Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hellenic Left: Nothing more then Franco-Germanic Tools

No migrant child left behind

EU Commissioner Jacque Barrot calls on Greece to amend legislation that deprives children of undocumented immigrants the chance to apply for the European Union-wide long-term resident status

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As the European Union attempts to enforce its fascist laws upon the Hellenic people, when dealing with our current illegal immigration situation, it has been the Hellenic Left that has been aiding the Franco-Germanic EU in destroying the Hellenic nation. Recently the EU has been threatening legal action against Hellas for not allowing undocumented immigrant children from applying for long-term resident status.

It was Dimitris Papadimoulis of the Left Coalition Synaspismos, who informed the EU of the current problem. At the moment, George Papandreou of PASOK and Alexis Tsipras of Syriza both maintain support of the EU’s position, which hopes to turn the streets of Hellas into a Third World haven. This position chosen by the Hellenic Left is in my opinion treasonous and a direct threat to the very survival of the Hellenic people. To support non-Hellenes, who are attempting to force our sovereign nation to allow ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED MINORS to do anything within our nation is not what our elected officials should be doing. In what way are these Left wing politicians aiding the HELLENIC people by allowing these individuals to stay inside our country? A country that is unable to employ and provide for its own people, yet we must do this for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? We must turn the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki into ghettos, de-Hellenizing our homeland to help these ILLEGAL immigrants settle into life inside our country, while the corrupt governments of their own countries reap the benefits of our demise? I SAY NO! The only way to HELP ILLEGAL UNDOCUMENTED immigrants is to fight the corruption within their own Third World countries and provide them opportunities within their OWN country, so they are not forced to migrate anywhere.