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The Washington Times Prints HLA Letter to the Editor on Macedonia Name Issue

For Immediate Release: June 26, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK-Today, June 26, 2009, The Washington Times published Hellenic League of
America (HLA) Press Officer, Nikolaos Taneris’ letter to the editor, responding
to The Washington Times report ("No names, please," Embassy Row, World, June
12) regarding the Macedonia name issue. The text of the letter appears below,
followed by The Washington Times report to which the letter responds.

To see the Letter to the Editor online, visit (www.washingtontimes.com) and
click on the 'Letters to the Editor' section, or try this link

June 26, 2009

Letters to the Editor
The Washington Times
3600 New York Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002

To the Editor:

Ivica Bocevski neglected to clarify the legacy of the so-called name dispute, as
reported in The Washington Times recently ("No names, please," Embassy Row,
World, June 12). The country Mr. Bocevski hails from is a state that was part of
the former Yugoslavia, an artificial political construct that waged war on
Greece during the immediate aftermath of World War II.

The name "Macedonia" was originally bestowed on the region buttressing Greece by
the dictator Josip Broz Tito, who funded and armed a military campaign fighting
for partition of our land and people. It was concocted primarily by the
Comintern and carried out with the most callous disregard for the basic human
and linguistic rights recognized in modern Europe. It remains one of the gravest
political crimes of all time and continues to stain the history of Europe and
the United States. Imagine cutting a living human being limb from limb. This is
the legacy of the Greek Civil War, a war fueled by communist forces seeping in
from the porous borders of northern Greece and Macedonia.

The Macedonia of Alexander the Great was, and forever will be, Hellenic -- not
Yugoslavian. It is time that Mr. Bocevski end his country's isolation by
embracing the Hellenic origin of Alexander, one of Europe's greatest sons. Stop
denying the past and dispense with false historical revisionism. It smacks of
genocidal ideologies of a discredited era.


Press officer

Hellenic League of America

New York City

The Washington Times
Report published on Friday June 12, 2009
EMBASSY ROW by James Morrison

The new deputy prime minister of Macedonia declined repeatedly Thursday to
discuss the one issue that is keeping his country out of NATO and the European

Ivica Bocevski told reporters at the National Press Club that the dispute with
Greece over the formal name of his nation is the responsibility of other
Macedonian officials, who are negotiating with their Greek counterparts.

Greece objects to the use of the name, Macedonia, because it is a region in
modern Greece and historically associated with Alexander the Great. Although
Alexander was born in the capital of ancient Macedonia, his birthplace has long
been part of modern Greece.

Greeks say Macedonia hijacked the name to establish a stronger claim to
Alexander, even naming the national airport after the Greek conqueror and
planning an eight-story-high statue of Alexander in the Macedonian capital,

Greece continues to object to Macedonia's membership in NATO and the European
Union until the name dispute is settled. The country was admitted to the United
Nations under the provisional name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

The United States and more than 120 other nations recognize the country as

Mr. Bocevski, on his first visit to Washington as deputy prime minister, talked
around the name dispute, as he complained of problems from Macedonia's isolation
from European institutions.

He noted that his mother traveled throughout Europe on a Yugoslav passport when
Macedonia was a province in the former communist nation. But since independence
in 1991, Macedonians have been required to get visas to visit other European
countries because the nation is not part of the European Union.

Mr. Bocevski, who will turn 32 next week, said most of his generation of
Macedonians have never traveled outside their small Balkan nation.

"Closing the borders has also closed the minds of a generation of Macedonia," he
said, adding that the isolation can cause a political backlash against Europe.

"Macedonians could fall prey to xenophobes and populists in the region," Mr.
Bocevski said. "Closing the region has only made the situation worse."

He is meeting with State Department officials and members of Congress and
speaking at a conference on Macedonia.

Read the report by artist and activist Giovanni di Napoli on the gathering of
Friday, May 29 2009, for Hellenic National Issues at the Pan-Macedonian Studies
Center in New York.

Napoli’s report titled “HLA Symposium was a big success” is available at
Magna GRECE Online journal:

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Athens – Skopje: The True Solution to the Macedonian Question 2009

For nearly twenty years, Hellas and Skopje have been unable to solve their long standing dispute over the right to the call Macedonia and its history their own. To many outsiders, the issue seems ridiculous, two countries fighting over a name. Many ask who is Hellas or Skopje to claim the rights to history or to tell another country who they are? This ongoing conflict, however, isn’t about controlling the rights of history nor is it about one country trying to dictate another’s name. It is about a new ethnic consciousness searching for its own identity to legitimize their newly found independence, while another ethnicity fights to preserve its own identity against theft.

