Friday, January 30, 2009

FREE Harry Nicolaides

To the family of Harry Nicolaides:

We stand with you

To Harry:

We will march until you are FREE!

Zhto H Ellada
Hellenic Pride World Wide

Online Petitions:

FREE Harry Nicolaides
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Petition to free Harry Nicolaides by Cyprus Community of Melbourne & Victoria
Petition located Here

YouTube Videos on Harry Nicolaides:

Letter from Harry Nicolaides

Radio interview with Harry Nicolaides' mother

Interview with Harry Nicolaides's father

Harry Nicolaides is innocent - Royal Pardon now!

News Articles on story:

Australian Convicted of Insulting Thai Monarchy
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Harry Nicolaides Refused Bail for Third Time in Les Majeste Case in Thailand
Remains in Prison

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The trouble with Harry
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Australian, Harry Nicolaides, Sentenced For Insulting Thai Monarchy
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Writer Harry Nicolaides jailed for insulting Thai king
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Writer jailed for Thai 'insult'
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