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Turks to blame for theft of Tassos' corpse

Turks to blame for theft of Tassos' corpse
For Immediate Release: December 28, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. (917) 699-9935.

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) encourages the distribution of the below links and text in memory of THE GREAT HELLENES and HELLENIC HEROES young Solomos Solomou who was killed by Turks, and Cypriot leader Tassos Papadopoulos whose bodily remains were recently desecrated by Turks. We hope that the coming New Year brings a surge of HELLENIC HEROES to inspire our epic people to rise up and vanquish forever the barbarians who oppress The Great Island of Cyprus.

Monday, 28 December 2009. Turks to blame for theft of Tassos' corpse written by Hellenic Antidote.

Discussion – in Greek – between Giorgos Karabelias and Dimitris Alevromageiros.

It's been three weeks now since the theft of the body of former President Tassos Papadopoulos from his grave in a Nicosia cemetery. From the very first minute, I believed that the crime was committed by Turks, by members of the Turkish secret services and deep state, who have a significant presence and safe-haven in occupied Cyprus. My theory was that Turks did it both as an act of revenge against Papadopoulos – who they regard as a Turk-hater and one of the men responsible for putting down the Turkish Cypriot rebellion in 1963, aimed at bringing down the Republic of Cyprus and inducing partition – and as a means to humiliate the Republic of Cyprus and damage the morale of Greek Cypriots generally, by defiling the remains of the man who led them in rejecting the Annan plan and resisting the machinations of nefarious foreign interests.

This is also the view expressed in the discussion above – in Greek – between Giorgos Karabelias and Dimitris Alevromageiros, which also touches on how foreign interests are seeking to exploit Greece's debt crisis to encroach on Greek national sovereignty and force Greece to fall into line with their plans for the Balkans, the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean; the heroism of the Cypriot patriot Solomos Solomou (See URL: http://hellenicantidote.blogspot.com/2009/02/murders-of-tassos-isaac-and-solomos.html ) ; and the continuing attempt by self-loathing Greeks to rewrite modern Greek history and turn Greece from a nation of heroes into one of slaves.

And below is the song Karabelias refers to by Notis Sfakianakis on Solomos Solomou.

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60 Minutes Interview with Patriarch Bartholomew

Watch CBS News Videos Online

The Following comes from a recent 60 Minutes interview with Patriarch Bartholomew, the spiritual leader of 300 million Orthodox Christians. I offer no comments or personal opinions on the matter. Rather I simply ask those who come across this post to watch this interview and spread this video not to Orthodox Christians, but to other Christians.

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Η δολοφονία του μέλλοντος. Γυναίκες και παιδιά θύματα της Γενοκτονίας των Ελλήνων από τους Τούρκους.

By Φάνης Μαλκίδης

Εισήγηση στο «Ανοιχτό Πανεπιστήμιο» του Δήμου Ασπροπύργου. Ασπρόπυργος Αττικής Δεκέμβριος 2009.

Οι διωγμοί των Ελλήνων, οι οποίοι μέσα εξελίχθηκαν σε γενοκτονία, αποτέλεσαν μία από τις τραγικότερες σελίδες της ζωής του Ελληνισμού. Η απώλεια 1.000.000 Ελλήνων, και η προσφυγιά 1.200.000 είναι ο απολογισμός. Τα εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες θύματα του μαζικού εγκλήματος, μαζί με τα ορφανά που δημιούργησε, αποτέλεσαν τις σημαντικότερες πληγές στην κοινωνική ζωή του Ελληνισμού. Ιδιαίτερη θέση σ΄ αυτήν την περίοδο κρατούν οι γυναίκες και τα παιδιά, τα οποία αποτέλεσαν αφενός συγκεκριμένο στόχο του προμελετημένου εγκλήματος, λόγω του ειδικού τους βάρους στην κοινωνία και την οικογένεια, αφετέρου ήταν αποδέκτες όλων των επιπτώσεων της γενοκτονίας (χηρεία, προσφυγιά, βιασμός, ορφάνια, ψυχολογικά προβλήματα κ.ά).

Μετά τη δολοφονία των ανδρών, οι γυναίκες απετέλεσαν το κομμάτι εκείνο του πληθυσμού, πάνω στο οποίο κάθε χτύπημα θα επέφερε σημαντικό πλήγμα συνολικά στον Ελληνισμό. Η γυναίκα είναι η πηγή της ζωής, κάθε δολοφονία στερούσε από τον Ελληνισμό τη βιολογική του συνέχεια. Όπου δεν μπορούσε να γίνει αυτό, υπήρχε ο βιασμός και η μητρότητα και η οικογένεια, οι καρποί δηλαδή της αγάπης, του έρωτα, των πιο ωραίων ανθρώπινων συναισθημάτων, μετατρεπόταν σε ανεπιθύμητη εγκυμοσύνη, σε υπενθύμιση του εγκλήματος για την υπόλοιπη ζωή. Παράλληλα υπήρχε ο βιασμός των εγκύων και μετέπειτα η δολοφονία μητέρας και εμβρύου.

Μέσα από τους βιασμούς και τις αρπαγές επιδιώχθηκε η ταπείνωση, ο εξευτελισμός και η ατίμωση ολόκληρης της ομάδας, έγινε προσπάθεια να την τρομοκρατήσουν με απώτερο στόχο να εμποδίσουν μια πολιτισμένη και οικογενειακή οργάνωση της κοινωνίας του Ελληνισμού. Έτσι στόχος γίνεται η οικογένεια ως θεμέλιο της κοινωνικής οργάνωσης αλλά και ως πυρήνας της βιολογικής συνέχειας της ελληνικής εθνικής ομάδας. Χωρίς οικογένεια και γυναίκα δεν υπάρχει εθνική συνέχεια, δεν υπάρχει έθνος.

Επίσης, σημειώθηκε ο εγκλεισμός χιλιάδων γυναικών σε τουρκικά σπίτια. Άλλες γυναίκες προτίμησαν να πέσουν μαζί με τα παιδιά τους, κατά το πρότυπο του Ζαλόγγου το Δεκέμβριο του 1803, σε γκρεμούς για να μην πιαστούν, ενώ άλλες αναγκάστηκαν να παραδώσουν στους Έλληνες αντάρτες, ειδικά στον Πόντο τα βρέφη τους ώστε το κλάμα τους να μη τους προδώσει στους διώκτες τους. (Σάντα).

Παράλληλα υπήρξε μία ομάδα γυναικών και παιδιών η οποία έχασε τη θρησκευτική και εθνική της ταυτότητα και οδηγήθηκε για πάντα στο σκοτάδι της άγνοιας της καταγωγής και της προέλευσης.

Στις περισσότερες από αυτές τις γυναίκες και τα παιδιά, είχαν κλονισμό της ψυχικής τους υγείας, αφού επέζησαν των βιαιοτήτων και των σφαγών εκδηλώνονταν αργότερα το σύνδρομο και η ενοχή του διασωθέντα. Η σκέψη τους και η μνήμη τους σταμάτησε στα γεγονότα των διωγμών και των σφαγών, ανέπτυξαν ένα ιδιαίτερο ψυχισμό.

Ο επίλογος της μαζικής δολοφονίας, εξευτελισμού, εξανδραποδισμού, χειραγώγησης των γυναικών και των ορφανών γράφτηκε στην Ελλάδα και σε άλλα μέρη της προσφυγιάς. Εκεί αποτυπώθηκε το δράμα και μάλιστα αποτυπώθηκε και στα μνημεία για τη Γενοκτονία, όπως αυτό που βρίσκεται στον Ασπρόπυργο.

Είναι γεγονός ότι παράλληλα με τη Γενοκτονία, τελέσθηκε και μια Γυναικοκτονία και μία Παιδοκτονία. Η εφαρμογή μιας πολιτικής μαζικής βίας ενάντια στις γυναίκες και τα παιδιά, αποτέλεσε ειδική παράμετρο του μαζικού εγκλήματος και συνιστά την ουσία του αδικήματος της γενοκτονίας, σύμφωνα με τη σχετική σύμβαση του ΟΗΕ.

Η δολοφονία των γυναικών και παιδιών έχει μεγάλο ενδιαφέρον και για μας αποτελεί μία άγνωστη παράμετρο της Γενοκτονίας των Ελλήνων από τους Τούρκους, την οποία οφείλουμε να αναδείξουμε ακόμη περισσότερο τα επόμενα χρόνια. Το ζήτημα έχει συνέχεια και μάλιστα με ολοένα και περισσότερα στοιχεία.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Seyfo-monuments granted in Sydney

Translated from Swedish
Seyfo Center News

On December 15, the Fairfield City Council in Sydney, approved the application to erect a monument to the memory of the Assyrians who were victims during the Assyrian Genocide in 1915 and Simela Massacre in 1933.

For years, AUA, Assyrian Universal Alliance worked hard to gain support for the construction of a Seyfo-monument. Already in 2002 AUA wrote to the then mayor of Fairfiled City an application to get Seyfo-genocide recognized by the municipality and to erect a monument to commemorate the victims.

Today met Fairfiled City's City Council to consider and act on the monumental issue. Despite strong protests from the Turkish organizations and the Turkish state through its embassy in Sydney has Fairfiled City's City Council approval of an application to travel Seyfo monument.

AUA announced that the construction of this memorial will begin shortly and is scheduled for completion in May 2010. The official unveiling is expected to take place on August 7, days a year to honor the memory of the Assyrians who were victims of Seyfo 1915 and simela massacre 1933rd AUA also announced on 8 October 2009 has a separate application was submitted to name the park around the monument to the "Garden of Nineveh" after the famous capital of ancient Assyria.

Tuma Palo
Seyfo Center

Fears 'genocide' memorial could cause split
Sydney Morning Herald
Read Full Story Here

Thursday, December 10, 2009

EU Membership for Skopje postponed over Macedonian name dispute

According to Bulgaria’s largest English-language news provider, Sofia News Agency, “The EU has decided to postpone announcing a date for the start of the accession talks of FYROM through a compromise designed to avoid a Greek veto over the so called name dispute”, despite pressure from Brussels to open accession talks. This decision has allowed for the postponement of the issue of Skopje’s membership until the upcoming Spanish EU presidency in 2010. In an act of solidarity, France officially supported Greece on the fact that only when a solution to the name issue is found, should negotiations with Skopje open on EU membership.

Macedonist Radicals in Skopje such as Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski, reacted to the EU’s decision by saying, “Greece has already done a big political damage and history will prove this. But we will not be broken by injustice”. President Gorge Ivanov joined Gruevski by launching a verbal attack on the EU for its decision saying, “We will not cave under any pressure to change our name or identity just to be a part of the European Union”. President Ivanov would go on to say that, “We have a European perspective that will be achieved together, with the support of all ethnic and religious communities, all parties and all citizens of FYROM”

President Ivanov’s call of unity amongst citizens, came at the same time that opposition parties in Skopje ‘accused the government of not putting enough effort into resolving the name dispute, thus missing a chance at the Brussels meeting to remove the final obstacle to the Country’s two strategic goals, the EU and NATO membership’, as reported by the official Chinese press agency, Xinhua. Adding to President Ivanov’s detachment from reality came from Menduh Thaci, leader of the Democratic Party of Albanians. The Sofia News Agency announced the Thaci had released a statement on Alsat, the Albanian TV station from Skopje saying, “If the agreement that was developed by the DPA is not confirmed between Slavs and Albanians, there will be neither a Macedonian nation nor a Macedonian people”. The article continued to state that “according to Thaci, if discrimination against young Albanians continues in the Skopje, there is a distinct possibility of renewed conflict between Albanians and Slavs”.

