Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Obama betrayal of Hellenism

In less than 24 hours President Barack Obama will land in the Republic of Turkey for his first ever visit to this NATO-ally. This will be his first test of character as the President, in the eyes of his Hellenic-American supporters at home. An ethnic community that during this campaign for presidency saw a candidate who stood beside them on all their issues. The Hellenic-American establishment has even gone on to declare him another “Alexander the Great”. Yet during his trip to Turkey, President Obama will be turning his back on the Hellenic-American community, by not visiting the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, spiritual leader of millions Orthodox Christians around the world, like his predecessors Bush and Clinton. The Obama betrayal goes even further with others reporting he will keep his so-called support for recognizing the Armenian Genocide to himself. Either way for a man who portrayed himself as a Phil-Hellene, his true character is starting to show its face. The self-appointed elite of the Hellenic-American community would like to continue pawning President Obama off as some type of ‘savior’ like so many other American communities are doing. However, with trips of appeasement to Turkey, perhaps my predictions of Hellas being the next Yugoslavia are not to far off.

Obama's Turkey tour heavy with symbolism
By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA - Associated Press Writer
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Source: AP News
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