A real solution will not be found in compromises that allow dual names or geographical indicators. Only to be ‘suggested’ to the international world to adopt, while revisionism continues against Alexander the Great and Ancient Hellas. The underline issue will not be solved and problems between Athens and Skopje will reemerge at a later date. Perhaps this is what the world wants, to keep Athens and Skopje as little pawns in their own political plans for the Balkans. How else can you explain such name solutions like the ‘Republic of Northern Macedonia”, “New Macedonia”, or “Macedonia (Skopje)”. None of which solve the underlining issue at the core of the name dispute, which is the need for Slavs of Skopje to find their own unique identity. Each one of these names allows for the continued identity theft of the Macedonian history and culture from Hellenes. The irrendist and revisionist attacks from Skopje will not end whether they are official called “Northern’ or “New”, they will continue to identify as ‘Macedonian’ and will continue to distort Hellenic history to create a new warped ‘Macedonian ethnicity’, which will eventually lead to a military confrontation.

The best solution for all parties is one that allows for the people of Skopje to continue identifying themselves as ‘Macedonians’ and allows for the continued protection of the Hellenic history and identity. The only plausible outcome would be for Skopjean to reject Slavism and embrace Hellenism. If the Skopjean were willing to officially except the historical Hellenic identity of Macedonia, adopted the real Macedonian language – Hellenic and unite with the Hellenic state as fellow Hellenes. Peace and stability would finally come to the Balkans. This would allow for Macedonia to remain securely apart of Hellenism and for Skopjeans to truly become Macedonians, the Hellenic identity they are so obsessed with. However, this possibility does not seem likely.

The most logical name suggestions like, Republic of Skopje, Central Balkan Republic and Vardaska have all been dismissed by Skopje. We are since forth forced to look at new possibilities for a name solution. One such possibility is Paionia. This ancient kingdom found north of Macedonia was located mostly inside the present day borders of Skopje. This allows the Skopjean to adopt an ancient identity without infringing on Hellenism or any of their neighbors ethnic identities. The next possibility is Dardania, an ancient kingdom which once controlled part of Northern Skopje. This seems to be the best solution on several different levels. First the Skopjean would finally break with Slavism and readopt Illyrianism, a cultural movement that began in Croatia and laid the path of the concept of Yugoslavism. Second the adoption of Illyrianism over Slavism will help relations with the country’s largest minority group, the Albanians. This name would bridge the gap between Skopjean and Albanians and bring harmony and peace to their young country. My third and final suggest for a name solution is the Bulgar Republic of Macedonia or Republic of Bulgar Macedonia. Skopjean could identify as ‘Bulgardonians’, a name that takes their Bulgarian ancestry and partial geographic location, and fuses them into a new identity for Skopje.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cyprus Vigil 2009-- Open Ended! Help us Make it A Success!

'All night vigil in Washington D.C. to mourn the missing and murdered Cypriots
of the barbaric Turkish invasion of July 20, 1974’

WHEN: SUNDAY JULY 19, 2009 6pm-MONDAY JULY 20, 2009 12 noon
(23rd St. NW & Massachusetts Ave. NW, across from the Turkish Ambassador's
July 20, 2009

Dear Friends,

On July 20, 1974, a terrible wrong was done to the people of the island of
Cyprus. The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) will be having an 'All night
vigil in Washington D.C. to mourn the missing and murdered Cypriots of the
barbaric Turkish invasion of July 20, 1974’,in Sheridan Circle facing the
bedroom window of the Turkish Ambassador on the eve of July 20th, 2009.

As a result of the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus, 1619* Greek-Cypriots were
reported as missing. Among them, were many civilians, women and children,
arrested by the Turkish invasion troops and Turkish-Cypriot paramilitary groups,
within the area controlled by the Turkish army after the cease of the battles
and far away from the military front. Although motion pictures and photographs
showing these people either being arrested or being transferred to and
imprisoned in Turkey do exist, none of them has ever returned.

The average American is oblivious to the immense sufferings of the Cypriot women
in black who for 35 years are still waiting for their missing
sons,daughters,brothers, sisters, husbands and fathers and mothers. Turkish
movie star Attila Olgac and Turkish politician Kenan Akin today mock the victims
of their inhuman barbarism. Instead of the usual denial of the charges they bask
in their murderous legacy.The findings in recent months of Turkish culpability
for massacres of civilians , Sotira Georgiou, 28, and her two children Mary, 7,
and Yiannakis, eight months, murdered in the village of Palekythro have been
largely ignored. For American people chanced with the opportunity to speak for
the world, this is, indeed, unfortunate.

