Saturday, November 15, 2008

Macedonian 'Makedonomachoi' in the struggle against the Bulgarian (VMRO/IMRO) komitadjis and the Ottoman Empire

Australian Macedonian Advisory Council
November 15, 2008

This article is posted in reference to FYROM(ian) propagandists who claim no Greeks lived in the region of Macedonia before 1912. If no Greeks lived there, then how is it that these indigenous Macedonian fighters fought for unification with 'Mother Greece'?We have heroes who fought for Greece from Strumica & Bitola. The propagandists have managed to confuse some naive western writers, like psychologist & occasional sex therapist Dr. John Shea from Newcastle, Australia (they lie by referring to him as a historian??); who's book 'Macedonia and Greece' is totally flawed and riddled with FYROM(ian)propaganda.

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