Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Athens warns Turkey after F-16s approach Greek passenger jet

Tuesday January 20, 2009

"Government spokesman Evangelos Antonaros yesterday called on Ankara to curb the provocative behavior of Turkish jets in the Aegean after two F-16s entered Greek national air space just a few kilometers from a Greek passenger aircraft en route to the northeastern port of Alexandroupolis from Athens. “Turkey must put a stop to behavior that is unsuitable to its European orientation and with the allied relationship it wishes to maintain with us,” Antonaros said. The Aegean Airlines flight, with 91 people aboard, reached its destination safely."

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Recent Turkish provocations in the Aegean are nothing new to many of us. The Turkish state has for years now continued to violate Hellenic airspace, while our puppet government, whether PASOK or New Democracy controlled, sit back and do nothing. Brave Hellenes have lost their lives during these violations of Hellenic sovereignty and yet many of us do not remember these fallen heroes. Enough is Enough! It is time the Hellenic Government to stand firm against these expansionist behaviors and SHOOT DOWN the Turkish planes.