Thursday, January 22, 2009

Schoolgirls banned from lessons by headmaster for being 'too blonde'

By Daily Mail Reporter
22nd January 2009

A headteacher has come under fire from parents and pupils after banning two 16-year-olds from school for being 'too blonde'.

Raegan Booth, 16, and Aby Western, 15, say they were threatened with expulsion by David Alexander unless they dyed their hair brown.

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This unbelievable story comes from the United Kingdom. Where two young teenage girls have been banned from attending school, during the middle of their 'GCSE year', because of the students hair color. When one first hears that young teenagers are in trouble because of their hair color, one tends to believe that the students must have had some outrageous 'punk' look. Perhaps bright blue or green hair, which by no surprise have been seen as a distraction and banned by school authorities in some cases. Yet in this case the two students in question do not have any 'punk look' or outrageously bright hair color. In fact their only crime is being blond! This seems to be to be a clean cut example of anti-white discrimination in the part of the school authorities that have banned these two young girls. This is racism.