Saturday, November 21, 2009

Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα – Hellas (Greece) Beyond Left and Right

Remember, remember the seventeenth of November
The Polytechnic uprising and plot
I know of no reason
Why the Polytechnic treason
Should ever be forgot

Since the conception of the modern Hellenic State, we Hellenes have allowed ourselves to be used as pawns, by competing world powers, on a geopolitical chessboard. Divided and manipulated, throughout the Diaspora and the motherland, we are exploited for the benefit of foreign interests. Our motherland, birth place of western civilization, cradle of Hellenism, and spiritual homeland to us all, is still held in bondage, for we are a state only in name serving competing powers rather the serving our own self interest. Although the names have change the parties that divide us and prevent Hellenism’s rebirth are the same. Gone perhaps are the days of the ‘English Party’ or the ‘Russian Party’, replaced by such allegiances as ‘Venizelist’ and ‘Royalist’. Bitter artificial rivalries created by opposing foreign interests that led to the national schism and great catastrophe. Labels, which would yet again be exchanged for ‘Communist’ and ‘Fascist’, bring about the horrific suffering of the Civil War, and the Paidomazoma. Throughout the Cold War, Ellada divided itself into ‘Leftists’ and ‘Rightists’, for the amusement of the Americans and Soviets, leaving horrendous scares in our national consciousness, such the Polytechnic uprisings. And yet these divisions still exist today, dividing us still into camps like PASOK or New Democracy, all the while we Hellenes are herded like cattle to the slaughter by the same shepherd families. We’ve allowed our selves to be led astray by competing foreign political ideologies and Abrahamic beliefs, to be manipulated by outdated labels that no longer hold any relevance. We as a people have forgotten that there is no ‘ism’ other than Hellenism.

Why do we allow them to divide us, to label us, to turn brother versus brother? Do we fail to realize the tricky at work or are we simply destined to only deepen the wounds inflicted by the sins of our forefathers? These wounds must be healed by a new generation of patriots. We must no longer see an ‘anarchist’ or a ‘nationalist’, but rather a Hellene. A Hellene, whose differences should be brushed aside for the good of our family and the glory of Hellas, for Hellas was once an idea, realized by such great men as Megas Alexandros and King Leonidas, an idea that led to Hellenism being a beacon of hope, wisdom and enlightenment for the known world. When will this idea, this dream, this Hellas, be realized again? When will we unite, throwing off the chains of foreign interests and finally focusing on the interests of Hellenism and Hellenism alone?

In the Diaspora, there is no coordinated effort of united Hellenes fighting to preserve our traditions and national issues. Instead there is a sea of associations, fraternities, federations and advocacy organizations each pursuing their own agenda, some noble in their efforts and others manipulative and counter productive. We are trapped in the very web that has woven itself across our motherland, quick to label those who dare to think differently, in hopes of blacklisting them through vicious rumor campaigns. Is it fear, that new faces and new ideas may shed light on corruption and mishandlings of the past? Perhaps it is envy or jealously, that new faces and new ideas may prove more successful? Or maybe it is just the same plague that has affected us since the beginning.

In the Motherland, this plague has given birth to a violent subculture of riots and car bombings by a confused generation of Hellenes sick of the status quo, yet still programmed to view themselves as ‘anarchists’ or ‘communists’. Their anger at a system which has betrayed them, is often manipulated to serve foreign interests, rather than harnessed to create a new renaissance for Hellenism. Only through patriotism, self discipline and Hellenism can a new generation of Hellenes be deprogrammed. Free to realize their true identity and self worth, paving the way for a new renaissance, which will wash away the decadence and Abrahamic intolerance of our former selves.

The political compass of old and its definitions of ‘left’ and ‘right’ have gone the way of the dinosaur. We must view the world in a new light, through new eyes. Through a new spectrum, which is not divided into ‘left’ or ‘right’, but rather Hellenes and non-Hellenes, Hellenists and anti-Hellenists. The dawn of a new era, a Hellenic era, must be achieved to heal the wounds in our national and ethnic consciousness.