Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Sun of Vergina is my cross

Far for to long we, Hellenes, have identified ourselves under a blue and white cross, rather than rallying under a historical Hellenic banner to show our pride and continuity with our ancient roots. The time has come for the Hellenic people to shed this alien symbol and replace it with a Pan-Hellenic one which best represents Hellenism as a whole, this symbol is the Sun of Vergina. Hellenism must embrace this ancient symbol, which unites us, and raise it high with pride. We must stamp every building, every monument, and every cultural center with the Sun of Vergina. We must replace the symbols of the state of Greece with ones that proudly displace this ancient Pan-Hellenic sun, the Sun of the Hellenes. This however will not happen without average everyday Hellenes saying ‘The sun of Vergina is my cross’ and proudly displaying it, raising it on their flag polls, voicing this belief to other Hellenes and so on.

For more information on the Sun of Vergina please read The Sun Of Vergina - The Sun Of The Greeks