Thursday, January 29, 2009


FYROM-skopje violating W.I.P.O 1995 copyright of Sun of Vergina

True Face of Skopian 'Democracy'

The racist government of FYROM has violated the human rights of its indigenous Hellenic minority, numerous international treaties, and the W.I.P.O copyright of the Sun of Vergina. Their irrendenist and revisionist madness must come to an end. It is time for action! If the Hellenic government will not grow a backbone and form its only foreign policy, separate from the will of the United States and EU, to defend Hellenism and our cultural, political, and historical identity. Then it is up to the Hellenic people within Hellas to take to the streets and force our government to take action through grassroots mobilization of our youth. The time is NOW!