Friday, January 2, 2009

Shame on Israel: Hellenism is outraged!

Four Days ago on December 30th a small boat from Free Gaza, an American based organization which has been sending medical aid to the region since August, was attacked by an Israeli naval ship while it was bound for Gaza. The boat was denied the right to deliver the much needed humanitarian aid to suffering Palestinians and was forced to dock in Tyre, Lebanon after suffering damages during the confrontation. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that an ‘incident’ had occurred between the two vessels. Reuters was informed by activists who organized the humanitarian aid mission that the vessel with 3 ½ metric tons of medical aid and 16 individuals was rammed by an Israeli naval vessel inside international waters. No one was hurt during the attack; however, activists have confirmed that the Israeli vessel did indeed fire upon them. "I thought I was going to die. I'm 68. None of us had life jackets on. We are appalled at this barbaric act," said David Halpin. The medical supplies the vessel was carrying had been donated by the Cypriot government. Several of the individuals on the boat headed to Gaza were of Cypriot origins, including a Cypriot parliamentarian.

This attack on Hellenism’s generosity towards the innocent people of Gaza is appalling. The Israeli government should be ashamed of itself, while the International Community should demand the Israeli government end its constant temper tantrums and obeyed by the same stands as the rest of the civilized world. This government sanctioned attack on a Cypriot parliamentarian is a direct attack on the Cypriot government and therefore technically an attack on the nation of Cyprus. The Hellenic government, should as the defenders of Hellenism, in cooperation with the Cypriot government demand an official apology from the Israeli government. The years of international silence and appeasement towards Israel’s oppressive and genocidal agenda in the Middle East must come to an end.

Gaza aid boat damaged by Israelis reaches Lebanon
Tue Dec 30, 2008
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