Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oxi Day 2009

The time has come for Greece to fight for her independence. Greeks, we now must prove worthy of our ancestors and the freedom they gave us. Fight for the Fatherland, for your wifes, for your children and for the sacred traditions. Now, above all, FIGHT! - Ioannis Metaxas

To day we mark the anniversary of Oxi Day. The proud moment in our people’s history when on October 28th 1940, our leader Ioannis Metaxas told Mussolini NO! That we Hellenes would not give up our freedom and become willing slaves to any man, ever again!

Today Metaxas’ wisdom still holds merit, if we as a people could just open our minds and our hearts to listen once more to our leader.

During periods of extreme parliamentarism and party politics we forget were are Hellenes and become Greeks. –Ioannis Metaxas

All this is not my doing, but that of the Greek people, who always stood up true to their tradition, so long as they were united and disciplined, rather than slavish blind political followers. Under these conditions the divisions of the past- the factionalism- these virtues and attributes disappeared, so that all my efforts from the start-when I assumed power- were directed at recovering these virtues, so that the nation would be psychologically ready for the 28th of October – Ioannis Metaxas