.
In this way, you will help to play an active part in defending historical
Hellenic memory.

(1) ΚΥΠΡΟΣ ΓΗ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ, You Tube video
( )


The Angels of Cyprus, by Nikos Kazantzakis , Hellenic Antidote blog, Wednesday,
1 April 2009

'Remember that the British fought in Cyprus, and seemingly had everything in
their favor. It is an island half the size of New Jersey. The Royal Navy, which
can be trusted to do its job, sealed off the island from the outside. There were
40,000 British troops on Cyprus under Field Marshal Sir John Harding, and his
opponent, Colonel George Grivas, had 300 Greeks in the EOKA. The ratio between
regular troops and guerrillas was 110-to-1 in favor of the British! After five
years the British preferred to come to terms with the rebels.' (Bernard B. Fall)

EOKA (Εθνική Οργάνωσις Κυπρίων Αγωνιστών, National Organisation of Cypriot
Fighters), under the leadership of Giorgos Grivas-Digenis, began its struggle to
liberate Cyprus from British colonial rule and unite the island with Greece with
a series of bomb attacks targeting government installations on 1 April 1955.
Cypriots had been agitating for liberation and union with Greece since the Greek
Enlightenment and the campaign came to a head after the Second World War, with
anachronistic colonial empires collapsing and subject peoples winning their
right to self-determination. The British responded to Cypriots' peaceful
agitation for enosis with repression and in July 1954, the British government
declared that Cyprus was too important to Britain's strategic interests and
would 'never' be allowed self-determination. It is in this context of British
cynicism and duplicity that EOKA was formed and in which Nikos Kazantzakis wrote
in Nea Estia on 25 September, 1955, the following attack on Britain's Cyprus

The Angels of Cyprus (The fate and honour of an empire)

These very days, a great people are crossing the Bridge of Trika. [The site of a
heroic battle in the Greek War of Independence]. It is not only Cyprus' fate
that is being judged. It is not the fate of Cyprus alone that is at stake. For
the just rock is sure to devour the unjust mountain. What is at stake, what is
being judged at the present moment is the fate and honour of a whole empire! The
nation that had risen with such national pride and moral exaltation, as one man,
to save the honour of the world in those critical hours of the war, is now
undergoing one of the fatal apocalyptic trials that will reveal whether its
value is genuine or counterfeit.

And at a still deeper, broader level, the fate and honour of the entire Western
world is being judged. Always until now, it has boasted that it was fighting for
the justice and freedom of other nations. But now we will see whether that world
is worthy of using these sacred words, whether the soul of any honourable man at
the present time can have confidence in world leaders such as these…

In a major island, 400,000 spirits are raising a hue and cry, demanding their
liberty. And the thrice-noble nation where liberty and light were born is
raising a hue and cry along with them. From the four corners of the earth (and
even from English throats) voices of anger and protest are exploding. By now it
is no longer possible for violence and injustice to stifle a whole people in
secret, without protest. Apparently, this world we thought had gone rotten,
still has spirits that dare to rear their head against hypocrisy, injustice,

It is a critical moment. The moral salvation of the whole world depends on the
answer given to the Cyprus question. And on this moral salvation, the political,
social, cultural salvation of the world has always depended. Cyprus is no longer
a detail now, a mere island at the extreme tip of the Mediterranean. It is
becoming the fate-marked centre, where the moral value of contemporary man is at

How is the British Empire facing this tragic moment where its own value is on
trial? Alas! With means unworthy of a great nation; with unmanly silence at
first; and then with deceit, sycophantism, violence. Shame has hidden its face,
far off from the disgraced quarters of the Foreign Office.

The genuine people, though, are not despairing. They know that in this
dishonourable, inconsistent world, certain fundamental principles still live and
reign, daughters of man, whom he has created with his own sweat, blood, tears.
And these are the immortal ones. Most of them were born in Greece: freedom,
human dignity, the thirst for justice.

Great mysterious forces are multiplying and bearing fruit even while they are
being pursued. Hear the words of an age-old myth: An angel came down to earth,
and the ruler of the world was enraged on seeing it. And he lunged at it with
his sword and split it in two. And at once the angel became two. And again, the
ruler of the world lunged at them and split these two angels in two. And the two
angels became four, and the four eight, and the eight sixteen, and soon the
earth was filled with angels.

Who was this angel? The angel of freedom? Cyprus will soon be full of angels.
And the ruler of the world will be crushed, disgraced in Tartarus, his sword

There is some mystic law in this world (for if there were not, this world would
have been destroyed thousands of years ago), a harsh, inviolable law: in the
beginning, evil always triumphs, and in the end it is always vanquished.
Apparently, for man to buy this privilege, much effort, much sweat, many tears
are imperative. And freedom is the most expensive good that can be bought. It is
never given for nothing, either by human beings or by the gods. It goes from
land to land, where it is summoned, from heart to heart, unsleeping,
unsubduable, uncompromising. At the moment we can watch it traversing the soil
of Cyprus with steady momentum. And soon its limbs will be spattered with blood.
For this is the way freedom always forges its path.

For us this is a good moment to forget our passions and petty cares; for each
man of us with his own God-given gifts to follow the path of freedom throughout
the land of Cyprus. And we must share her grief, her upsurge, her danger,
insofar as we are capable, and surely later on (for this is the law, we said)
her great joy as well.

I myself represent nothing. I am not anything. Only a clear conscience. But a
clear conscience weighs more in the scale of God and time than an empire. And
now that Cyprus has been saved from the waves and is crying out, all clear
consciences – from all the quarters of the world; wherever they may be – can
hear this cry and see the injustice and cast the stone (the curse) against the
ruler of the world, the wrongdoer. The ruler laughs and acts in a cynical
manner. He has the power on his side, soldiers, fleets, lethal birds of the air,
vast wealth and traitors – and great hubris. He laughs and acts in a cynical
manner, but one day (such has always been the omnipotence of man when wronged) –
one day, Clear Conscience will hurl this stone at it and it will hang around the
neck of the empire and sink it. The great empires have always sunk.

Several years I went back to Cyprus, enchanted by her Greek light and pleasant
air. An old man emerged from a peasant home near Famagusta. We picked up a
conversation. He was discussing (what else?) the union, and his eyes flashed.
And suddenly a broad smile flooded his sunburned face. He put his hand over his
heart, and he said, slowly as though confiding some great secret to me:

'The foundation stones of England are shaking! They are shaking, because the
human heart has stirred.'

Yes, the human heart has stirred, O great Empire!

(3) “Good luck and well done to the Pan Thracian Union of America, which is
organising for 6 April outside the UN building in New York a commemoration to
mark the genocide in the last century of Greeks in Eastern Thrace,
Constantinople, Imvros and Tenedos.” (Read entire article here: )


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