Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Anarchists mark the December 6th anniversary of the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos

We’ve returned to the scene of a tragedy. In what could have been conceived as a noble attempt by the youth of a nation to remember the unfortunate loss of one of their own, a 15 yr old boy, has instead turned into yet another tool for foreign ideologies to turn our motherland into a battlefield. Foreign Nationals have entered our sovereign state with the intention of causing civil unrest. These anarchists have come from Turkey, France, Germany, Italy and even Albania with the intention of creating anarchy inside our motherland, turning young Alexis Grigoropoulos into a martyr for their cause and exploiting the death of this young Hellene so as to manipulate the youth in hopes of undermining the Hellenic state.

In a recent article found on the World Socialist Web Site written by Markus Salzmann entitled, Police attack protesters in Greece, we are told just why the youth in Hellas are so easily manipulate by the only advocates for change on the ground.

“The broader background was the deterioration of conditions for students and lack of decent-paying jobs for hundreds of thousands of workers and young people, exacerbated by the rule of a political elite characterized by corruption and nepotism”

It is the youth, mostly high-school students, who are being manipulated to vent their frustrations by attacking police and even innocent civilians. Their intentions are noble, in that they wish to smash the corrupt Abrahamic system which breeds nepotism, but their actions are misguided and used as a tool for foreign interests. What is the point of destroying bus stops and telephone booths? How are you fighting the noble fight by destroying the storefronts of fellow Hellenes? Where is the honor and respect for your ancestors when you leave holy Athens in ruins for the amusement of foreign nationals! Are we to truly believe that this outrageous behavior is the voice of the people? When children of the elite are found by police in an anarchist clubs manufacturing explosives?

The most disturbing report of this year’s riots came from AHN Editor Ayinde Chase in an article entitled Greece: Violence, Anarchists Mark Anniversary of Teen’s Death from Police Shooting;

“On Sunday Anarchists broke into a building at Athens University and tore down the Greek flag and replaced it with the red and black anarchist banner. During the attack the Dean of the university suffered massive head injuries and is currently listed in critical condition”

This single act of vandalism was not only an attack on our flag, but also an attack on our ancestors, our heritage, and the very core principles of Hellenism. To hold the scared halls of a university hostage and assault an innocent man who has pledged himself to uphold one of our greatest traditions is nothing short of treason. To tear down our national flag and replace it with the red and black banner of anarchy is equivalent to spitting in the face of Kolokotronis himself! Is this the change Papandreou spoke of when he rallied support to beat Karamanlis? A Hellas where our national flag can be ripped down and twelve-year old children can run amuck? Where foreign nationals are allowed to destroy our country and turn our youth against their own kind?

A revolution is brewing within the borders of Hellenic state, and unless a patriotic voice rises from the chaos with a legitimate plan of action to battle the corruption which taints our motherland, a solid plan to solve the economic crisis which threats our credit score and a strategy to raise the annual budget on education, this revolutionary inevitability will be easily harnessed by spoiled brats, hooligans, and illegal foreigners to poison our nation and establish a false sense of democratic change.


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