Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lone woman rants about anti-Hellenic holiday

Barbara Grossman an upset and enraged Jewish woman from Montana recently let her feelings known about the lack of Hanukkah recognition in her Christian dominated state. "I am a Jewish 70-year-young mother and grandmother. I live in Montana and have had the worst cultural shock of my life. Here in the largest city of Montana, the holidays, especially Christmas, are primarily for the Christians." I hate to be the voice of reason, but Ms Grossman, Don't live in a Christian neighborhood if you want to be around those who celebrated the same holidays as yourself! If i wanted to see Christmas lights and trees, I wouldn't live in a predominately Jewish neighborhood, its just common sense. If the neighborhood you live in is predominately Christian it makes absolute sense for the lack of Hanukkah gear in the stores. Those are the breaks, and before you start ranting and raving, perhaps you should think before you speak.

"Hanukkah is in fact primarily a celebration of Jewish national liberation. It is a celebration of the difficult Jewish battle against Hellenism. And, in that sense it identifies clearly for us the most important issues on the Jewish political agenda, both in America and Israel. The true meaning and the main challenge, indeed the raison d'etre, of Zionism in the 21st century will be fighting these twin movements of Hellenism in Israel and in the Diaspora."
Steve Plaut, a Zionist Jewish intellectual about the meaning of Hanukka and the today threat of Hellenic thought against Judaism

Second, seeing that Hanukkah is a racist anti-Hellenic holiday, I myself am offended when I am forced to see such decoration in public. Christmas on the other hand, has no dark twisted racist agenda, yet it is still forced to be 'DE-Christianized' into "X-Mas' to make people like yourself happy. Well when are Jewish people going to become politically correct and stop promoting a blatantly racist holiday against Hellenes?

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