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Turkish TV actor admits to killing 10 Greek Cypriots in 1974 Turkish invasion and occupation

For Immediate Release: January 23, 2009

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is releasing its own
translations from the Turkish Press in Turkey and illegally Turkish-occupied
Cyprus reflecting Turkey’s responsibility for Crimes Against Humanity in Cyprus.
The first article was published in ‘MILLIYET' newspaper, major newspaper of high
circulation, last Wednesday January 22 2009, the article prints a confession by
a Turkish actor to various killings in Cyprus, including the murder of a Cypriot
youth who was bound, the second article is dated July 6, 2008 and was printed in
KIBRIS POSTASI in illegally Turkish-occupied Cyprus, it sends an alarming
message out to “attack” Greek-American activism , mentioning Cyprus Action
Network of America (CANA) specifically.

CANA encourages activism and the publication of dissident scholarship, as well
as translations of primary sources documenting Turkish criminality in Cyprus. We
will not go away and we will not be silent until Turkey admits the invasion,
returns occupied Cypriot lands and makes appropriate reparations. The “coming
out” story of this TV actor in MILLIYET will hopefully begin a wave of dissident
scholarship on Genocidal Turkey.

The MILLIYET article is published below in translation followed by the KIBRIS
POSTASI article.


Theatrical series “Wolfs Valley” dizi tiyatro kurtlar vadisi Atilla Olgaç
"I killed really10 persons”

“ I killed really 10 persons” The actor Atilla Olgac who is playing the role of
the Kilic (Sword) in the TV series “Wolfs Valley” said these words who has been
45 years actor of theatre. He told about this truth of his life in a TV program
named “What is happing over there”.
Atilla Olgaç said that “because of the scenario needs playing as Kilic we killed
a man. However it is so pity that for this country I killed in real life 10
persons”. Atilla Olgac said that I needed one day to complete my military
service. Exactly that time the “Peace” Operation of Cyprus happened. They sent
me from Mersin to Cyprus, They gave me duties of cleansing in the days of the
most intense fighting. "
I told to my Commander “I can’t do it. I cannot kill man. I am an artist” He
told here art is finished. Here we have real war. I order you must kill”. The
first I killed was a child of 19 years old who was captured as prisoner as
soldier. His hands was tied behind his back. When I pointed the gun towards his
face he spat on me. I shot him on his forehead and he died. Then I killed 9
persons. After killing I went to the barracks and I cried and next day I killed
again. It didn’t go out of my dreams. I had for a long time psycho therapy.
Still I can’t eat meat. I can’t see blood. In my mind always the child I killed
is coming and smelling corpses. This condemned picture is not leaving me.
Atilla Olgac said he confessed these painful events the first time after 25
years, Then he added that “I am the only artist in Turkey that I fought in a
terrible war, killed persons and obtained the title of gazi” Then he continued
his talk saying that “ The war affected my profession long time. I was locked
and I was not able to do anything, Today I remember what my Commander told me
that day: “Are you going to pretend killing always, Take your gun and kill in
reality to see how this is happening really”. I cannot forget the scene how this
19 year- young person how he is spitting on my phase. Many years passed but I
cannot push away that condemned picture from eyes”


Amerika’da kendini anlatmak 6 Kasım 2008, Perşembe
KIBRIS POSTASI (July 6, 2008)

Summary of the article. This is not a literal translation.

“ After the new government elect in the USA I have analysed the method with
which we must face and counter attack the Greek and Armenian lobbies in the USA.
I have explained how we must organise and face up to these lobbies. We must
challenge the Armenian lobby which promotes the recognition of genocide.
The time of us standing by and doing nothing is long gone. We must start working
in the USA for our interests.
I say we must face them everywhere and stop being bystanders. We should not
allow their advance in television and other Media.
Especially now that the time the European Union was under the influence of the
USA is gone we must put forward our objectives.
This goes so much for Turkey as for the T.R.N.C. We must create
lobbies/Associations in New York, New Jersey to promote our interests in our
“little country”.
As a reply to Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) which has offices in New
York we are organising the gathering on Sunday the 20 July 2008 in Washington
between 2-5 in the afternoon in support of the TRNC.
If Turkey had acted properly, we should have shown what the Armenians had done
to us and the Greek genocide upon us. We should have explained why the Turkish
army is in Northern Cyprus.
We need an action plan. Because if we let things as they are the Armenians are
gaining ground and during the discussions in Cyprus we will have the same
Or do we want in 2009 the Americans to ask for the removal of the Turkish army
from Cyprus?
During the demonstrations this week in Washington, Maryland and Virginia by our
co-patriots, we must fly high the Turkish and T.R.N.C’s flags… And we must see
all on Sunday in Washington.
There, one voice in the Internet. We welcome all to use it. We must advance to
the attack”.

By an anonymous translator.


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