When asked about the ongoing name dispute, Thaci commented on the Slavs identity saying that, ‘if their most recent history is removed, they will identify themselves as either Bulgarians or Serbs”. He went on the state the only future Skopje has is as a ‘multi-national state’. Confirming that the only real solution to the issue of FYROM remains the same 3 legitimate proposals that have existed since 1991, (a) the acceptance by Macedonist of the Hellenic character of Macedonia and adoption of Hellenism, (b) the acceptance of a name without the word Macedonia, instead accepting a name better fit to describe the multi-ethnic nature of the republic or (c) the dismemberment of Skopje between Albania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The People of Karpas in Cyprus and Barbaric Talat in London

For Immediate Release: December 09, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is circulating the
Memorandum of the people of the Karpas peninsula
London-based, Greek-Cypriot blogger, Hellenic Antidote reports “I've been given
by Bishop Christoforos of Karpasia the following memorandum, which speaks for
all the Greeks of this the most beautiful region of Cyprus, calling for it to be
returned to its legitimate inhabitants and for it, in any future settlement, to
be administered by the proposed Greek Cypriot constituent state.”

Read Full CANA Press Release Here

Anarchists mark the December 6th anniversary of the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos

We’ve returned to the scene of a tragedy. In what could have been conceived as a noble attempt by the youth of a nation to remember the unfortunate loss of one of their own, a 15 yr old boy, has instead turned into yet another tool for foreign ideologies to turn our motherland into a battlefield. Foreign Nationals have entered our sovereign state with the intention of causing civil unrest. These anarchists have come from Turkey, France, Germany, Italy and even Albania with the intention of creating anarchy inside our motherland, turning young Alexis Grigoropoulos into a martyr for their cause and exploiting the death of this young Hellene so as to manipulate the youth in hopes of undermining the Hellenic state.

In a recent article found on the World Socialist Web Site written by Markus Salzmann entitled, Police attack protesters in Greece, we are told just why the youth in Hellas are so easily manipulate by the only advocates for change on the ground.

“The broader background was the deterioration of conditions for students and lack of decent-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers and young people, exacerbated by the rule of a political elite characterized by corruption and nepotism”

It is the youth, mostly high-school students, who are being manipulated to vent their frustrations by attacking police and even innocent civilians. Their intentions are noble, in that they wish to smash the corrupt Abrahamic system which breeds nepotism, but their actions are misguided and used as a tool for foreign interests. What is the point of destroying bus stops and telephone booths? How are you fighting the noble fight by destroying the storefronts of fellow Hellenes? Where is the honor and respect for your ancestors when you leave holy Athens in ruins for the amusement of foreign nationals! Are we to truly believe that this outrageous behavior is the voice of the people? When children of the elite are found by police in an anarchist clubs manufacturing explosives?

The most disturbing report of this year’s riots came from AHN Editor Ayinde Chase in an article entitled Greece: Violence, Anarchists Mark Anniversary of Teen’s Death from Police Shooting;

“On Sunday Anarchists broke into a building at Athens University and tore down the Greek flag and replaced it with the red and black anarchist banner. During the attack the Dean of the university suffered massive head injuries and is currently listed in critical condition”

This single act of vandalism was not only an attack on our flag, but also an attack on our ancestors, our heritage, and the very core principles of Hellenism. To hold the scared halls of a university hostage and assault an innocent man who has pledged himself to uphold one of our greatest traditions is nothing short of treason. To tear down our national flag and replace it with the red and black banner of anarchy is equivalent to spitting in the face of Kolokotronis himself! Is this the change Papandreou spoke of when he rallied support to beat Karamanlis? A Hellas where our national flag can be ripped down and twelve-year old children can run amuck? Where foreign nationals are allowed to destroy our country and turn our youth against their own kind?

A revolution is brewing within the borders of Hellenic state, and unless a patriotic voice rises from the chaos with a legitimate plan of action to battle the corruption which taints our motherland, a solid plan to solve the economic crisis which threats our credit score and a strategy to raise the annual budget on education, this revolutionary inevitability will be easily harnessed by spoiled brats, hooligans, and illegal foreigners to poison our nation and establish a false sense of democratic change.


Students and Riot Police Clash in Greece for 2nd Day

Read Full Article Here

Fresh violence in Greece over teen's killing

Read Full Article Here

Greek Youths Riot In Athens For 2nd Day
Read Full Article Here

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Open the Temples

My most recent class in graduate school, Economic Analysis, has gotten me to ponder the question of just what the benefits maybe for Hellas (Greece) if the government in Athens were to reopen our ancient temples. I wonder if anyone has ever done the research to see just what the economic benefit of such a project may be. During these hard economic times any and all ideas, at least in my opinion, should be openly discussed and debated. It is because of this belief that I felt it may be interesting to blog about this question and see what type of reaction, if any occurs. I must confess I am by no means an economist and am very uncomfortable with the topic in general. However, for the sake of argument I’ve decide to dabble in it just this once.

Just what kind of positive economic or social benefits could be achieved if the Hellenic government was so bold as to reopen our ancient temples? Well for starters it would mean jobs, perhaps even government jobs, which are always fondly accepted in Hellas. Such a project would have to employ a large number of skilled workers to help in the reconstruction and continued preservation of such sites across the country. The ancient Thracian capital of Seuthopolis is a perfect example of World Heritage Site being reconstructed and preserved. Next, such a project would also provide employment opportunities for individuals educated in social sciences to staff these locations with not only employees to handle tourists, but also employees equipped with the necessary skills to run these facilities, something which could lead to a miniature renaissance for ancient Hellenic studies. Another benefit would be that by reopening the temples, Hellas could establish itself as a spiritual homeland and attraction for spiritual tourists. I dare to even believe such a national project could boost national pride across the country.

Now I understand this may sound ‘crazy’, it may not even be very realistic. Like I said previously, I am not an economist. I merely hope to spark debate and conversation. Who can honestly say they would not like to see the greatest wonders and accomplishments of our ancestors revived to their former glory? Who could be that selfish and ignorant?

Monday, November 30, 2009

New Assyrian Genocide monument in Australia

New Seyfo-monument in Australia
*Translated from Swedish to English

A final proposal for a Seyfo-monument is expected to break ground next week in Sydney, Australia. It is AUA, Assyrian Universal Alliance, which is behind the initiative and cost of the project.

The Seyfo monument will be dedicated to the memory of the victims of Seyfo-Genocide of 1914-1918 and the simela massacre which took place in Iraq in 1933. The monument will be placed in Bonnyrigg, at the intersection of Smithfield Road and Elizabeth Drive.

The 4.5 meter high monument was designed by the famous artist Lewis Batros and will be erected at Fairfield Park in Sydney. According to the timetable it will be unveiled at a ceremony in August 2010.

The sculpture depicts a globe held up by a martyr's hand, which symbolizes the people who devote their lives to creating a better and safer world. The hand is wrapped by the Assyrian flag to represent the survival and spiritual rebirth and the unity of the Assyrian people.

Around the wrist, there are several children who symbolizes the belief in the younger generation, who carries the torch forward for a better future for the Assyrian nation. At the corners of the monument are the Assyrian winged bull. According to Mesopotamian mythology is the winged bull, often as a protector to keep evil away. More information about the monument can be found here.

Other Seyfo-monuments

*15 October 2005 unveiled the first Seyfo monument in Sarcelles outside Paris. Next monuments "Genocide Memorial Wall" inaugurated on 17 February 2007 in Tarzana in southern California, USA.

*A third monument was erected near that in Södertälje. On 12 June 2007 the municipal council to build a Seyfo-monuments. But when some Assyrian organizations were arguing about what would be on the monument, it was the issue on time and ended with a fiasco.

*Pensioners Party, which appeal to the court, put an end to the memorial. Later it was noted that there was a Turkish lawyer who was behind the Party of Pensioners appeal to the court.

Although Sodertalje today has one of the largest Assyrian (also known as the Syrians and Chaldeans) "colonies" in the world, the group has not succeeded in creating a memorial to honor victims Seyfo-genocide 1915th

Tuma Palo
Seyfo Center

Thursday, November 26, 2009

It’s good to be Israel

Whenever one decides to speak out on Israeli mistreatment and occupation in Palestine, they run the risk of being labeled an ‘anti-Semite’. This label, an offended misused and manipulated term, is used like a weapon to prevent individuals from speaking out for the Human Rights of Palestinians. It is used to ‘black list’ individuals and scare us to fear the wrath of today’s liberal society, for if you acquire this label, you can be sure that it will be used to discredit you and perhaps personally affect your very way of life. It is because of this label, that many shy away from saying and doing what is right. Are you truly an ‘anti-Semite’ simply because you oppose an apartheid state that violates the human rights of the indigenous people of that land? Can you be considered an ‘anti-Semite’ because you care about the freedoms and rights of another Semitic people? Where does it say you are a ‘hater of the Jews’ because you support the right to self determination for Palestinians? The fact is it doesn’t. This label, which is meant for those who would deliberated discriminate or violently persecute Jews, is being twisted and misused to defend an apartheid state which only brings shame to Jewish people.

At the moment, the fact is it’s good to be Israel. Only Israel could be able to expand settlements in an occupied country to continue and change the demographic make-up of the land. In part committing genocide against an innocent people who only wish to have the same freedoms and rights given to other human beings. Just this past week, Israel decided to expand its settlement in East Jerusalem, the Palestinian Capital, adding 900 more housing units to the Gilo settlement. Meanwhile, in the past month alone, Israel has demolished 17 houses, displacing 99 innocent Palestinians, mostly children from their ancestral homeland.

What type of reaction would one expect to such horrific crimes from the world’s only superpower? I doubt it would be an arms deal to only help strengthen an apartheid state, which could be seen as a silent approval of human rights abuse. Yet that is exactly what the United States has done, recently pitching a unique version of their F-35 fighter jet to Israel. As Reuters reported this week, “The United States has offered to add Israeli systems and munitions to a new U.S. built fighter jet and deliver it to Israel by 2015, provided a deal is sealed in coming months’.

Perhaps the United States didn’t receive this past month’s report that states ‘fresh security incidents’ in occupied Palestine. Fresh incidents which have resulted in 73 Palestinians wounded and Palestinian institutions in their own Capital, East Jerusalem being closed. All amongst a continued blockade of the Gaza Strip, which is deteriorating the local infrastructure, environment, and destroying innocent families’ livelihoods. It’s good to be Israel, to play the victim card whenever your interests are threaten, because of your own inhuman actions.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Θράκη: Από τη λήθη στο προσκήνιο και στις νέες αναζητήσεις

By Φάνης Μαλκίδης

Μέρος της ομιλίας στις εκδηλώσεις για τα 30 χρόνια του Πολιτιστικού Θρακικού Συλλόγου Στουτγάρδης

1. Η ιστορία και τα αποτελέσματά της

Παρά την αποσιώπηση πολλών ετών είναι διαπιστωμένο πλέον ότι ο Θρακικός Ελληνισμός, ο οποίος ζούσε στο οθωμανικό κράτος μέχρι το 1922-1923, έπαιξε σημαντικότατο αν όχι κεντρικό ρόλο στην εξέλιξη της ιστορίας του ελληνικού λαού.

Επίσης είναι κοινά αποδεκτό ότι αυτό το ιδιαίτερης αξίας κομμάτι του Ελληνισμού που ζούσε στην ενιαία Θράκη, δηλαδή στη Ανατολική Θράκη, Βόρεια, (ανατολική Ρωμυλία), και σήμερα στη Θράκη που ανήκει στην Ελλάδα και αλλού στον ελλαδικό χώρο και το εξωτερικό, μπήκε στο περιθώριο αμέσως μετά την έλευσή του ως ακρωτηριασμένο προσφυγικό σώμα στον ελλαδικό χώρο. Αντιμετωπίστηκε σε γενικές γραμμές σαν ξένο, που ήλθε στην Ελλάδα προκειμένου να διαταράξει πολιτικές, οικονομικές, κοινωνικές και άλλες ισορροπίες, και τέθηκε στο παρασκήνιο. Ήταν βάρος που έπρεπε ή να εξαφανισθεί ή τουλάχιστον να μείνει χωρίς ουσιαστικό μέλλον και αυτό μπορούσε να γίνει με την ολοκληρωτική ισοπέδωση του πλούσιου παρελθόντος. Ειδικότερα, σε ότι αφορά το Θρακικό Ελληνισμό, σύντομα ο πρώτος ακρωτηριασμός ακολουθήθηκε και από ένα δεύτερο με τον διασκορπισμό σε όλη την Ελλάδα και από έναν τρίτο στη δεκαετία του 1950 και 1960, με τη μετανάστευση σε όλο τον κόσμο. Η Γερμανία ήταν το κέντρο αυτής της μετανάστευσης. Η πολιτική της λήθης για τη Θράκη συνεχίστηκε και στις επόμενες δεκαετίες. Γι’ αυτό και διαπιστώθηκε η μεγάλη και προκλητική απουσία των εκφράσεων των προσφυγικών πληθυσμών σε όλες τις θεσμικές «πολιτισμικές εκφράσεις». Χαρακτηριστικό παράδειγμα η παντελής απουσία των προσφυγικών σωματείων από τις εκατοντάδες χιλιάδες παραστάσεις των καθεστώτων και από την πολιτικής τους «περί άρτου και θεάματος». Επίσης πρέπει να προσθέσουμε και το κλείσιμο πολλών προσφυγικών συλλόγων αυτή την περίοδο.

