Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 7th: A day that will live in infamy

It did not take long for the new Hellenic Prime Minister to betray his ancestors and succumb to foreign pressure, allowing Anti-Hellenist Matthew Nimetz his first victory under the new Athens’ regime by abolishing the Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace, a Ministry which should have been strengthened rather than abolished considering our nation’s current crisis concerning the name dispute with Skopje. The new Prime Minister’s actions are disappointing and a betrayal not only to Hellenism, but to the very legacy of his own father, the beloved Andreas Papandreou who created the Ministry Giorgaki has deemed no longer important.

Papandreou’s failure to appoint a new Minister causes the Ministry to cease to exist and instead be administrated under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, deleting the term ‘Macedonia’ from his cabinet. The first loss for Northern Hellas, as Giorgaki and PASOK show their true intentions of achieving an Athens centered multicultural state. A state where Hellenism will be a thing of the past and illegal foreigners with no connection to our holy soil and history are seen as more vital to the state than Hellenes! Are the sacrifices made by such great men as Pavlos Melas to be in vain simply because they don’t fall in line with the Socialist utopia envisioned by the new Papandreou?

Is Northern Hellas to be left vulnerable to historical revisionists who preach of Macedonia and Thrace’s non-Hellenic origins and identity? Are these two betrayed regions to be left destined for foreign occupation so that we Hellenes of the North may become refugees for a second time? These actions of the current PASOK government are dangerously close to that of treason and should not be tolerated by any true patriotic Hellene!