Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Greater Picture Revealed: Riots continue in Hellas

It has taken 13 days of protests, fire bombings, and looting to finally move past the illusion of a young boys death as the real trigger the current violent actions against the Hellenic government and are now beginning to see the original intent of the anarchist movement. The removal of the current legitimate regime in Athens. Something that if accomplished will allow the return of corrupt socialist rule, whose party leadership has past to a new generation of the same old suspects. This sudden outburst against the government, which was instigated by Anarchists and the Political left, was a planed decision by American puppets to remove the legitimate Hellenic government for its failure to bend to the will of the almighty United States’ revisionist attempts in the Balkans. It is this act of treason by the Political left, which has resulted in millions of dollars worth of damage to the center of the Hellenic state, Athens and damaged our image overseas.

Greek protesters clash with police

Friday, December 19, 2008
01:38 Mecca time, 22:38 GMT

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