Η Θράκη, απουσίαζε, υπήρχε μόνο στις αναζητήσεις του Ερυθρού Σταυρού,- η «Σιδερή Ευρυδόγλου αναζητά την αδελφή της που χάθηκε το 1922 στην Αδριανούπολη…Έτσι όταν στην Ελλάδα εμφανιζόταν μία διαφορετική έκφραση του προσφυγικού ζητήματος τότε έμπαιναν σε λειτουργία οι μηχανισμοί μη πρόκλησης και μη αναμόχλευσης του παρελθόντος και της προώθησης καλών σχέσεων με την Τουρκία. Παράλληλα ένα σημαντικό μέρος της Θράκης και του ελληνικού της πληθυσμού που χάθηκε στην ανατολική Ρωμυλία, λησμονήθηκε επίσης στη δίνη των βαλκανικών εντάσεων και αντιπαραθέσεων και μετέπειτα στον παραλογισμό του Ψυχρού Πολέμου.

2. Το παρόν και μέλλον της Θρακικής ταυτότητας

Η μεταπολίτευση άνοιξε έναν άλλο κύκλο ο οποίος όμως, κατά τη γνώμη μας, ήταν πολύ περιορισμένος πολιτισμικά και πολιτικά. Σε ότι αφορά το πρώτο ζήτημα. Οι σύλλογοι, οι κυριότεροι εκφραστές του προσφυγικού χώρου, στο πρώτο διάστημα λειτούργησαν ως κιβωτοί διάσωσης της ιστορικής διαδρομής του ελληνικού λαού που ζούσε στο οθωμανικού κράτους, ενώ διέσωσαν και ανεκτίμητης αξίας κειμήλια και ιδιαίτερες πολιτισμικές εκφράσεις ( π.χ αναστενάρια). Χωρίς αυτούς τους συλλογικούς θεσμούς, δεν θα υπήρχε καμία σοβαρή και δυναμική αναφορά για τον Ελληνισμό της καθ΄ υμάς Ανατολής.

Παράλληλα οι σύλλογοι διέσωσαν το χορό, το τραγούδια, την παράδοση. Μία τέτοια περίπτωση αποτέλεσε και ο Πολιτιστικός Θρακικός Σύλλογος της Στουτγάρδης, στη Γερμανία όπου και κύριος όγκος της μεγάλης μετανάστευσης των Θρακών μεταπολεμικά. Το μοντέλο όμως αυτό δεν μπορούσε να λειτουργήσει με τον ίδιο τρόπο. Δεν μπορούσε να προσελκύσει την τρίτη γενιά μόνο ένα μικρό κομμάτι του προσφυγικού πολιτισμού. Για αυτό και υπήρξαν οι αναζητήσεις και οι διεκδικήσεις που έφτασαν στο να αναδειχθούν και άλλες ψηφίδες του μεγάλου ψηφιδωτού που καταστράφηκε από τους υπεύθυνους της εκδίωξης των Ελλήνων.

Οι Θρακιώτες είχαν επιπλέον λόγους για να αναδείξουν και τα υπόλοιπα κομμάτια της ιστορίας τους, αφού μία σειρά από αιτίες δεν άφηναν το Θρακικό πολιτισμό να αναπνεύσει. Οι ελληνοτουρκικές σχέσεις και οι μουσουλμανικές μειονότητες, η μεγάλη μετανάστευση της δεκαετίας του 1960 προς τη δυτική Ευρώπη -κυρίως προς την τότε δυτική Γερμανία- αλλά και προς το εσωτερικό της Ελλάδας, δημιούργησαν καταστάσεις ασφυξίας. Η Θρακική παράδοση και ιστορία περιοριζόταν σε δύο- τρεις χορούς και τραγούδια, και η Θράκη ήταν γνωστή ως τόπος εξορίας για ανεπιθύμητους δημοσίους υπαλλήλους και στρατιωτικούς. Η πολιτική αυτή ήθελε τη Θράκη παραμεθόρια περιοχή, τόπο συνόρων και εξορίας. Το «θα σε στείλω στον Έβρο» πέρασε από τον κινηματογράφο μέχρι τη λογοτεχνία.

Οι Θρακιώτες πέρασαν στο στάδιο της αυτογνωσίας στα τέλη της δεκαετίας του 1980 και στις αρχές του 1990, όταν διοργάνωσαν τα πρώτα πανθρακικά συνέδρια. Ωστόσο υπήρχαν και υπάρχουν ακόμη πολλά εμπόδια, εντός και εκτός Ελλάδος.

Ο κύκλος της ανάκτησης της ταυτότητας του Θρακιώτη, η οποία είχε χαθεί για ένα μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα έχει ακόμη πολύ απόσταση να διανύσει και να δημιουργήσει τις συνθήκες για νέα και σύγχρονα αιτήματα. Ωστόσο η ιστορική περίοδος που διανύουμε δημιουργεί ευνοϊκές συνθήκες. Σε όλη την Ελλάδα και σε όλο τον κόσμο, γίνεται πλέον κατανοητό ότι χωρίς τη γνώση της ιστορικής διαδρομής της Θράκης, δεν μπορεί να υπάρξει ολοκληρωμένη κατανόηση της ταυτότητάς μας. Για αυτό και αναλαμβάνονται πρωτοβουλίες ουσίας που κινούνται σε ένα νέο και πιο ουσιαστικό πλαίσιο λειτουργίας και δραστηριότητας των συλλογικών εκπροσωπήσεων. Ο χρόνος θα δείξει το αποτέλεσμα αυτής της παρέμβασης, τα πρώτα δείγματα όμως δείχνουν το φως έχει νικήσει το σκότος.

Sunday, November 22, 2009




Εν όψει της συζήτησης του Δεκεμβρίου, στο Συμβούλιο κορυφής της Ε.Ε. για τη χορήγηση ημερομηνίας έναρξης ενταξιακών διαπραγματεύσεων του κράτους των Σκοπίων, καθώς και στη Σύνοδο του ΝΑΤΟ του ιδίου μηνός, οι Μακεδονικές Οργανώσεις εξωτερικού και εσωτερικού εξέδωσαν το παρακάτω ψήφισμα:


Οι Μακεδονικές Οργανώσεις καθώς και οι φορείς που υποστηρίζουν τις θέσεις και τις απόψεις των τριών εκατομμυρίων Μακεδόνων, τόσο στο εσωτερικό της χώρας όσο και στο εξωτερικό, έχοντας επίγνωση της κρισιμότητας στην οποία έχει περιέλθει η διαπραγμάτευση για το όνομα της ΠΓΔΜ, καλούν την Κυβέρνηση καθώς και τους πολιτικούς Αρχηγούς και Βουλευτές όλων των κομμάτων, όπως διαφυλάξουν τα εθνικά συμφέροντα και την εθνική αξιοπρέπεια από την επιβουλή των Σλάβων των Σκοπίων κατά της Ιστορίας και του Πολιτισμού της Μακεδονίας και συνακόλουθα της Ελλάδος.

ΔΗΛΩΝΟΥΝ ότι δεν πρόκειται να δεχθούν την συμπερίληψη του όρου Μακεδονία στο όνομα του κράτους των Σκοπίων.

ΖΗΤΟΥΝ από την Κυβέρνηση να εγκαταλείψει την πολιτική του γεωγραφικού προσδιορισμού και να συμπεριλάβει στη διαπραγμάτευση και τα ζητήματα του καθορισμού της ονομασίας του έθνους, της υπηκοότητας και της γλώσσας, ώστε να αποτραπεί η χρήση του όρου Μακεδονία.

ΚΑΛΟΥΝ την Κυβέρνηση να αρνηθεί την έναρξη ενταξιακών διαπραγματεύσεων μεταξύ της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης και της ΠΓΔΜ, καθώς και την ένταξή της στο ΝΑΤΟ ή σε άλλους Διεθνείς Οργανισμούς, στους όποίους η χώρα μας έχει το δικαίωμα της αρνησικυρίας, προτού λυθούν τα προβλήματα του ονόματος, της εθνότητας, της υπηκοότητας και της γλώσσας.

ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΚΕΣ ΟΡΓΑΝΩΣΕΙΣ: όσες ενημερώθηκαν και απάντησαν από 9/11 έως 17/11/2009.

