Monday, November 30, 2009

New Assyrian Genocide monument in Australia

New Seyfo-monument in Australia
*Translated from Swedish to English

A final proposal for a Seyfo-monument is expected to break ground next week in Sydney, Australia. It is AUA, Assyrian Universal Alliance, which is behind the initiative and cost of the project.

The Seyfo monument will be dedicated to the memory of the victims of Seyfo-Genocide of 1914-1918 and the simela massacre which took place in Iraq in 1933. The monument will be placed in Bonnyrigg, at the intersection of Smithfield Road and Elizabeth Drive.

The 4.5 meter high monument was designed by the famous artist Lewis Batros and will be erected at Fairfield Park in Sydney. According to the timetable it will be unveiled at a ceremony in August 2010.

The sculpture depicts a globe held up by a martyr's hand, which symbolizes the people who devote their lives to creating a better and safer world. The hand is wrapped by the Assyrian flag to represent the survival and spiritual rebirth and the unity of the Assyrian people.

Around the wrist, there are several children who symbolizes the belief in the younger generation, who carries the torch forward for a better future for the Assyrian nation. At the corners of the monument are the Assyrian winged bull. According to Mesopotamian mythology is the winged bull, often as a protector to keep evil away. More information about the monument can be found here.

Other Seyfo-monuments

*15 October 2005 unveiled the first Seyfo monument in Sarcelles outside Paris. Next monuments "Genocide Memorial Wall" inaugurated on 17 February 2007 in Tarzana in southern California, USA.

*A third monument was erected near that in Södertälje. On 12 June 2007 the municipal council to build a Seyfo-monuments. But when some Assyrian organizations were arguing about what would be on the monument, it was the issue on time and ended with a fiasco.

*Pensioners Party, which appeal to the court, put an end to the memorial. Later it was noted that there was a Turkish lawyer who was behind the Party of Pensioners appeal to the court.

Although Sodertalje today has one of the largest Assyrian (also known as the Syrians and Chaldeans) "colonies" in the world, the group has not succeeded in creating a memorial to honor victims Seyfo-genocide 1915th

Tuma Palo
Seyfo Center