Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pan-European Front at Armenian Genocide Vigil

Washington D.C. April 24, 2009 — A small but determined contingent of Nuova Patria Meridionale and Hellenic League of America members joined the Armenian community in the Nation's Capitol for the annual Armenian Genocide Vigil. Our support was another example of NPM’s and HLA's concerted effort to show solidarity and forge bonds with other Euro-American identitarian organizations.

It took Herculean might not to pummel the disrespectful counter-protestors horded outside the Turkish embassy. From the moment we arrived to the very end of the protest we were subjected to the most vile and vulgar taunts. Obscenities and racial epithets were hurled at the massive gathering of peaceful protestors, which should be noted were mostly women and children. To their credit the Armenians stayed composed and didn’t sink to their adversaries deplorable level, despite considerable provocation.

The atmosphere on the opposing sides of Massachusetts Avenue couldn’t be starker. The Turkish side was festive and mocking while the Armenians solemnly and painfully remembered the innocent victims of inhuman barbarism. Whenever the 1.5 million death toll was cited the Turks retorted with a hateful, “That wasn’t enough” chant. Instead of the usual denial of the charges they basked in their murderous legacy.

Strangely, the Greek faction of the vigil drove the Turkish throng into a frenzy. Plainly obvious to everyone present they harbor a remarkable hatred for Hellenes, who were singled out for special ridicule. With sadistic delight the Turks barked “Istanbul” and gloatingly waved the rag of Turkish-occupied Cyprus, both historically Greek homelands but now under Turkish occupation.

Ironically, the majority of the Armenians were waving American flags but it was the Turks who carried placards thanking Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for their support in denying the genocide. Sadly, the Armenian community’s patriotic fervor and loyalty was paid back with betrayal by the United States Government.

Our presence did not go unnoticed. The gracious Armenian community, whose grief and suffering has been largely ignored by the international community, warmly received us.


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