Παμμακεδονική Ένωση Αμερικής
Παμμακεδονική Ένωση Αυστραλίας
Παμμακεδονική Ένωση Καναδά
Παμμακεδονική Ένωση Ευρώπης
Μακεδονικά Τμήματα Αφρικής
Κέντρο Μακεδονικών Σπουδών (ΗΠΑ)
Διεθνές Ίδρυμα Μνημείου Μεγάλου Αλεξάνδρου
Φιλόπτωχος Αδελφότης Ανδρών Θεσσαλονίκης
Φιλόπτωχος Αδελφότης Κυριών Θεσσαλονίκης
Σωματείο ΑΧΕΠΑ «Μέγας Αλέξανδρος»
Φίλοι του Μουσείου Μακεδονικού Αγώνα
Περιφερειακή Εφορεία Προσκόπων Θεσσαλονίκης
Πανελλήνιος Ομοσπονδ. Μικρασιατικών Σωματείων
Ροταριανός Όμιλος Θεσσαλονίκης
Παμμακεδονική Οργάνωση Γυναικών
Σωματείο Φίλων Κέντρου Ιστορίας Θεσσαλονίκης
Λέσχη Ελλήνων Καταδρομέων
LIONS Εγνατίας
Σύλλογος Φίλες της ΕΛΕΠΑΠ
Μέριμνα του Παιδιού
Λαογραφική Εταιρεία Νομού Πέλλας
Κίνηση Δημοτών Έδεσσας «Ίων Δραγούμης»
Σύλλογος Φίλων Αρχαιοτήτων Έδεσσας «Οι Τημενίδες»
Φιλεκπαιδευτικός Όμιλος Φλωρίνης «Αριστοτέλης»
Φιλανθρωπικός Σύλλογος «Φίλοι Νεότητας Υπαίθρου»
Ινστιτούτο «Αριστοτέλης»
Στέγη Μακεδονικού Πολιτισμού
Καρίπειο Ίδρυμα Μελετών Μακεδονίας – Θράκης
Ίδρυμα Φιλόπτωχου Αδελφότητας Κυριών Θεσσαλονίκης
Ίδρυμα Δημητρίου και Μαρίας Δελιβάνη
Βοήθεια Ζωής προς το Ειδικό Παιδί
Φίλες Ορφανοτροφείου «Μέλισσα»
Οι εν Χριστώ Φίλοι των Μαθητών του χωριού
Θυγατέρες της Πηνελόπης «Ολυμπιάδες»
Μορφωτικός Σύλλογος Ίδα «Ιων Δραγούμης»
Ιδρυτικός Σοροπτιμιστικός Όμιλος
Σοροπτιμιστικός Όμιλος «Βυζάντιο»
Σύλλογος Πολυγυρινών
Σύλλογος Καστοριέων κυριών «Το Κέλετρον»
Ιατρικός Σύλλογος Θεσσαλονίκης
Πανελλήνιος Ομοσπονδία Θρακικών Σωματείων
Ομοσπονδία Δυτικομακεδονικών Σωματ. Θεσ/νίκης
Παμμακεδονική Συνομοσπονδία Αθηνών
Πανελλήνιος Ομοσπονδία Ειδικών Δυνάμεων
Λύκειο Ελληνίδων Θεσσαλονίκης
Παγκρήτια Αδελφότης Μακεδονίας
«Ομάδα 21» Μακεδονίας – Θράκης
Ένωση Ποντίων Μακεδονίας
Μέριμνα Ποντίων Κυριών
Σωματείο «Παναγία Σουμελά»
Σώμα Ελληνικού Οδηγισμού Περιφέρειας Θεσ/κης
Πανελλήνια Ομοσπονδία Σωματ. Ανατ. Ρωμυλίας
Σύνδεσμος Θεσσαλονικέων (Αθήνας)
Ηπειρωτική Εστία
Θρακική Εστία Θεσσαλονίκης
Σύλλογος Κοζανιτών «Ο Άγιος Νικόλαος»
Σύλλογος των εν Θεσσαλονίκης Μπαλτζανών
Κυνηγετικός Σύλλογος Θεσσαλονίκης
Πανελλήνιος Σύλλογος Απογόνων Μακεδονομάχων «Ο Παύλος Μελάς»
Σύλλογος «Ο Αίσωπος»
Σύλλογος Λημνίων Θεσσαλονίκης «Ο Ήφαιστος»
Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Κάτω Γραμματικού «Πατριάρχης Χρύσανθος»
Βοϊακή Εστία
«Ιωνική Εστία» Θεσσαλονίκης
Σύλλογος Σαρακατσαναίων Θεσ/νίκης «Η Ένωσις»
Σύνδεσμος Μοναστηριωτών «Καρτερία»
Σύλλογος Σιατιστέων
Σύλλογος Τσοτιλιωτών και φίλων Τσοτιλίου
Σύλλογος Απογόνων Μακεδονομάχων Ν. Πέλλας
Μακεδονικός Χορ. Πολιτιστικός Σύλ.«Αμύντας»
Σωματείο «Άγιος Βασίλειος - Βασιλειάδα»
Σύνδεσμος Μοναστηριωτών «Η Ελπίς»
Σύλλογος Απανταχού Πισοδεριτών «Η Αγία Τριάς»
Ιστορική & Λαογραφική Ετ. Γιαννιτσών Ο Φίλιππος
Σπίτι της Ευρώπης
Ένωση Ρουμελιωτών Βορ. Ελλάδος
Μορφ/κός Περιβ/ικός Όμιλος Πέλλας Αρχαία Πέλλα
Πολιτιστική Εταιρεία Πανελλήνων «Μακεδνός»
Ομοσπονδία Συλλόγων Κεντρικής Μακεδονίας
Όμιλος Πολιτιστικής Ανάπτυξης Θες/νίκης

Το ψήφισμα εστάλη στους κ.κ. Πρόεδρο Δημοκρατίας, Υπουργούς, βουλευτές, Έλληνες ευρωβουλευτές και ΜΜΕ.

Επικοινωνία: Αντώνιος Δασκόπουλος, τηλ:2310 341084, κιν.6944-328901,e-mail: helendasko@yahoo.com
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα – Hellas (Greece) Beyond Left and Right

Remember, remember the seventeenth of November
The Polytechnic uprising and plot
I know of no reason
Why the Polytechnic treason
Should ever be forgot

Since the conception of the modern Hellenic State, we Hellenes have allowed ourselves to be used as pawns, by competing world powers, on a geopolitical chessboard. Divided and manipulated, throughout the Diaspora and the motherland, we are exploited for the benefit of foreign interests. Our motherland, birth place of western civilization, cradle of Hellenism, and spiritual homeland to us all, is still held in bondage, for we are a state only in name serving competing powers rather the serving our own self interest. Although the names have change the parties that divide us and prevent Hellenism’s rebirth are the same. Gone perhaps are the days of the ‘English Party’ or the ‘Russian Party’, replaced by such allegiances as ‘Venizelist’ and ‘Royalist’. Bitter artificial rivalries created by opposing foreign interests that led to the national schism and great catastrophe. Labels, which would yet again be exchanged for ‘Communist’ and ‘Fascist’, bring about the horrific suffering of the Civil War, and the Paidomazoma. Throughout the Cold War, Ellada divided itself into ‘Leftists’ and ‘Rightists’, for the amusement of the Americans and Soviets, leaving horrendous scares in our national consciousness, such the Polytechnic uprisings. And yet these divisions still exist today, dividing us still into camps like PASOK or New Democracy, all the while we Hellenes are herded like cattle to the slaughter by the same shepherd families. We’ve allowed our selves to be led astray by competing foreign political ideologies and Abrahamic beliefs, to be manipulated by outdated labels that no longer hold any relevance. We as a people have forgotten that there is no ‘ism’ other than Hellenism.

Why do we allow them to divide us, to label us, to turn brother versus brother? Do we fail to realize the tricky at work or are we simply destined to only deepen the wounds inflicted by the sins of our forefathers? These wounds must be healed by a new generation of patriots. We must no longer see an ‘anarchist’ or a ‘nationalist’, but rather a Hellene. A Hellene, whose differences should be brushed aside for the good of our family and the glory of Hellas, for Hellas was once an idea, realized by such great men as Megas Alexandros and King Leonidas, an idea that led to Hellenism being a beacon of hope, wisdom and enlightenment for the known world. When will this idea, this dream, this Hellas, be realized again? When will we unite, throwing off the chains of foreign interests and finally focusing on the interests of Hellenism and Hellenism alone?

In the Diaspora, there is no coordinated effort of united Hellenes fighting to preserve our traditions and national issues. Instead there is a sea of associations, fraternities, federations and advocacy organizations each pursuing their own agenda, some noble in their efforts and others manipulative and counter productive. We are trapped in the very web that has woven itself across our motherland, quick to label those who dare to think differently, in hopes of blacklisting them through vicious rumor campaigns. Is it fear, that new faces and new ideas may shed light on corruption and mishandlings of the past? Perhaps it is envy or jealously, that new faces and new ideas may prove more successful? Or maybe it is just the same plague that has affected us since the beginning.

In the Motherland, this plague has given birth to a violent subculture of riots and car bombings by a confused generation of Hellenes sick of the status quo, yet still programmed to view themselves as ‘anarchists’ or ‘communists’. Their anger at a system which has betrayed them, is often manipulated to serve foreign interests, rather than harnessed to create a new renaissance for Hellenism. Only through patriotism, self discipline and Hellenism can a new generation of Hellenes be deprogrammed. Free to realize their true identity and self worth, paving the way for a new renaissance, which will wash away the decadence and Abrahamic intolerance of our former selves.

The political compass of old and its definitions of ‘left’ and ‘right’ have gone the way of the dinosaur. We must view the world in a new light, through new eyes. Through a new spectrum, which is not divided into ‘left’ or ‘right’, but rather Hellenes and non-Hellenes, Hellenists and anti-Hellenists. The dawn of a new era, a Hellenic era, must be achieved to heal the wounds in our national and ethnic consciousness.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fictitious Academia: Political activism, covered in academic cloak in the University of Utah

By Nina Gatzoulis*

The presentations of the majority of the academics participating in the 7th “Macedonian”- North American Conference on “Macedonian” Studies at the University of Utah that took place from November 5-7, 2009, amounted to an anti-Hellenic delirium. The Universities of Utah and Chicago jointly organized the conference, in cooperation with the United “Macedonian” Diaspora (UMD) of Skopje based in Washington D.C.

Most of the presenters, with a few exceptions, aimed to launch an aggressive propaganda attack against Greece, presenting their views without scientific and academic research criteria, without references to sources thereby promoting unilateral research.

Dr. Vasiliki Neofotistos in her presentation “Alexander the Great and the mythic lands”, implied that the educator Thanasis Lerounis approached the Kalash tribe in Afghanistan through an education program, funded by Greek ministries and thus created the myth of the Kalash as descendants of the soldiers of Alexander the Great. However, she claimed that “Macedonia” approached the tribe of the Hunza in 2008 on private initiative. Dr. Neofotistos used the term “Macedonia” freely, rather than the Republic of “Macedonia,” creating the impression that the entire region of Macedonia (in Greece, Bulgaria, and Albania) belongs to Skopje. Dr. Neofotistos referred to FYROM as “Macedonia”, and she only named the Slavs as “Macedonians”, while the Albanians citizens of “Macedonia” were referred as “the Albanians”, which is academically unacceptable.

An unrivaled individual in anti-Hellenism was Dr. Philip Shashko, whose presentation titled “Tasos Kostopoulos on Macedonia and the Slavs in Greece: When a forbidden language speaks truth to power”, was an eruption of hatred against Greece. Dr. Shashko cited, and presented as scientific evidence, the contents of Tasos Kostopoulos’ book (journalist of the Sunday addition Ios in the Greek newspaper Eleftherotypia)!

The culmination of the political-activism and racism with a “scientific” cover was Dr. Loring Danforth’s presentations. Dr. Danforth spoke about the research he has completed for the book he has co-authored with the Dutch anthropologist who teaches at the University of Thessaly, Dr. Riki van Boeschoten, entitled “Macedonian refugee children from the Greek Civil War”. Although it was stated that during the Civil War in Greece, Greek and “Macedonian” children were kidnapped and led by the communists into communist countries, their research did not include any Greek children.

Mary Rossova from a village of “Aegean Macedonia" in her presentation “From Trnaa to Toronto: The life story of a dete begalec”, recounted how her family with the help of partisans fled to escape the “bad” Greek soldiers in locations across the Iron Curtain countries. She talked about her life in the communist countries and how she finally arrived in Canada, “although,” as she mentioned “a capitalist country” she lives happily with her family there. Trying to give a bad image of Greece she said that upon visiting her homeland in “Aegean Macedonia”, she found her old house in ruins and complained that one…Greek official at the border treated her with arrogance!

Traian Dimitriou, also a dete begalec (refugee child) in Dr. Danfroth’s research presentation titled “A Macedonian child in a Greek technical school during the Greek Civil War”, narrated how he ended up in a children’s camp of Queen Frederika in Leros. His vast criticism was that the trip by boat to the island “was awful because the sea was stormy!” He only took weekly baths (!) and was forced to sing the Greek national anthem daily! There was reporting by the ‘victims’ of the camps that many of the children were sold to wealthy families. When the members of the panel were asked by a representative of the Pan-Macedonian Association if there are documented sources for these allegations, they admitted they had none.

Both children of the Greek Civil War stressed that they did not want to leave their homeland, but had to remain in the former communist countries against their will. Since the communist governments kept them against their will in what way is it Greece’s fault? They failed to indicate that they had every opportunity to go back and stay in Greece when the Greek government through various U.N. resolutions, called on all Greek citizens who were displaced during the Greek Civil War in communist countries to go back to their homeland (see: UN Resolutions 382 (V Section C), 1950; 618 (VII), 1952; 517 (VI), 1952). There is no doubt regarding Greece’s and the UN’s position on this issue, even though Dr. Danforth implied that the U.N. resolutions were inconclusive. Therefore this claim is not true as is also evident by the strong support of the U.S. Government at the time at all levels. President Harry S. Truman addressing the Congress and with reference to Resolution 514, did not leave any doubt about the strong support of the U.S. to the U.N. resolutions: http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=13766.

It is indeed noteworthy that FYROM accuses Greece that she banished her children, while the Slav/communists kidnapped the Greek children from all over Greece in order to “protect” them. Obviously they chose to forget that the mastermind behind the mass kidnapping of the children was the right hand of Tito, Edvard Kardelj. If the “child saving” was done to protect children, how do they substantiate their claim that the camps of Queen Frederika were not protecting the children?

