Friday, February 29, 2008

To the American Establishment and to its Western European Allies

In the past few days I’ve come to wonder about a lot of things, mostly in my attempts to understand and rationalize the current and historical events taking place. Which, I’m sad to say, leaves me with many uneasy questions. Questions that I’m sure I am not alone in thinking, questions that for once need to be finally answered.

Why do we claim to be fighting a War on Terror, against Bin Laden and the general concept of Terrorism, and allow people who followed such an action, there own state in Kosovo? Is that not rewarding those who use Terrorism, and hence hypocritical?

If Kosovo is allowed to separate from the rest of Serbia, then why isn’t the Republic of Srpska in Bosnia, not allowed the same right? Why do we keep a country like Bosnia together, by military force, when all of its three main religious and ethnic groups all wish to separate? Why dismantle one country and forcefully keep another together?

The world agrees that ethnic cleansing is a terrible thing and those war criminals responsible for such horrible acts should come to justice and be punished, not rewarded. Yet why is there a wanted War Criminal as acting Prime Minister of ‘the Republic of Kosovo”? Why are Serbian War Criminals the only ones brought to justice and plastered across the media, while Albanian, Croatian, and Bosnian War Criminals stay under the radar of the media and away from the War Crimes Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia?

Is it wrong to ask these questions? Are they that unreasonable or radical to wonder about? One can only wonder why the West has decided to dismantle Serbia. Is it an attempt at destroying the former Orthodox Alliance system in the Balkans? What will be the next step in the grand scheme of things? Is this a play to dismantle the Greco-Serbian axis of the Balkans? I hate to be seen as some crazed conspiracy theorist, and for the record I myself do not believe in any type of conspiracy, yet I must say it is becoming harder and harder to continue believing this. Is Greece the next target, with its own Albanian population in Epirus? Could the West’s demands over the Macedonian name dispute be part of a general policy towards Greece that includes the next step in plans of Greater Albania? Could the Muslim minority of Thrace also be part of any future policy decisions? The similarities between the dismantlement of Serbia and the possible dismantlement of Greece are far to close for comfort in my opinion. Are the West’s attempts in solving the Cyprus conflict, nothing more then a move to finalize the separation between mainland Greeks and Greek Cypriots, so to create a Greek ‘Montenegro’ once and far all? I wish I had the answers to these questions, I wish things were much clearer, but the fact of the matter is they aren’t. Anyone’s guess is as good as mine, but the point of this article is not to answer anyone of these questions, but rather to make you question the true motivates of the establishment inside Balkan politics.