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Canadian Prime Minister consorting with Anti-Hellenism

Harper Rings In The Year Of The Ox In Toronto
Saturday February 7, 2009
The Canadian Press

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Just this past Saturday Hellenic-Canadians came face to face with the anti-Hellenic past of their adopted country. When Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper attended a recent 50th anniversary celebration for a Skopian irredentist organization in Toronto. To see the Prime Minister of Canada consorting with such an organization is extremely troubling, seeing the organizations clearly anti-Hellenic nature. This public appearance, which coincidently was held in the very city that witness the worse act of anti-Hellenic hate in the western hemisphere in 1918, is a direct attack at Hellenic-Canadians, which are no strangers to anti-Hellenism. In 1918, the city of Toronto was witness to one of the darkest events in the history of Hellenism in Canada*. How ironic that it was chosen to host this anti-Hellenic Skopian celebration.

The ‘United Macedonian’ organization is an openly irredentist and revisionist organization that follows the racist ideology of ‘Macedonism’. Their official Web Site openly uses ethnic Hellenic symbols, like the Sun of Vergina, illegally. The organizations own mission statement screams of irredentist aspirations and revisionist history:

WHEREAS, The Macedonian nation, language, alphabet, culture and national history, are distinct and different from all nations, languages, alphabets, cultures and national histories of the world;
WHEREAS, Macedonia was occupied in 1912 by its neighbours, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia, and divided among them;
WHEREAS, The Macedonians living in the Little Prespa and Golo Brdo regions of Macedonia (within the present borders of Albania), in the Pirin part of Macedonia (within the present borders of Bulgaria), in the Aegean part of Macedonia (within the present borders of Greece), and in the Gora and Prohor Pchinski regions of Macedonia (within the present borders of Yugoslavia), are denied the basic human and national rights at the end of this and beginning of the next millennium;
WHEREAS, The Republic of Macedonia, although covering only 39% of Macedonia's ethnic territory, is a national state and pride of Macedonians everywhere.

The Mission statement continues to read:

3. To work for the attainment of National and Human Rights of all Macedonians, especially those living in the occupied territories of Macedonia;

United Macedonians Goals Based on Mission Statement

1. In order to achieve the national unity of Macedonians worldwide, the United Macedonians will:
a) Establish United Macedonians chapters where ever there are groups of Macedonians that support the United Macedonians Mission;
b) Establish membership at large, where ever there are not large groups of Macedonians;
c) Establish and maintain close contacts with all Macedonian Organizations that support our Mission Statement;
d) Work towards national awakening of all ethnic Macedonians that have fallen victims to foreign propagandas and interests.
e) Work towards a "United Macedonia in United Europe".

With such blatantly irredentist and revisionist orientated organizations gaining such public approval from the Prime Minister of Canada, one can only wait and see what lays ahead for Hellenism in Canada, with an Anti-Hellenist in office.

*Professors' book on 1918 anti-Greek riots presented to Parliament
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