The Danforth /van Boeschoten research was unilateral, and only examined the cases of children who willingly were led by their communist parents, or even sent to Iron Curtain countries with the consent of their parents. Conversely, among the expatriates who attended the conference was Mrs. Irene Damopoulou Karatzios. Mrs. Karatzios was one of the children amongst thousands of other children with or without parents who were abducted by partisans and were led into several Iron Curtain countries against their will. When Dr. Danforth was asked if Mrs. Karatzios could speak about her plight, he prohibited her to speak in a peremptory manner. In a private discussion with Mrs. Karatzios, Dr. Danforth said he read the book “The Cry of Irene” which was written about her and implied that her claims are untrue!

An excerpt of Mrs. Karatzios’ plight in the book “The Cry of Irene”, authored by Dr. Ioannis Bougas, is provided: (ISBN: 969-454-022-X email: erodhios@erodhios.gr):

My mother’s denial to give my little brother and myself away to the communist guerillas, so that we might be delivered into the iron curtain countries, a deed organized by the KKE, placed her in the ranking of a shady “ reactionary” and put the entire family as KKE’s target for revenge. First they took my mother to help the rebels in the mountains carrying materials, where she was often physically tortured. My brother, along with other residents of our village and I, were ordered to abandon our homes and forced to live in makeshift huts in the nearby forest.

Later, they led us cross the borders secretly and we entered Albania. After walking on foot for several days, almost without food or water, we arrived in a dirty prison labor camp. Once reunited with our mother, we spent some time in various prisons in Albania, and finally we were dragged in the galley of Loulé in Romania, where my brother and I attended the Russian-Romanian schools of their “father” and “god” Stalin. In addition we suffered incredible pressure from the leaders of KKE to give up our motherland Greece and become Slavomacedonians

One of the most balanced and informative presentations was that of Dr. Bill Darden titled “Greek articles vs. Slavic relatives in the Strumchki (Makedonski) Apostol and other early Slavic text” which focused on the difficulty of translating the Bible from Greek to Slavic.

Dr. Emilija Crenkovska presented on “The language of the Old Church Slavonic writing of Macedonia in the period of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empire”, in the “Macedonian” language, without translation or even a written summary of the content of her speech. Members of the Pan-Macedonian Association, knowledgeable of the language of FYROM and the local Greek slavophone idioms explained that Dr. Crenkovska spoke in the Serbo-Bulgarian language of FYROM that she named “Macedonian”. When a member of the Pan-Macedonian Association conveyed this information to the panelists he did not receive an answer, and some individuals in the audience urged the presenters not to pay attention to such interventions!

Quite notable was the reaction of the Dr.Victor Friedman, Professor of Linguistics and Balkan Studies from the University of Chicago. When a member of the Pan-Macedonian Association tried to approach him in a friendly manner, the academic exploded and started shouting, “the ‘Macedonians’ have a right to exist!” Also one could characterize as inappropriate the efforts of Dr. Friedman and Andrew Graan (doctoral candidate under the auspices of Dr. Friedman) to distract the university journalist who was interviewing Mrs. Karatzios and the writer of this article. Addressing the journalist, Dr. Friedman said: “take everything they say with a grain of salt…”

Members of the Pan-Macedonian Association U.S.A have attended several propaganda events organized by FYROM and its Diaspora in American universities. Unfortunately, while the Greek embassy is being informed of such events, the Greek state is absent in FYROM’s efforts to defame Greece. It is particularly important that representatives of the Greek State participate in such conferences to refute the ignorant argumentation of the academic community of FYROM. Moreover, relevant scientific conferences with the participation of foreign academics have to be seriously considered by Greece in the future. In addition the libraries of American universities should be enriched by contemporary English-language material on the issue of Macedonia. These failures generate “data” which Hellenism will be forced to face in the future.

*Mrs. Gatzoulis is the Supreme President of the Pan-Macedonian Association USA

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HLA Update and ALERT: Mission Accomplished in UTAH , Skopjian Conference Exposed; Anti-Hellenic Film Released

HLA Update and ALERT: Mission Accomplished in UTAH , Skopjian Conference Exposed; Anti-Hellenic Film Released

For Immediate Release: November 13, 2009

We, at the HLA, are proud to proclaim our recent campaign against the Anti-Hellenic Conference at University of Utah, a victory. A victory in the sense that for the first time, in quite some time, we as a community stood together and proclaimed, OXI! Hate speech and historical revisionism has no place in the halls of academia. Thanks to enthusiastic activists like Aris Deslis of Salt Lake City and such organizations as the American Hellenic Institute, the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, the Pan Macedonian Association USA, HANC-Hellenic American National Council, and the Hellenic-Canadian Federation of Ontario who wrote letters to the President of the University of Utah, Mr. Michael K. Young, awareness of the dangers of revisionism were raised. Greek-American academics also monitored this firsthand, and reports should be forthcoming soon. We, as ethnic Hellenes stood up and fought back against Anti-Hellenism, united.

Read Full Press Release Here

Friday, November 6, 2009

“Alexander the Great Our King of Kings: The Social, Religious and Ethnic Significance of the God-King”

Zei o vasilias Alexandros?

Zei kai vasilevei kai ton kosmo kyrievei!

Megas Alexandros, King of Kings. A man who in such a short life time, achieved so much for Hellenism, that today, he should be held as an inspirational role model, whose life experiences and personal character, may even hold the answer to our people’s salvation.

One of the Nine Worthies, a list of important figures that in the middle Ages, embodied the ideal of knighthood, today Alexander’s significance fails in comparison. Today, at least in Hellenic America, the days of Alexander representing the ideal role model are no more. Gone are those days, such as when the leaders of Rome, idolized him. Gone are the days when his mere image would bring leaders to their knees, once even bring Julius Caesar to tears, because Caesar believed he achieved so little compared to Megas Alexandros.

Legend claims, he was born on the same day the Temple of Artemis was burned down in Ephesus, because Artemis was more concern, with the birth of Alexander, than to save her own temple. Born in the holy city of Pella in 356 BC, Alexander stands today as the greatest Hellene to walk the face of the earth. Yet Alexander’s significance in our identity is slowly being lost, now in Hellenism darkest hour. When imposters from the north, plot to steal his legacy and change our history. These anti-Hellenist have no shame, they dare to even lobby, for the change of Hellenism, to Macedonism. How have we come here? How have we, as a people, allowed our selves to be faced with the very theft of our own identity? Political sabotage and betrayal aside, it is this very loss of hero-worship for Alexander, and his significance to our very identity, that has allow this crisis to appear.

It is because of this, that we must re-examine the very meaning, Alexander holds for the Hellenic people. He was Megas Alexandros, the visionary whose cultural impact led to the birth of Hellenistic culture and the spread of Hellenic Civilization across the known world. Born of Macedonia and Epirus, Alexander dared to envision a united Hellas, where artificial city-state borders and different dialects, no longer divided our people. He dared to envision a Hellenic world, where Hellenic philosophy and culture would unite mankind and give birth to a new era of peace and brotherhood. Yet today, unlike the days in which Roman Families would embroidered into their clothing, images of Alexander, you’re more likely to see a young Hellenic American wearing a Che Guevara Tshirt, than an Alexander one.

He was Megas Alexandros, the great warrior, who armed with a Hellenic education, defeated greatest Empire of his time, marching through Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Persia, to seek retribution for the burning of Athens generations earlier. An inspiration, whose journey and struggle, teaches us that, we must not forget the wrong doings suffered by our ancestors, but rather we should fight to avenge them, and honor them.

He was Megas Alexandros, the strategist, who even generals today measure them selves against. Constantly out numbered, Alexander was invincible in battle, and is held by some today as the most successful military commander of all time. A role model, who shows us that, all though always outnumbered, the Hellenic people can still achieve victory if we only dare our selves to believe. Was it not Alexander who said, ‘There is nothing impossible to him who will try?’ An example that is forgotten by Hellenes today, for although we are out numbered still in our struggles for our national issues, victory is still possible if we only dare to believe, and remember, that we have always been outnumbered, from Thermopylae, to the mountains of Epirus on Oxi day.

He was Megas Alexandros, the unifier, who took a collection of city-states, and kingdoms, and created a united Hellenic identity, an identity, which today faces a threat, towards the very legacy of the man, who helped to created it.

He is Megas Alexandros, our King of Kings, and we should honor him. There are some unfortunately, fellow Hellenes, that do not want us to honor him. They, who have no honor, wish to change our history, and prevent us from defending his legacy, a legacy that is rightfully ours, a right that will not be delivered upon us on a silver platter. It is a right the must be won in the halls of Congress, defended in the walls of Universities, and preached openly on all forms of media. Only through vigilance and aggressive advocacy, can this right, yours and mine, be achieved. Those individuals who wish to revision our identity, forget, they have neither the authority, nor the right, to change our history. For history is written in the stones, and remembered throughout the ages. It is a history, that is, just as much apart of me, as it is apart of you, and no government, foreign or domestic, has a right to take apart of you away.

We, as a community, can no longer afford to rely on those politicians in Athens, to defend our rights as Hellenes. It is up to each and every one of us, to become advocates for Hellenism, to lobby our different syllogi and Federations to action, and our motherland, into defending our identity.

Today, the corrupt politicians in Athens have not only been busy in their attempts, to sell the Hellenic identity of Macedonia, but they have also been trying to prevent Alexander’s worship from reappearing. I recall in the early 2000s, the Chicago-based Alexander the Great Foundation, pledged $45 million dollars to carve the likeness of Alexander into the side of a cliff in Greece. A project, which would have renewed Alexander’s significance for Hellenes, and would have brought economic benefits from tourism to Macedonia, and yet the project was blocked by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.

The enemies of Hellenism, those imposters from the North, do not these problems. They flaunt their cult like worship, of our greatest hero, their ‘Alexander-mania’. Naming airports and highways after Alexander, and now proposing to build an eight-story high statue, of Alexandros on horseback in the center of their capital, aside a fountain surrounded by four bronze lions, guarded by bronze soldiers, one of which will be Alexander’s father, Philip, along with other statues of historical figures and a church, which will cost the small country where unemployment runs at 35% a whopping $14 million. And yet, for 17 years now, our friends in Athens have been arguing over where to put a sculpture of Alexander in our capital, leaving the likeness to gather dust in some storeroom. It his how the government of Athens honors the greatest Hellene in history?

A man, in which lies the inspiration, to save not only our identity, but the inspiration and courage needed, to solve all our national issues. And yet many inside our community frown up calls by Hellenic Activists, to aggressively approach, our national issues. To solve our issues in the same manner in which Alexandros solved his, through bold strokes, an Alexandrian Solution.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oxi Day 2009

The time has come for Greece to fight for her independence. Greeks, we now must prove worthy of our ancestors and the freedom they gave us. Fight for the Fatherland, for your wifes, for your children and for the sacred traditions. Now, above all, FIGHT! - Ioannis Metaxas

To day we mark the anniversary of Oxi Day. The proud moment in our people’s history when on October 28th 1940, our leader Ioannis Metaxas told Mussolini NO! That we Hellenes would not give up our freedom and become willing slaves to any man, ever again!

Today Metaxas’ wisdom still holds merit, if we as a people could just open our minds and our hearts to listen once more to our leader.

During periods of extreme parliamentarism and party politics we forget were are Hellenes and become Greeks. –Ioannis Metaxas

All this is not my doing, but that of the Greek people, who always stood up true to their tradition, so long as they were united and disciplined, rather than slavish blind political followers. Under these conditions the divisions of the past- the factionalism- these virtues and attributes disappeared, so that all my efforts from the start-when I assumed power- were directed at recovering these virtues, so that the nation would be psychologically ready for the 28th of October – Ioannis Metaxas


Three Major Hellenic Diaspora Organizations Voice Concern in Letters to University of Utah President Michael K. Young

For Immediate Release: October 27, 2009

The Hellenic League of America (HLA) joins together with the Federation of Hellenic Societies of Greater New York, the American Hellenic Institute AHI, and the Pan Macedonian Association USA in confronting false historical revisionism, Anti-Hellenism and Hate Speech propagated by the government in Skopje and its allies and lobbies worldwide in recent days. In a commendable show of unity three of the most preeminent Hellenic organizations in America have sent letters of concern to University of Utah President Michael K. Young about the upcoming Revisionist “7th ‘Macedonian’- North American Conference” slated to commence on University of Utah grounds on November 5th, 2009.

