Saturday, October 24, 2009


The University of Utah, with the help and support of the Skopjian lobby in Washington DC and the support of the Turkish Lobby which has facilitated Turkish government funding of the University of Utah, is launching a conference on Nov 5th 2009 on University of Utah grounds dedicated to advancing false historical revisionism and irredentist propaganda. Speakers will promote neo- Communist false historical revisionism attempting to downplay the immense loss of Hellenic life to terrorism, downplay the suffering (through the use of Child Abduction of Hellenic children and outright war) under Communist and Skopjian occupation, and advance a general atmosphere of anti-Hellenic hate . The fact that this Anti-Hellenic Hate Fest is taking place in Utah, a state where unrepentant Nordic supremacists massacred Hellenes in bloody and gruesome lynchings is particularly troubling and offensive to the Hellenic-American community.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Telephone, email, fax and write to the Michael K. Young, President of the University of Utah and urge him to STOP the Skopjian conference and issue an apology to the victimized Hellenic people in his state and around the world.

BY PHONE: Tel: (801) 581-5701
BY FAX: Fax: (801) 581-6892
BY Email:

By Postal Mail: President Michael K. Young

University of Utah

201 Presidents Circle Room 201 SLC UT 84112

For more information and updates on the campaign against Anti-Hellenism at the University of Utah please visit the Hellenic League of America, HLA website.