Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Balancing Hearts and Heads

Turkish Americans typically vote Republican. This time, they are divided over which White House candidate should get their ballot.

By Bahar Kader and Melis Özpinar | NEWSWEEK
Published Nov 1, 2008

...Not all Turkish Americans are as certain as Holmstrom. For the first time, the community—which has typically tended to vote Republican—is divided over which candidate to choose. On the one hand, they feel closer to the Republicans because they feel the GOP has a more balanced approach to Turkish arguments on issues such as the Armenian genocide allegations and the dispute over Cyprus. On the other, they believe a Democratic leader will be better placed to solve the financial crisis and work toward achieving a more peaceful world. Call it a case of heads for McCain, hearts for Obama. "Economic improvement can only be achieved with Obama," says Suduman Curbuz, president of the North Texas Turkish American Association. Nonetheless, he says, his group eventually decided to back McCain because of the candidate's support for Turkey...

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