Read Full Press Release Here

Monday, October 26, 2009

Metodija Koloski identified! Head of Skopjian Lobby UMD Protested With Turks

For Immediate Release: October 25, 2009
Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. (917) 699-9935.

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is pleased to announce that
we have identified many of the so-called “demonstrators” of the 35-year
Commemoration of Turkish Invasion of Cyprus Counter-"Protest" outside the
Turkish Embassy in Washington DC on July 20th 2009. The head of the Skopjian
lobby the so-called “United Macedonian Diaspora” Mr. Metodija Koloski and other
Skopjians from UMD participated, all in all the participants are a who’s who of
Turkish assets, agents and cheap dates.

The effeminate guy with the bumblebee t-shirt is METODIJA KOLOSKI, holding the
sign saying "Shame on Greek Terrorists For Killing US diplomats" He protested
with the Turks outside the Turkish Embassy on July 20Th 2009


Here are videos of him outside the Turkish Embassy:

Here he is at an Official 2009 UMD conference function honoring Turkey:

Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)
2578 Broadway #132
New York, NY 10025
New York: Tel. 917-699-9935
Email: cana@cyprusactionnetwork.org

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is a grass-roots, not-for-profit
movement created to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the
people of Cyprus.

To be added to CANA's Action Alert e-mail distribution list, or to introduce
CANA to a friend or colleague, please forward the pertinent name and e-mail
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You are encouraged to forward this action alert to five or more individuals who
may have an interest in our e-distributions or in CANA’s mission.

You may post any CANA article, press release or action alert on the internet as
long as you credit CANA and the author(s).

Saturday, October 24, 2009


The University of Utah, with the help and support of the Skopjian lobby in Washington DC and the support of the Turkish Lobby which has facilitated Turkish government funding of the University of Utah, is launching a conference on Nov 5th 2009 on University of Utah grounds dedicated to advancing false historical revisionism and irredentist propaganda. Speakers will promote neo- Communist false historical revisionism attempting to downplay the immense loss of Hellenic life to terrorism, downplay the suffering (through the use of Child Abduction of Hellenic children and outright war) under Communist and Skopjian occupation, and advance a general atmosphere of anti-Hellenic hate . The fact that this Anti-Hellenic Hate Fest is taking place in Utah, a state where unrepentant Nordic supremacists massacred Hellenes in bloody and gruesome lynchings is particularly troubling and offensive to the Hellenic-American community.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Telephone, email, fax and write to the Michael K. Young, President of the University of Utah and urge him to STOP the Skopjian conference and issue an apology to the victimized Hellenic people in his state and around the world.

BY PHONE: Tel: (801) 581-5701
BY FAX: Fax: (801) 581-6892
BY Email: president@utah.edu

By Postal Mail: President Michael K. Young

University of Utah

201 Presidents Circle Room 201 SLC UT 84112

For more information and updates on the campaign against Anti-Hellenism at the University of Utah please visit the Hellenic League of America, HLA website.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Στο Ασκληπιείο Τρίκκης, η σύγκρουση του χριστιανικού δογματισμού και του Ελληνικού ορθολογισμού

Ελένη Ζυγουράκη
Αντιπρόεδρος του Φιλοσοφικού Ομίλου «Η ΜΗΤΙΣ»

Στα βάθη της προϊστορίας μας, χάνεται η ίδρυση και η λειτουργία των Ασκληπιείων, εκεί που οι άνθρωποι έβρισκαν τη σωματική και ψυχική ίαση. Σ' αυτά τα οργανωμένα κέντρα η αποτελεσματικότητα της θεραπευτικής αγωγής γινόταν χάρη στα χειρουργικά μέσα, τη δίαιτα, τα φάρμακα, τα βότανα, τις μαλάξεις τη μουσική και με την εγκοίμηση.

Στα ήδη υπάρχοντα Ασκληπιεία αλλά και σε άλλα που δημιούργησε, ο 17ος απόγονος του Ασκληπιού ο Ιπποκράτης, παίρνοντας το νήμα της συνέχειας από τον πρόγονό του, η ιατρική μεθοδολογία βασίστηκε στην παρατήρηση, την έρευνα και την εφαρμογή, εισήγαγε δε τους κώδικες δεοντολογίας που πρέπει να διέπουν τη συμπεριφορά των γιατρών θεσπίζοντας έτσι τον ιατρικό όρκο.

Συνεχίζοντας το μεγάλο έργο των δύο αυτών ανδρών, ο Γαληνός τον 2ον μ.χ, δεν δεχόταν τη θεία ίαση, πρέσβευε ότι οι άνθρωποι θεραπεύονται από τους ανθρώπους και για το λόγο αυτό κατασκεύαζε λεπτά χειρουργικά εργαλεία για χειρουργικές επεμβάσεις, και με έρευνες στην ανατομία των νεύρων, των αρτηριών και των φλεβών, στους πυρετούς, στη νοσολογία, την επιδεσμολογία και στη σύνθεση των φαρμάκων έθεσε τη βάση της σύγχρονης ιατρικής.

Στην πόλη της Αρχαίας Τρίκκης από την εποχή του Ομήρου λειτουργούσε το επιφανέστερο ασκληπιείο στο οποίο οι ασθενείς απολαμβάνοντας τη φροντίδα, τις τεχνικές και τις γνώσεις των γιατρών έβρισκαν ανακούφιση και με χαρά δεχόταν την επίσκεψη της κόρης του Ασκληπιείου της πολυπόθητης Υγείας.

Με την επικράτηση του Χριστιανισμού, η ιατρική όπως φυσικά και οι άλλες Ελληνικές επιστήμες εξοβελίστηκαν στο πυρ το εξώτερον. Το Ασκληπιείο γκρεμίστηκε και στη θέση του άρχισαν να κτίζονται εκκλησίες. Πρώτη και καλύτερη η Παναγία Φανερωμένη κτισμένη ακριβώς επάνω στο ιερό του Απόλλωνα, με το παρεκκλήσι του Αγίου Φανουρίου, η εκκλησία των Αγίων Αναργύρων, με το παρεκκλήσι του Αγίου Σπυρίδωνα, του Αγίου Δημητρίου .

Συνηθισμένοι οι ασθενείς συνέχιζαν να κατευθύνονται στο χώρο του άλλοτε Ασκληπιείου αναζητώντας την ίαση. Αντί όμως για γιατρούς τους περίμενε ο παππάς στην πόρτα της εκκλησίας για να τους «διαβάσει,» έναντι αμοιβής φυσικά.

Έτσι αντί της ορθοπεδικής ανάταξης των καταγμάτων, δίδονταν το αγιασμένο λάδι για επάλειψη και συνοδεύονταν με την ανάλογη ευλογία!

-«Πατάξαι σε Κύριος εν απορία και πυρετώ και ρίγει και ερεθισμώ και ανεμοφθορία και τη ώχρα. πατάξαι σε Κύριος παραπληξία και αορασία και εκστάσει διανοίας πατάξαι σε Κύριος εν έλκει πονηρώ επί τα γόνατα και επί τα κνήμας ώστε μη δύνασθαι ιαθήναι σε από ίχνους των ποδών σου . και κολληφθήσονται εν σοι και πάσαν μαλακίαν και πάσαν πληγήν την μή γεγραμμένη..επάξει Κύριος επί σε.»

Αγράμματος ο λαός συνέχιζε, ως μη έχοντας άλλη παρηγοριά, να επισκέπτεται τις εκκλησίες οι οποίες αυξάνονταν σε αριθμό, η εκκλησία του Αγίου Νικολάου, της Αγίας Παρασκευής, της Αγίας Μαρίνης, του Προφήτη Ηλιά, της Αγίας Επισκέψεως...

Αντί της φαρμακευτικής αγωγής στις λοιμώξεις ο παππάς τους καθησύχαζε ότι ήταν επίσκεψη Θεού η ασθένεια (τάδε έφη Χριστόδουλος πριν αρρωστήσει) και συνέχιζε το τροπάριό του.

«Άγιοι τρεις παίδες οι την κάμινον σβέσαντας, άγιοι επτά παίδες οι εν Εφέσω, οι εκ των νεκρών αναστήσαντες, βοηθήσατε, άγιοι εννέα μάρτυρες, άγιοι δέκα μάρτυρες, άγιοι τεσσαράκοντα μάρτυρες,άγιοι τριάκονται και τρεις μάρτυρες από Ρώμη, άγιοι τριακόσιοι δέκα και οκτώ θεοφόροι πατέρες,( ατελείωτοι αυτοί οι άγιοι) άγιε Ιωάννη Θεολόγε, άγιε Πέτρε από Ρώμη, άγιε Παύλε από Δαμασκόν, Άγιε Ευθύμιε από Μάδητον, άγιε Νικόλαε, άγιε Βασίλειε, άγιε Επφάνειε άγιε Ιωάννη Χρυσσόστομε, άγιε Θύρσε .. Πάσαι αι ουράνιαι δυνάμεις των αγίων αγγέλων και αρχαγγέλων, χερουβίμ και τα εξαπτέρυγα σεραφείμ. Απελάσατε ταύτην την χαλεπήν ασθένειαν από την δούλην του θεού Μαρίαν, πυρετόν, εσωπύρετον, ρίγους κραταιού, ρίγους βραχέος, ρίγους λυμαντικού (τρεις ρίγοι!!!) εξορκίζω υμάς τας οβ' (72 όλες μετρημένες μία μία) ασθενείας έχει ο άνθρωπος, αναχωρείν από τη δούλην του θεού Μαρίαν.

Και το θεάρεστο έργο της καταστροφής συνεχίζεται, - των λειψάνων πια του Ασκληπιείου - 'Αγιος Αθανάσιος, Άγιος Στέφανος, Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Ελεήμων, Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Πρόδρομος, Αγία Σοφία...

Οι ψυχικές ασθένειες, δε ήταν η ειδικότητά τους, διότι οι ασθενείς καταλαμβάνονταν από τους δαίμονες και με τους κατάλληλους αναθεματισμούς θα εξέρχονταν από τους ασθενείς.

«Μή από βασκοσύνης και πάσης άλλης συμφοράς επερχομένης, μή δαιμονικόν, μή ονοσκελιακόν ή νεράιδων. Μή κεφαλόπονον ή οφθαλμόπονον ή στηθόπονον ή φρενόπονον ή χειρόπονον, Μή δυσουρίας ή τρισουρίας (από το δυσουρία) ή αρμόπονον ή τζίρματος ομαλικόν ή άυπνον ή πολύυπνον (όλα μαζί), εξορκίζω υμάς εί τι άν έστιν αδικών τον δούλον του θεού, αναχωρήσατε και απέλθατε εις τα άγρια όρη.»

Και φυσικά οι αρρώστιες δεν πήγαιναν στα άγρια βουνά παρά οι άρρωστοι στα κυπαρίσσια. Αποδεκατίζονταν γενιές και γενιές, πίνοντας τα χρώματα των εικόνων ως ρόφημα, και προσκυνώντας; οστά, κομμάτια ξύλου και θαυματουργές εικόνες, άγιες ζώνες και τίμιες κάρες».

Βαριά η καρδιά μου εκείνο το κυριακάτικο πρωινό, φωτογραφίζοντας τις 15 εκκλησίες που είναι κτισμένες σε λίγα τετραγωνικά γης ακριβώς επάνω από το Ασκληπιείο. Επί 1700 χρόνια ο χριστιανισμός κατάφερε να ανακόψει την αρχαίο Ελληνική επιστημονική παράδοση και να ρίξει τον κόσμο στις δεισιδαιμονίες και στις προλήψεις.

Θυμωμένη και αγριεμένη από αυτό το έγκλημα που συντελέστηκε και συνεχίζει ακόμη να γίνεται, ανέβαινα αργά - αργά τα σκαλιά του Φρουρίου να πάρω λίγο αέρα. Πέρασα τη μεγάλη σιδερένια πόρτα του κάστρου, από το πρώτο διάζωμα πέρασα γρήγορα στο δεύτερο, στο τρίτο η διάθεσή μου άλλαξε εντελώς.

