Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Strategy for Macedonian Name Resolution: Still unacceptable

A new national strategy written by Skopjean MP Stojan Andov was announced last month by the FOSIM. The new suggested national strategy claims that the name problem between Athens and Skopje is a political, rather than legal issue. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The name dispute between Athens and Skopje is much more than just a political or legal issue; it is a matter of historical revisionism. It is an issue of one nation attempting to steal another’s cultural and historical identity. The current name proposal, which is being circulated by the Anti-Hellenist Matthew Nimetz, is totally unacceptable as it allows for the continued identity theft of Macedonia from Hellenism. The “Republic of Northern Macedonia” is not a solution, but rather a victory for Skopje, which would allow for them to continue their irredentist and revisionist attacks on Hellenic history and territory.

Covering this story for was Lawrence Gist, a human rights attorney and current International Humanitarian law student at Harvard’s Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research. Perhaps what Mr. Gist’s professors at Harvard should be made aware of is that Stalinist Revisionism was not deemed acceptable during the Cold War nor should it be today. There is only one Macedonia and that is the Hellenic Province of Macedonia. The Macedonian people, those of Hellenic consciousness living inside the Hellenic Province of Macedonia, in the Hellenic Diaspora and in occupied Pelagonia are the only legitimate contenders to a Macedonian ethnic or national identity. Not the Bulgarian speaking, Marxist indoctrinated, Anti-Hellenists of Skopje. If the citizens of Skopje are so obsessed and taken by Hellenic History and its Macedonian legacy, perhaps they should adopt a Hellenic National Consciousness and make a clean break with their Soviet past.

Strategy for Resolution of Name Dispute Between the Republic of Greece and the Republic of Macedonia
August 16
By Lawrence Gist
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