Wednesday, May 27, 2009

‘Coordinated Effort of Hellenes’ honor Anti-Hellenist

Secretary of State receives award from CEH leadership during a photo opportunity ceremony

Washington, D.C.- by Apostolos Zoupaniotis

The leaders that participated at the 25th Annual Cyprus, Hellenic and Orthodox Issues Conference, which took place in Washington, June 20-22, and honored Secretary Clinton during a ceremony that took place at the Department of State, were:
Philip Christopher, Andrew A. Athens, Andy Manatos, Peter Papanicolaou, Nikos Mouyiaris, George J. Tsunis, Mike Manatos, Tasos D. Zambas, Zenon Christodoulou, and Michael Galanakis. They also invited to the meeting with Secretary Clinton and to the conference Nick Karacostas, Supreme Vice President of AHEPA.

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It has always puzzled me why our so-called ‘leadership’ brown noses well known Anti-Hellenists and Turkish supporters like Mrs. Clinton. Have they no shame…no honor? How can a man like Archbishop Demetrios present an Anti-Hellenist with an award that contains the very soil of Hellenism? When will the leadership of the Hellenic-American community stop living off sad little photo-opts and actually start working for the interests of those they claim to lead?

In a press release issued by the Coordinated Effort entitled “New Administration Continues High Profile Focus on Hellenic and Orthodox Issues”, it says, “Secretary Clinton has played an important role in beginning to slowly turn the huge ‘American ship of state’ in a just direction on issues regarding Hellenism and Orthodoxy, but it still has a long way to go to make up for the damage of recent years.

I’d like to know in what world does the ‘Coordinated Effort’ live in, which makes them believe any attention, let alone ‘High Profile Focus’ exists on Hellenic issues? What ‘important role’ has Secretary Clinton played in ‘turning the huge American ship of state’ towards a just direction on Hellenic issues? Perhaps they are speaking about the disrespectful meeting between Mr. Obama and the Patriarch, who Mrs. Clinton claims to have so much admiration for. Maybe it was that announcement that the new administration would follow in the footsteps of the Bush administration and continue to recognize Skopia as ‘Macedonia’, only adding to the Nationalistic, Revisionist and Anti-Hellenic stance of the current government of Skopia. These awards and photo-opts have more to do with business networking and bragging rights than actual lobbying efforts on behalf of Hellenism.