Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Ethnic Hellenic Flag Proposal

My most recent flag proposal is one of unity and brotherhood for all Hellenes across the world. It is my hope that this flag will come to represent the Hellenic people on a purely ethnic level in hopes of uniting all people who regard themselves as Hellenes under one unifying symbol unconnected to the modern Hellenic nation-state.

The Flag would be classified as an ‘Ethnic Flag’ to symbolize the Hellenic ethnicity and identity under one banner, regardless of religious affiliation, linguistics, or location of birth and residence. A true symbol for Hellenes to rally under in the spirit of brotherhood and Hellenic unity.


The Vergina Sun – the sunburst design is normally associated with the ancient Hellenic kingdom of Macedonia, which united the Hellenic city-states and kingdoms into a united identity against the threat of ancient Persia. The design has been used in Hellenic art throughout the ancient Hellenic world being found in Athens, Thrace, Corfu and across the Middle East. Whether or not it was the official emblem of the Argead dynasty that ruled Macedonia is unclear. What is known is that it held a religious meaning representing the Twelve Gods of Olympus and the four elements.

The Meander- a decorative element in Hellenic art and architecture. It takes it name from the Maeander River and is sometimes known as meandros and maiandros although only by some historians. The Meander was an important symbol in ancient Ellada and symbolized infinity and unity. The symbol was used widely on Hellenic temples and on Hellenic vases and even the shield of Philip II of Macedon.