Το γλυκό Φθινοπωρινό αεράκι μου χάιδευε το πρόσωπό μου, τα κίτρινα κρινάκια έστελναν το λεπτό τους άρωμα, το τοπίο ήμερο, στο ψιλότερο σημείο της πόλης, ορθός έστεκε εκεί ο κίονας του αρχαίου ναού της Τρικάλου Αρτέμιδος. Σε πείσμα του χρόνου, των καιρικών συνθηκών, της μανίας των φανατικών χριστιανών και της εγκατάλειψης των σημερινών αρχών, αυτός έστεκε εκεί αγέρωχος, άγρυπνο μάτι, προστάτης και αδιαμφισβήτητος ηγέτης της περιοχής.

Κλύθι μευ ώ βασίλεια, Διός πολυώνυμε κούρη, Τιτηνίς, βρομίη, μεγαλόνυμε τοξότι, σεμνή, πότνια, παμβασίλεια, αιολόμορφε, ελθέ θεά σώτειρα..

«Εμείς δεν φύγαμε ποτέ» μου ψιθύρησε η θεά «είμαστε η δύναμη, η πνοή, σε κάθε έκφραση της ζωής, σε κάθε επιστημονική ανακάλυψη, σε κάθε μορφή τέχνης. Ο Ελληνικός πολιτισμός είναι αθάνατος διότι διέπεται από αρχές, νόμους και ορθολογισμό».

Αισθάνθηκα το ζεστό φιλί της στο μάγουλό μου, της χαμογέλασα, ο αέρας που φύσηξε την πήρε μαζί του, άλλωστε έχει να προστατέψει την πανίδα και τη χλωρίδα από την συμπεριφορά των βάναυσων και αλόγιστων εκμεταλλευτών της γης

Ολβιόμοιρε θεά, ιερή υπόσχεση σου δίνω, με τα πρώτα κίτρινα κρίνα του Φθινοπώρου να σου πλέκω κάθε χρόνο ένα στεφάνι.

Κάθισα στις πολεμίστρες του κάστρου, κάτω ακριβώς απλώνονταν η πόλη, στο βάθος ο θεσσαλικός κάμπος και πέρα μακριά αχνοφαίνονταν οι κορυφές του Ολύμπου, στα χείλη μου ήρθε το ποίημα του Καβάφη με μια μικρή παράφραση «Γιατί τα σπάνανε τ' αγάλματά των, γιατί τους διώξανε απ' τους ναούς των, διόλου δεν πέθαναν γι΄ αυτό οι θεοί..Ώ γη της Θεσσαλίας, εσένα αγαπούν ακόμη, σένα οι ψυχές των ενθυμούνται ακόμη».


U.S. Navy Admiral James Stavridis, the senior American officer in both the U.S. European Command and NATO, blames Turkey for violence against its Greek minority, including his own family, almost 90 years ago.

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Full Hellenic Translation Below:

O επικεφαλής του ΝΑΤΟ ναύαρχος Τζέιμς Σταυρίδης κατηγορεί την Τουρκία για «εθνοκάθαρση» των Ελλήνων, συμπεριλαμβανομένης και της δικής της οικογένειας

του Amir Oren Εφημερίδα Ηaaretz 15/10/2009

Ο ναύαρχος Τζέιμς Σταυρίδης, ο ανώτερος αξιωματικός της Ευρωπαϊκής Διοίκησης των ΗΠΑ και του ΝΑΤΟ, κατηγορεί την Τουρκία για τη βία εις βάρος της ελληνικής μειονότητας, συμπεριλαμβανομένης και της δικής της οικογένειάς του, σχεδόν πριν από 90 χρόνια.

Σε ένα βιβλίο που δημοσιεύθηκε πέρυσι, πριν να αναλάβει το Ανώτατο Συμμαχικό Διοικητή του ΝΑΤΟ Ευρώπης (SACEUR), ο Σταυρίδης κατονονομάζει την Τουρκίας για «εθνοκάθαρση» και «πογκρόμ», στα θύματα των οποίων περιλαμβάνονται οι παππούδες του, οι οποίοι εκδιώχθηκαν από την πατρίδα τους τη Σμύρνη, ενώ και ο θείος του πατέρα του, σκοτώθηκε από βίαιες αντι-ελληνικές ενέργειες των Τούρκοων.

Μαχητικά αεροπλάνα από τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες αεροπορικές δυνάμεις στην Ευρώπη (USAFE) και άλλα στοιχεία υπό τη διοίκηση του Σταυρίδης «έπρεπε να έχουν λάβει μέρος στην άσκηση Ανατολίας «Αετός», από τις οποίες οι ΗΠΑ αποσύρθηκαν στις αρχές της εβδομάδας, αφού η Τουρκία αποκλείεται από τη συμμετοχή του Ισραήλ. Ο Σταυρίδης εποπτεύει στενά την επερχόμενη αμερικανική-ισραηλινή Juniper Cobra άσκηση στον αέρα και πυραυλική άσκηση, και έχει προγραμματιστεί να επισκεφθεί το Ισραήλ σύντομα.

Αφού ορίστηκε στην τρέχουσα θέση του, μόλις χρόνο μετά τη δημοσίευση αυτών των κατηγοριών εναντίον της Τουρκίας, ο Σταυρίδης μείωσε την αρνητική του αναφορά στην υπόθεση της οικογένειάς του και των άλλων Ελλήνων. Στάση η οποία απεικονίζεται και από την επιλογή να είναι η Τουρκία το σημείο εκκίνησης για ένα ταξίδι του στην πέρα από τις ΗΠΑ.

Ο Σταυρίδης, ένας απόφοιτος του 1976 η Ναυτική Ακαδημία των ΗΠΑ, γεννήθηκε στη Φλόριντα. Ως παιδί, έζησε για δύο χρόνια στην Αθήνα, όπου ο πατέρας του, ο οποίος ανήκε στο Σώμα των Πεζοναυτών των ΗΠΑ, υπηρέτησε ως αξιωματικός στην Αμερικανική Πρεσβεία, παράλληλα με έναν αξιωματικό του Ναυτικού των ΗΠΑ, την κόρη του οποίου ο Σταυρίδης παντρεύτηκε αργότερα. Ο ναύαρχος είναι ευρέως αναγνωρισμένος ως ένας λαμπρός αξιωματικός, με διδακτορική δίπλωμα στις διεθνείς σχέσεις και εντυπωσιακές επιδόσεις της διοίκησης και των θέσεων του προσωπικού.
Ο Σταυρίδης είναι ένας
πολυγραφότατος συγγραφέας βιβλίων και άρθρων, με το δικό του blog ( "Από τη Γέφυρα») σχετικά με όπου ο Σταυρίδης τηρεί ημερολόγιο των εμπειριών του κατά τη διάρκεια των 28 μηνών που διοίκησε στο αντιτορπιλικό USS Barry, αρχές του 1993 έως Δεκέμβριος 1995 . Κατά την περίοδο αυτή, η Aegis-πολεμικό πλοίο- οπλισμένο με ισχυρό ραντάρ και αντι-βλήματα πυραύλων (του είδους που συμμετέχουν σε ασκήσει τύπου Juniper Cobra), ανέπτυξε δράση σε κρίσεις σε όλο τον κόσμο - από την Αϊτή, στη Μεσόγειο και στον Περσικό Κόλπο.

Το 2008, ο Σταυρίδης πριν μάθει ότι θα διοριστεί επικεφαλής των στρατιωτικών του ΝΑΤΟ - για πρώτη φορά αξιωματικός του ναυτικού μετά το 1990 δημοσίευσε ένα κείμενο , "Destroyer Captain: Μαθήματα μιας πρώτης εντολής», όπου ο Σατυρίδης δεν προσπαθεί να είναι διπλωμάτης.
"Στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 1920,» έγραψε, «ο παππούς μου, ένας στιβαρός δάσκαλος, ο Δημητρίου Σταυρίδης, είχε απελαθεί από την Τουρκία ως μέρος της« εθνοκάθαρσης », η οποία υλοποιήθηκε κατά των Ελλήνων που ζούσαν στα ερείπια της Οθωμανικής Αυτοκρατορίας . Είχε μόλις δραπετεύσει για να σώσει τη ζωή του με μια μικρή βάρκα, και αφού έφτασε στην Αθήνα μετά πήγε εκεί έως το Ellis Island στις ΗΠΑ. Ο αδελφός του δεν ήταν τόσο τυχερός αφού σκοτώθηκε από τους Τούρκους, ως μέρος της βίας κατά της ελληνικής μειονότητας. "

Η "πιο εκπληκτική ιστορική ειρωνεία θα μπορούσα να φανταστώ," σύμφωνα με το Σταυρίδη, ήταν όταν μια πολυεθνική άσκηση του ΝΑΤΟ στα ανοικτά των ακτών της δυτικής Τουρκίας ,με έφεραν στην θέση του παππού μου. Τότε γράφει ο Σταυρίδης: " Η απόλυτη ιστορική ειρωνία είναι ότι ο εγγονός του Δημήτριου Σταυρίδη, ο οποίος μιλάει μόλις λίγα λόγια των Ελλήνων, επιστρέφει στη διοίκηση του ενός δισεκατομμυρίου δολαρίων-αντιτορπιλικό στην ίδια την πόλη - Σμύρνη, που σήμερα ονομάζεται Ιζμίρ - από την οποία άφυγε με ένα σκάφος του πρόσφυγα πριν από πολλά χρόνια. "

Σε μια συνέντευξη για το "Destroyer Captain" στο αμερικανική ναυτικό Ινστιτούτο, ο Σταυρίδης παρατήρησε, "θα αφήσω άλλους να αποφασίσουν αν είναι ένα καλό βιβλίο, αλλά πραγματικά πιστεύω ότι είναι ένα τίμιο βιβλίο."

«Αξίζει να σημειωθεί ότι αν και είμαι εθνοτικά Ελλήνας, ο παππούς μου γεννήθηκε στην πραγματικότητα στην Τουρκία και πέρασε από την Ελλάδα στο δρόμο του προς τις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες», είπε, δηλώνοντας υπερήφανος για διπλή καταγωγή του.

Τον περασμένο Ιούλιο, είχε επισκεφθεί την Τουρκία, και επέλεξε ξανά παρόμοιες λέξεις για να περιγράψει την προσωπική σχέση του με τη χώρα που κακομεταχείριστηκε τους παππούδες του. "Η Τουρκία είναι μια ζωτική και σημαντική σύμμαχος στο ΝΑΤΟ," "και για μένα ήταν μια ευκαιρία για να επιστρέψω στο έθνος από το οποίο ο παππούς και η γιαγιά μου μετανάστευσε στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες, μετά τη διακοπή για λίγο στην Ελλάδα."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 7th: A day that will live in infamy

It did not take long for the new Hellenic Prime Minister to betray his ancestors and succumb to foreign pressure, allowing Anti-Hellenist Matthew Nimetz his first victory under the new Athens’ regime by abolishing the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, a Ministry which should have been strengthened rather than abolished considering our nation’s current crisis concerning the name dispute with Skopje. The new Prime Minister’s actions are disappointing and a betrayal not only to Hellenism, but to the very legacy of his own father, the beloved Andreas Papandreou who created the Ministry Giorgaki has deemed no longer important.

Papandreou’s failure to appoint a new Minister causes the Ministry to cease to exist and instead be administrated under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, deleting the term ‘Macedonia’ from his cabinet. The first loss for Northern Hellas, as Giorgaki and PASOK show their true intentions of achieving an Athens centered multicultural state. A state where Hellenism will be a thing of the past and illegal foreigners with no connection to our holy soil and history are seen as more vital to the state than Hellenes! Are the sacrifices made by such great men as Pavlos Melas to be in vain simply because they don’t fall in line with the Socialist utopia envisioned by the new Papandreou?

