Friday, February 6, 2009

Turkish Bombs fall on Iraqi Kurdistan AGAIN

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebels northern Iraq
AP News

Feb 06, 2009 04:53 EST

Turkey's military says its warplanes have struck Kurdish rebel targets inside northern Iraq.

Brig. Gen. Metin Gurak, the military spokesman, says Air Force jets bombed the Hakurk area on Wednesday and Thursday. Gurak made the announcement during a weekly news conference on Friday.

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Kurdistan part of Iraq, govt. has to intervene against its shelling – spokesman
February 6, 2009

ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: A Kurdish peshmerga forces spokesman called on the Iraqi government on Friday to should its responsibilities in accordance with the constitution and press the Iranian and Turkish governments to stop shelling border areas in Kurdistan region, which is part of Iraqi territories.

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The failure of the current government of Iraq to protect its citizens from Turkish bombardment only adds to the realization that Baghdad is incapable of protecting its Kurdish citizens from continued Turkish persecution. The fact that the Turkish military is able to bomb Iraqi Kurdistan with no international outrage is unacceptable. The United States inability to stand beside the only positive and stable member of their puppet government in Iraq only goes to show the kind of gratitude the Americans have for those who aided 'the American dream of a free Iraq'. The state-sponsored terroristic bombings of Iraqi Kurdistan are appalling and must come to an end. If the United States' puppet Iraqi government can not protect Iraqi Kurdistan, perhaps then Iraqi Kurdistan should call for a referendum on Kurdish Independence.