There are things you could do to help alleviate the sufferings of The Missing
Cypriots, to mourn the innocents who were murdered, to remember the struggle of
Cypriot refugees to return to their ancestral homes. Please consider visiting
the site of the vigil to express your solidarity or do something even better by
volunteering a few hours of your time to stand with us and light a candle or say
a prayer. If you do these things and would like to do still more, please
consider contacting your local media outlets to interest them in a story on the
Missing Cypriots.

If you would like to inform your community about our vigil then please visit our
homepage to download our CYPRUS VIGIL 2009 flyer:

You could also contact us via telephone at: 917-699-9935.

*According to the Pancyprian Organization of Parents and Relatives of
Undeclared Prisoners and Missing Persons,”The number of the missing has been
recently reduced to 1532 after the discovery of the remains of 87 missing
persons, using DNA identification methods” http://www.missing-cy.org/


Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)
2578 Broadway #132
New York, NY 10025
New York: Tel. 917-699-9935
Email: cana@cyprusactionnetwork.org

The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is a grass-roots, not-for-profit
movement created to support genuine self-determination and human rights for the
people of Cyprus.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Megas Alexandros - ‘King of Kings” - July 20th, 356 BC to June 10th 323 BC

Today we mourn his passing. The Greatest King Hellenism has ever seen. The true King of Kings, Alexander the Great.

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try" - Alexander The Great

Monday, June 8, 2009

2009 European Parliament Elections: How did ΛΑ.Ο.Σ.(LAOS) do?

Well the elections results are in, and like it or not, LAOS has doubled its presences in the European Parliament. The young party picked up its second seat in the EU Parliament, jumping from 4.12% to 7.15% in these recent elections. What does this mean for a party that critics view will never be a contender against such giants as PASOK and New Democracy? It means a patriotic alternative does exist in Hellas. It shows that against all the odds and criticism, LAOS is still continuing to grow and expand its influence. LAOS has showed that even in the face of low voter turn out that it will not just fade away like the establishment wants, but rather their voice will get louder. Those Skeptics, who claim LAOS will never be popular enough to usher in real change, are wrong to say so. As long as LAOS continues to rise in popularity, which it is, they have a bright future before them. Patriots across the political spectrum must be patient and join LAOS. Change will not come over night, it will come slowly, but change can and will come. Skeptics of the party should take note, that Popular Orthodox Rally is the only patriotic political party in Hellas that has been able to receive a good turnout come Election Day. In fact, the party continues to out do itself each and every time it has participate in elections since its creation in 2000. In only 9 years, LAOS has been able to gain more than any other patriotic party in modern times.

LAOS needs to continue growing as a viable opponent to the status quo, which many Hellenes are upset with. LAOS must incorporate those remaining minor parties under its leadership, and should even reach out to others like the Greens, to secure a larger voice inside the Hellenic parliament. Differences aside, LAOS’ building momentum must not be wasted. If real patriotic change is ever to come to Hellas, patriots must set aside minor differences and unite under one banner. Smaller parties like, Democratic Revival, the many Green parties, and even the Union of Centrists should be approach. Often overlooked, the environment is a patriotic issue, which LAOS should develop its position on. Patriots mustn’t forget that it is also ones patriotic duty to respect and care for the very soil and wildlife of Hellas. The potential of uniting these voting blocks would secure LAOS the position of 3rd largest party in Hellas. Once this is accomplished the next step of organizing the Diaspora for support should begin. LAOS has proven itself as a political party able to spread its message in a manner that brings out supporters when it matters, Election Day, and they have my support.

Keep up the Good Work!