Is Northern Hellas to be left vulnerable to historical revisionists who preach of Macedonia and Thrace’s non-Hellenic origins and identity? Are these two betrayed regions to be left destined for foreign occupation so that we Hellenes of the North may become refugees for a second time? These actions of the current PASOK government are dangerously close to that of treason and should not be tolerated by any true patriotic Hellene!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Seven Wonders of the Ancient Hellenic World

The following is a five part series of YouTube videos from the Discovery Channel on the seven wonders of the ancient Hellenic World. Take a moment to enjoy the Discovery Channel’s journey through the breathtaking beauty and genius of the ancient Hellenes. Seven achievements and wonders of our ancestors, which should not be left to decay as rubble or tourist attractions, but rather should be rebuilt and used to glorify Hellenism.
7. The Palace of Knossos
6. The Oracle of Delphi
5. The Theatre of Epidaurus
4. The Colossus of Rhodes
3. Birth of the Olympics
2. Lost City of Atlantis
1. The Parthenon

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Turkish Textbooks claim Western Thrace and Cyprus

This latest ‘slip up’ by Turkey was reported last week by both the Sofia News Agency and PanArmenian.net. Apparently a new series of textbooks, riddled with errors and a ‘Scandalous map’ was published in Turkey. The school books intended for use in Constantinople featured a map included Western Thrace and Cyprus as well as Northern Iraq, parts of Bulgaria and Armenia as part of Turkey. The SNA reported that the head of Constantinople’s Educational Department ‘expressed regrets on the matter’. This ‘mistakenly’ published series of textbooks is just the latest in a growing list of factual evidence of Turkish imperialistic ambitions to re-conquer their lost Ottoman Empire.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Forces of PASOK reign supreme in Hellenic (Greek) Elections: What does the future hold for Hellas (Greece)

One of the most important events in recent Hellenic history, the 2009 ‘battle of Armageddon’ national elections took place this past Sunday. As most expected, we witnessed the fall of one corrupt dynasty and the rise, by default, of another. George Papandreou, the man that could barely hold on to the reins of his own political party’s leadership, is now set to lead Hellas during its darkest hour. The first Hellenic-American to ever be elected Prime Minister, and Third Papandreou to rule Hellas since the end of the Second World War, Mr. Papandreou had every possible advantage handed to him to achieve victory. The collapse of the Karamanlis dynasty and the brand name ‘Papandreou’ alone secured his victory.

A Bleak future for the Birthplace of Western Civilization

Atop his party headquarters Sunday night, PM Papandreou proclaimed, “Together we start the great national effort of putting the country back on a course of revival, development and growth’, yet I wonder just what type of revival the new Prime Minister plans on accomplishing with a team with no experienced to lead Hellas out of these troubling economic times. PM Papandreou will be at the helm during some of the most crucial years in Hellenic history. Year’s that will witness solutions to the Macedonian name dispute and the illegal occupation of Cyprus, both important National Issues that were downed played because of rising unemployment and political corruption during the elections.

Papandreou’s ‘Great National Effort’

What is the great ‘national effort’, which will deliver Hellas from its economic hardships, a stimulus package, which more than likely will turn out to be Hellas’ undoing. The country is in no position to make good on the promises of PASOK and their economic plan will ruin the nation’s credit score. In the end, the ‘great national effort’ will look more like a Hellenic tragedy and signs of social unrest will return, unrest, which will be far worse than before with illegal immigration problems doomed to worsen under PASOK’s leadership.

Hellas’ fate Aboard

The architect of the ‘Greco-Turkish rapprochement’, Papandreou, promises to ‘review government spending on defense, which will surely end in government cuts that are sure to leave Hellas militarily impotent in its darkest hour. Both the Macedonian name dispute and the illegal Turkish military occupation of Cyprus are sure to be resolved while Papandreou is Prime Minister, which can only spell disaster for Hellenism. 3,000 years of Hellenic history to be lost to Slavic invaders who will have finally accomplished the Communist dream of stealing the Hellenic identity of Macedonia. Cyprus will not fair much better, as the new PM’s pro-Turkish feelings will most likely allow the final partition and annexation of Northern Cyprus.

What does this mean for New Democracy: the rise of Bakoyanni?

"The only responsible and honest course of action for me is one: I assume responsibility for the result and will launch procedures for the election of a new party leader," - Karamanlis

With the defeat of Karamanlis and the call for an emergency party congress to vote on a new leader for New Democracy, what does the future hold for Hellenic Conservatives? The answer is Dora Bakoyanni, and the end of Hellenism as we know it. With Karamanlis out of the picture, the return of the Mitsotakis line to power seems unstoppable.

A future mainstream patriotic party on the horizon

From the darkness which is sure to devour Hellas, only one light shines through as a beacon of hope, that light is the young patriotic party of LA.O.S. Over the past nine years Hellas has slowly witnessed the rise of a patriotic party able to bring in the votes each and every election day. Against the odds LA.O.S has won itself its own miniature victory, gaining itself a stronger foothold inside the Hellenic Parliament with 15 seats. Since LA.O.S’ first campaign in 2004, we’ve watched their popularity rise from 2.2% to 5.6% of the Hellenic Vote, jumping from 10 seats gained in 2007 to 15 in these past elections.

What LA.O.S needs to do now is continue to be a voice for those fed up with the corruption and failed promises of the old political elite. They need to establish a strong economic policy that will bring about actual change to Hellas and in-dept environmental policy, able to bring in the support of the 2.5% of the Hellenic vote that currently supports the rising ecological greens. In the end, with social unrest certain to return to the country and the illegal immigration crisis sure to spin out of control, LA.O.S is certain to continue its rise to power.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hellenic League of America Statement in Response to False Claims Being Circulated Concerning the American Hellenic Institute

For Immediate Release: September 29, 2009

It has come to the attention of the Hellenic League of America that our most recent press release, an Op-Ed written by HLA activist and President of Panthracian Union, Ioannis Fidanakis, titled, ‘More than just Indifference’, has caused quite a stir within the Hellenic American community.

The Op-Ed written by President Fidanakis, was a response to a recently published Op-Ed by AHI President Aleco Haralambides, in which President Fidanakis offered AHI constructive criticism on the need for more aggressive lobbying on our National Issues. In response, AHI released a statement on September 28, 2009 attempting to strike at the legitimacy of the Hellenic League of America as an organization. For the record, the Hellenic League of America, HLA is a non-profit tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) organization.

AHI’s press release claims that ‘valuable time and resources’ had been spent in issuing a statement to address ‘blatant falsehoods’. The Hellenic League of America wonders, how much valuable time and resources did the “American Hellenic Institute” use to write a simple 146 word press release? Such a statement makes those of us, HLA volunteers wonder, if so much ‘valuable time and resources’ were needed to write a 2 minute press release, how else has AHI mismanaged its time and resources instead of aggressively carrying out a productive legislative agenda in the name of Hellenism.

The Greek Lobby collectively has failed to introduce any legislation with teeth into this year’s US Congress, unlike the previous thirty years there is no legislation regarding Cyprus this year, NONE, and the legislation introduced on Macedonia is anti-Macedonian in calling for a so-called “geographical qualifier” as an answer to the Macedonia Name issue. It itself is at odds with historical truth and Hellenic-American community opinion. The largest Macedonian group is the world is unequivocally AGAINST a “geographical qualifier”.


AHI Executive Director Nick Larigakis has remained at the same post for twenty-three years. At this point in American history, when even Fortune 500 CEO’s cannot hold down the same job for twenty years, Mr. Larigakis has defied all odds , and despite his own President’s claim that Greek-Americans are “indifferent” has managed to (or so he claims) raise funds from the Greek American community for all these years to hire paid staff, pay all those maintenance costs for a building (owned by AHI) in Washington DC and even cover the electricity bill all by donations from the “indifferent” Greek American donors. Mr. Larigakis must also have a bridge for sale for us in Brooklyn if he expects us to believe that! Numerous sources have documented a history of funding by Hellenic governments for years, hence explaining the close relationship Mr. Larigakis has with the Greek and Cyprus Embassy and his haughty disregard and ignorance of Greek Americans. At least one AHI donor for the past twenty years has told us that Mr. Larigakis has never come clean with how AHI is run and how decisions are made at AHI. The time has come for AHI to open the books on how much exactly its Executive Director is paid, how much all its staffers are paid, and how it pays for what it does, such as it is. We are aware of many other Hellenic-American community associations that openly declare how they pay the bills, who pays the bills, and how decisions are made. What the six figure salary man doesn’t want us (us “indifferent” Hellenic-Americans) to know is that decisions regarding what AHI does and how AHI works on Hellenic National Issues is ultimately dependent on the bosses (i.e. the Greek Ambassador , the Cyprus Ambassador in DC etc) in consultation with their corrupt home office in Athens, now and then.


(ELIAMEP) spells out in translation from Greek “the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy“and is a producer of Skopjan friendly propaganda. Mr. Veremis appears to be a founding member and former President of the semi governmental think tank Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), which is also funded by the open societies of George Soros, and is the Chairman of the National Council of Education (ESYP), Council President of Higher Education and University Professor at the National University of Athens. http://www.cdsee.org/pdf/b_horiz8.pdf

(Horizons-magazine of CDRSEE), http://www.cdsee.org/jhp/news_131106.html

(Please note that Mr.Veremis has publicly denied the genocide of Greeks in Asia Minor.)

The researchers Triandafyllidou, (member of ELIAMEP), Kalloni and Mikraki on their article on this website http://www.socresonline.org.uk/2/1/7.html

titled: “Modern Greek Nationalism” include the following: “More specifically, in the Balkans, where nations are perceived in ethnic terms, the states which succeeded the Ottoman Empire set the foundation for great illusions, namely that they represented ethnically homogeneous societies ... Minority groups experienced a variety of exclusionary measures varying from suppression of rights to extreme situations such as collective expulsion and ethnic cleansing.”

In other words, these researchers not only reproduce hostile positions towards Greece but also go a step further and denounce Greece for genocide! How could it be possible for an institution which supposedly defends the Greek national interests to aid expediencies which are harmful to Greece?

AHI has not only included (ELIAMEP) speakers at AHI functions and events, AHI and its Executive Director Nick Larigakis make it a point to visit (ELIAMEP) when in Greece and encourage Greek-American scholarship students on the annual trip to Greece to meet with (ELIAMEP)

The Fallacy of the so-called “Greek-American Policy Statements”

A prolific Genocide Awareness advocate and leader of a major Hellenic-American association in New York told us that when AHI requested his Association’s policy statement they gave him something like a two-day deadline to submit the statement, and then AHI after close to six months consultation with the Greek government issues a watered down Policy Statement . At least one major Hellenic-American leader, namely the leader of the Thracians and his association has been consistently ignored by AHI despite numerous attempts by phone, email and postal mail to express his community’s opinions to AHI. The current AHI so-called “Greek-American Policy Statement” on Macedonia is in dispute with the very solid position on the Macedonian Name Issue by the Pan-Macedonians the biggest Macedonian Association in America and the world. Hence, raising the question of where AHI gets its directions on its so-called “Greek-American Policy Statements”? From Greek-Americans or from corrupt Anti-Hellenic, Anti-Nationalist, and Pro-Skopean groups that deny the Hellenic Genocide like (ELIAMEP) in Greece?


Despite our disagreements with Aleco Haralambides on Greek-American “indifference” and the questions raised of how Mr. Larigakis spends his and AHI’s time and resources while running real estate and construction businesses in the DC-Virginia area and in Greece. We still reach out our hand as Hellenic brothers as always and we hope that Mr. Haralambides fires Mr. Larigakis and joins us next April 6 for our annual Hellenic Genocide commemoration outside the UN in New York.

It’s high time that AHI cut off its relationship with Skopean friendly groups like (ELIAMEP) and join its Hellenic brothers in the struggle AGAINST Skopean and Turkish false historical revisionism. We hope AHI comes out against the “geographical qualifier” and helps create an autonomous Hellenic-American Lobby free of the corrupt governments in Athens who SOLD OUT CYPRUS and SOLD OUT MACEDONIA, now and then.

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