Monday, October 5, 2009

Forces of PASOK reign supreme in Hellenic (Greek) Elections: What does the future hold for Hellas (Greece)

One of the most important events in recent Hellenic history, the 2009 ‘battle of Armageddon’ national elections took place this past Sunday. As most expected, we witnessed the fall of one corrupt dynasty and the rise, by default, of another. George Papandreou, the man that could barely hold on to the reins of his own political party’s leadership, is now set to lead Hellas during its darkest hour. The first Hellenic-American to ever be elected Prime Minister, and Third Papandreou to rule Hellas since the end of the Second World War, Mr. Papandreou had every possible advantage handed to him to achieve victory. The collapse of the Karamanlis dynasty and the brand name ‘Papandreou’ alone secured his victory.

A Bleak future for the Birthplace of Western Civilization

Atop his party headquarters Sunday night, PM Papandreou proclaimed, “Together we start the great national effort of putting the country back on a course of revival, development and growth’, yet I wonder just what type of revival the new Prime Minister plans on accomplishing with a team with no experienced to lead Hellas out of these troubling economic times. PM Papandreou will be at the helm during some of the most crucial years in Hellenic history. Year’s that will witness solutions to the Macedonian name dispute and the illegal occupation of Cyprus, both important National Issues that were downed played because of rising unemployment and political corruption during the elections.

Papandreou’s ‘Great National Effort’

What is the great ‘national effort’, which will deliver Hellas from its economic hardships, a stimulus package, which more than likely will turn out to be Hellas’ undoing. The country is in no position to make good on the promises of PASOK and their economic plan will ruin the nation’s credit score. In the end, the ‘great national effort’ will look more like a Hellenic tragedy and signs of social unrest will return, unrest, which will be far worse than before with illegal immigration problems doomed to worsen under PASOK’s leadership.

Hellas’ fate Aboard

The architect of the ‘Greco-Turkish rapprochement’, Papandreou, promises to ‘review government spending on defense, which will surely end in government cuts that are sure to leave Hellas militarily impotent in its darkest hour. Both the Macedonian name dispute and the illegal Turkish military occupation of Cyprus are sure to be resolved while Papandreou is Prime Minister, which can only spell disaster for Hellenism. 3,000 years of Hellenic history to be lost to Slavic invaders who will have finally accomplished the Communist dream of stealing the Hellenic identity of Macedonia. Cyprus will not fair much better, as the new PM’s pro-Turkish feelings will most likely allow the final partition and annexation of Northern Cyprus.

What does this mean for New Democracy: the rise of Bakoyanni?

"The only responsible and honest course of action for me is one: I assume responsibility for the result and will launch procedures for the election of a new party leader," - Karamanlis

With the defeat of Karamanlis and the call for an emergency party congress to vote on a new leader for New Democracy, what does the future hold for Hellenic Conservatives? The answer is Dora Bakoyanni, and the end of Hellenism as we know it. With Karamanlis out of the picture, the return of the Mitsotakis line to power seems unstoppable.

A future mainstream patriotic party on the horizon

From the darkness which is sure to devour Hellas, only one light shines through as a beacon of hope, that light is the young patriotic party of LA.O.S. Over the past nine years Hellas has slowly witnessed the rise of a patriotic party able to bring in the votes each and every election day. Against the odds LA.O.S has won itself its own miniature victory, gaining itself a stronger foothold inside the Hellenic Parliament with 15 seats. Since LA.O.S’ first campaign in 2004, we’ve watched their popularity rise from 2.2% to 5.6% of the Hellenic Vote, jumping from 10 seats gained in 2007 to 15 in these past elections.

What LA.O.S needs to do now is continue to be a voice for those fed up with the corruption and failed promises of the old political elite. They need to establish a strong economic policy that will bring about actual change to Hellas and in-dept environmental policy, able to bring in the support of the 2.5% of the Hellenic vote that currently supports the rising ecological greens. In the end, with social unrest certain to return to the country and the illegal immigration crisis sure to spin out of control, LA.O.S is certain to continue its rise to power.