Sunday, March 29, 2009

The White House Celebrates Hellenic Independence Day

On March 25th a small ceremony was held in Washington DC to celebrate Hellenic Independence Day. All the usual suspects where present, with the normal long winded speeches praising the Hellenic community and motherland, while still avoiding our people’s current political issues. The United States fools no one, but the old corrupt guard of Hellenic community leaders. This nation shows no real gratitude towards Hellas, the birthplace of Democracy and cradle of Western Civilization. It does not truly care about the great sacrifices our people have given the world so that it may remain free.

The United States speaks a good game, about the historical bonds that our nations share and they are right about this. In fact Hellas and the United States, logically speaking should be the closest of allies. Hellenes have never faltered to protect and defend Freedom and Democracy. Ancient Hellas is the birthplace of many of the moral, philosophical and political foundations of the American lifestyle we live today, and yet the United States chooses to build stronger bridges of friendship with our enemies and nations like Israel. How quickly the Americans have forgotten the lives of so many Hellenes that have fallen in protection of this artificial nation they call the United States. In World War II news of the heroic stand that Hellenes and Serbs were making against the enemies of the United States was widely spoken about. Praise came from all the four corners of the earth as these brave men fought against the odds to prevent the spread of fascism across the Balkans. Yet how has the United States repaid us for all those fallen martyrs that died in the face of fascism so that democracy could be safe? They repaid us by allying themselves with the allies of Balkan Fascism in Croatia! In Bosnia! In Albania! And in FYROM! As they reward us with uranium bombs and revisionist propaganda!

How dare you Mr. Archbishop Attempt to compare Obama to a man such as Alexander the Great! Do not insult the Greatest of Hellenes who accomplishment so much for Hellenism in such a short life time, with a man who has done nothing but make empty promises towards Hellenism! Will Obama keep his promises to bring religious freedom to the Patriarchate? Time will tell. Will Obama finally remove the illegal Turkish troops from Cyprus and allow our people to return home? Time will tell. Will Obama change America’s recognition of FYROM as Macedonia? Only time will tell. Perhaps after Obama has kept his word and proven himself a hero in the eyes of Hellenism, could he then be spoken in the same sentence as Alexander the Great! Yet again this is the same Mr. Archbishop who will not even mention the name of the ‘Goliath’ our people stood against in 1821.

The Official press release with remarks by:

The President of the United States
The Vice-President of the United States
And Archbishop Demetrios

Can be read Here