Zhto H Ellada

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα'

A war is approaching Hellenism, and this war will be like none before it. It will be a war that will destroy not only the artificial borders that define the Hellenic state, but also destroy the very identity of Hellenism, hoping to prevent its resurrection, if all ethnic Hellenes are not united. If patriots have ever been in need of a rallying cry, that time is now! The “Left”, a coalition of Socialist and Communist political fractions, followers of foreign ideologies that forget that there is no ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, but those who participate for the glory of Hellenism and those who do not. It is the “Left” that proclaims to work in the interest of the Hellenic People, yet betrays Hellenism at the flip of a coin. The agents of ‘Greater Albania’ eye the historical land of Epirus, whose Northern lands continue to lay under foreign occupation. Ethnic Hellenes of Northern Epirus are forgotten by the elite in Athens, who have done nothing against radicals who dare to revise the identity of ancient Epirus and lay claim to its many heroes who lived and died for Hellenism. Anti-Hellenists of Skopia, follow the same pattern, as they oppress true Ethnic Macedonian Hellenes in Pelagonia and continue their revisionist claims on the history and legacy of Macedonia. They are left unchecked by traitors who claim to be negotiating a solution with those who would dare to steal our very souls! The Turk is on the rise and his claims on Cyprus and Thrace, as well as his continued violations of Hellenic Airspace will not just fade away, the continued religious persecution of Orthodox Hellenes in Turkey hasn’t. The Worlds one great power, the United States, our supposed ally has made their position clear that they will side with the enemies of Hellenism, rather than the birthplace of democracy and Western Civilization. It therefore falls upon the shoulders of patriots to unite and carry the banner of Hellenism to victory under a glorious cry.

“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα

Athens is a battlefield waiting to erupt between illegal immigrants and ethnic Hellenes. The system is unable to handle the growing illegal immigration crisis, and fails to prevent the desecration of Holy sites of Hellenism and crimes against innocent indigenous Hellenes. Patriots are condemned for their actions to defend Hellenism by confused and misguided Hellenes, used as ‘tools’ by the Left, to prevent a united front against these issues, while the elite leadership of Athens prospers and its people suffer. We are not indebted to these Illegal’s who left their countries because of political corruption and little economic opportunities. It is not our duty to carry the burden of providing basic rights of man for them nor is it the Hellenic state’s responsibility. These foreigners must not be used as ‘tools’ by warring political parties inside the Hellenic world, as scapegoats or pawns. Rather we must show them true and honorable Hellenic hospitality, a good meal, fresh clothing and then send them on their way. There is no place for them inside Hellas, this is neither racist nor politically incorrect, but rather the truth. Ethnic Hellenes must be united on this issue, Hellas can only provide for its own kind and hence these illegals must leave our shores!

Our identity is under attack by Revisionists who wish to rewrite the Hellenic legacy and identity of Macedonia and deliver it into the hands of warped ‘Macedonist’ Slavs and Ethnic Hellenic Communists who are no longer aware of their Hellenic origins. They wish to blind the world to this national ‘identity theft’ and allow for generations across the globe to be ignorant to the historical truth that Macedonia and Alexander the Great are apart of Hellenism, just as Ancient Sparta and the numerous city-states are also apart of Hellenism. We must rally under the accomplishments and identity of our ancestors and defend their memory until our last breath on this great earth. For it is because of them and their great sacrifices that we are here today has Hellenes.

“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα“

The Global Economic Crisis is one that affects every single ethnic Hellene. It must not be used as a source of division between the Hellenic people. We mustn’t fall prey to propaganda which breeds animosity amongst our own ethnic kin. Rather we must use this crisis to reexamine our economy and political system, to do away with foreign aspects our current systems hold and return to our ancient roots. To bred a nation that is green and self-sufficient, able to provide for all Ethnic Hellenes, and defend against acts of Anti-Hellenism where ever they may be!

Finally we must also work to end prejudice against Ethnic Hellenes living in the Diaspora or in occupied parts of the Hellenic world, such as Northern Epirus, Pelagonia, Magna Graecia, Cyprus, and Northern and Eastern Thrace. We must openly embrace all ethnic Hellenes and work towards the rebirth of Hellenic identity in some cases and the return of Hellenes to their ancestral homelands in others. So that all of Hellas may be free.

The time is now patriots of Hellenism. Will we continue to allow Hellenism to travel down a road of no return, to be the next country on the chopping block, to be torn apart and divided by our enemies and their business partners in the West? Will we stand by as our history and identity is taken from us, while our people are left to economic ruin? The time to bring honor to our ancestors is upon us. It is up to each and every patriot to work for the continued survival of the Hellenic people.

In the Gods we trust
“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα“

Monday, June 1, 2009

Official Press Release: HLA Symposium was a big success

For Immediate Release: May 31, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Hellenic League of America (HLA) distributes a report provided by
artist and activist Giovanni di Napoli on the gathering of Friday, May 29 2009,
for Hellenic National Issues at the Pan-Macedonian Studies Center in New York.

Napoli’s report titled “HLA Symposium was a big success” is available at
Magna GRECE Online journal.