Thursday, December 4, 2008

Taking back Hellenic Identity: Flag for Northern Epirus

In the spirit of taking back Hellenic history and identity, I’ve decided to launch my newest flag design for Northern Epirus. The design was original created by myself when I launched the Hellenic Rebirth project several years ago for a Republic of Northern Epirus mirconation and can be found on the internet at the moment. However, I never had a chance to explain its symbolism and since have decided to re-launch the flag here on my blog I finally have a chance to provide a description for the flag.

I designed this flag using 3 other flags for inspiration, the Provisional Government flag of Northern Epirus from 1914, a reported flag of the Hellenic Minority in Albania and a former Albanian flag with the Helmet of Giorgios Kastriotis, better known as the Albanized national hero called Skanderbeg. The white and blue border with the blue cross and the Albanian double headed eagle is from the reported Hellenic minority flag in Albania from 1999. The coloring of the upper boxes with golden yellow comes from the Provisional flag of Northern Epirus during its fight for autonomy and union with Hellas. I’ve combined these designs and added the Epirot Hero Kastriotis’ helmet to better symbolize the Northern Epirus struggle. All these designs can be found of Flags of the World Web site.