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For Immediate Release: December 18, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

To The President The Pan Paphian Association:
Michael Hadjiloucas, President,, Tel. 908-227-5576

The Board of The Pan Paphian Association:;;;;;;;;;;;;

We are in receipt of a Press Release issued by the “Pan Paphian Association” in
which you make public your plans to award two individuals on the evening of
January 31, 2009 in New York, with awards of merit, supposedly for their service
to Cyprus, and Hellenism in Cyprus.

The Press Release is offensive because of the mention of two individuals and
their awards by the Pan Paphian Association, namely:

Mr. Panicos Papanicolaou - The Evagoras Pallikarides Award of Merit
Mrs. Elena Maroulleti - The Distinguished Fellow Cyprian Award

Mr. Panicos Papanicolaou as head of “Cyprus Federation of America” reportedly
supported and financed the controversial 6th Grade Revisionist history books by
the foreign interest NGO CDRSEE, as is indicated on the CDRSEE official website:

Please view the graphic in the lower left hand side of the page where “Cyprus
Federation of America” run by Panicos Papanicolaou is thanked for the financial
aid to the Revisionist project:
“The joint history project has been made possible through the kind financial
assistance of the following:
Dr Peter Mahringer Fonds, The Royal Dutch Embassy in Athens, Two anonymous
donors, Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, UK FCO, Swiss
Development Agency,
Cyprus Federation of America, Winston Foundation for World Peace”

For An Over View Of the Revisionist Books Visit this link:

Which begs the question why is Panicos/Cyprus Federation of America supporting
revisionist schoolbooks with a false historical revisionist political agenda
instead of focusing on Hellenic projects for the liberation of our poor,
beleaguered people? Why is Panicos depriving Hellenic youth of the truth about
our glorious ancestors who gave everything, asked for nothing and never begged
for anything? Our ancestors who gave everything to free Cyprus and all of Free
Greece from the bloodthirsty and racist English tyrants and from the barbaric
and genocidal Turk?

Moreover , the revisionist history books by the CDRSEE upon examination
blaspheme the good name of the Hellenic resistance movement known as “EOKA” and
its martyrs and heroes , Auxentios and Diogenes and all of the Hellenes in
Cyprus from the age of eight years old to the age of seventy at the time of EOKA
who sacrificed so that Cyprus may be free from the evil, white supremacist rule
of the British Empire, which enslaved not only Cyprus but also massacred and
oppressed great swathes of our beautiful world.

In this history book, that Panicos apparently helped produce, EOKA is cauterized
as …..A “terrorist” organization!

Ask yourselves this question when you step up and award and clap for Panicos
Papanicolaou on the evening of January 31st, 2009. This change in historical
depiction and its distortion is an affront to Hellenism and to the blessed
memory of all those who,, fought, died and were affected by Ottoman/Turkish
brutality and Slavic, and English, territorial aggression. Hellenes should be
taught and made aware of the history, , and historical context of their region
so as to be better prepared to deal with their neighbors. As a Cypriot
organization what have you accomplished to equip today’s Hellenes to deal with
the barbarians who occupy our homeland every single day? The answer is by
awarding Panicos, tipota.

Think about this on that night.

As for Elena Marouletti, who inherited a radio program such as it is from her
mother whose blessed memory should be eternal. Elena Maroulleti who owns and
manages several NY-based media outlets such as AKTINA FM that get large amounts
of government funding to promote Greek culture and community events,
specifically called us “sick” ,in writing ,for us challenging her on her
censorship of any announcement about our Protest of the Turkish Embassy, and
refused and censored several requests from her own Cypriot community to make
announcements about the CANA protest against the Turkish Embassy to mark the
Turkish invasion of Cyprus. This issue of censorship by AKTINA FM led to a
letter writing campaign by activists, and was covered even by major Greek blogs:
Please see:

We are also informed that Elena Marouletti referred to Rauf Denktash the Turkish
terrorist leader responsible for so much death and misery in Cyprus as “your

Does Elena Marouletti support the illegal and criminal “TRNC Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus”?

Is this what she communicated to the world by addressing the murderer Denktash
as “your Excellency”?

Does Elena Marouletti support the cold blooded murder of Cypriot demonstrators
Solomou and Issac who were killed in 1996 by officials of Denktash and by a
lynch mob of fascist Grey Wolves imported from Turkey by Denktash ,is this what
she means when she refers to Denktash as “your Excellency”?

Does Elena Marouletti support the TMT terrorist organization which Denktash led,
that murdered house by house, family by family, with cold blunt instruments and
bombs and hatchets so many innocent Cypriot people? Is this why she called
Denktash, “your Excellency”?

Does Elena Marouletti support “The Talaat Pasha Historical Memory Committee”
which in Europe organizes rallys that deny Genocide and distribute fascist Grey
Wolf hate literature? Is this why she refers to Denktash as “your Excellency”?

Please ask Elena Marouletti all these questions who you award her on January
31st, 2009.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you do the right thing, and cancel
these awards, you owe it to our ancestors, you owe it to our families, you owe
it to Hellenism, and you owe it to Cyprus.

With Love of Cyprus,
Nikolaos Taneris, Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)



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