Friday, December 12, 2008

Greece's "Alternative" Bookburners

They burn books in Democracy's Cradle

Western Voices staff/Hellenic Lines

The news is full of images and reports of widespread violence consuming many cities in Greece. While the rioting was sparked by white "anarchist" anger over a police shooting of a teenage thug who was part of a gang throwing bottles at cop cars in Athens, there's something the "mainstream" media isn't telling you. According to Western Voices World News sources in Europe, which will soon be confirmed by "mainstream" media outlets, the rioters are largely Third World immigrants angered at the "slow" process of the highly overburdened Greek asylum processing system. "Asylum seekers," Third Worlders who have learned to claim political persecution back home in order to extend their stay in Greece, are using the chaos to loot Greek property and express their anger at a system that doesn't give them what they want.

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