Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kosovo marks year of 'independence'

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
20:42 Mecca time, 17:42 GMT

...Boris Tadic, the Serbian president, said on Monday that Kosovo was far from independent and suffered organised crime and human rights abuses.

"A year later, it's clear to everyone who wants to see the real situation in Kosovo that it's not a state," Tadic told the AFP news agency...

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Divisions persist one year after Kosovo independence

A year after the Illegal declaration of Kosovo's 'independence' not much has changed for the terrorist haven. Only 54 nations across the global recognize its 'independence' and organized crime is still running wild across the region. During this years first 'celebration of Kosovo independence' I proudly say Kosovo still is, was, and will always be Serbian. Do not give up hope my Serbian brothers, but rather reflect on the decisions you have made over the past year. Adapt and alter, where necessary, your policies so that one day soon Kosovo will be liberated