Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fascism opps I mean ‘Zionism’: America’s Middle Eastern Ally

Israeli Parliament OKs Bill to Outlaw Denial of Israel as ‘Jewish State’

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Israel debates 'loyalty' law

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The true face of Zionist ‘Democracy ‘appeared recently with the introduction of a new Bill before the Israeli Parliament by Israel Beiteinu. The Loyalty Oath Law and Nakba Law, aim to force all ethnic Palestinian Israelis to pledge allegiance to Zionism and make it a crime to commemorate Israeli Independence Day as a catastrophe.

As a country founded by the descendants of the Holocaust, the Israeli nation should known better than to even imagine laws that reek of the same racist filth that allowed the extermination of their own ancestors, as we are so often reminded of. Is Israel truly the only ‘Democracy’ in the Middle East or is that all just a mirage? You be the judge…