Monday, August 31, 2009

Puppet Government of Turkish Occupied Cyprus threatens permanent division

Mehmet Ali Talat, the so-called ‘president’ of the illegal Turkish occupied part of Cyprus threaten recently that if a settlement could not be reached between the legitimate Government of Cyprus and his illegitimate regime, that the possibility of permanent division would become much stronger.

“The talks cannot go on forever; there will be a point when we will say ‘enough.’ As there is an end to everything, if the talks cannot be successful, the process will collapse by itself,” said Talat.

What Talat fails to realize is that he is in no position to dictate anything as he is nothing more than a figurehead of an illegally occupied part of a European Union member. There is no ‘Turkish Cypriot President’ because there is no ‘Turkish Cyprus”. There is only the legitimate Government of the Island, whose northern territory is under foreign occupation. If Talat wants to bring about a peaceful solution to the situation in Cyprus, he should first push for the removal of all occupying forces and settlers. Second he should allow the return of all Cypriot refugees who were forced to leave their homes due to the illegal Turkish military offensive. Lastly he should join with the legitimate authorities of Cyprus in pushing for those responsible for the occupation to be tried for war crimes. This and only this will bring about peace and justice to this small island nation. If not, it should be the legitimate Government of Cyprus, making threats of taking up arms and physically removing the occupying forces from their soil.