Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Let the Diaspora Vote!

For many in the Diaspora, the recent vote on a bill to broaden the voting rights of Hellenes living abroad has been watched with great interest and enthusiasm, however, this bill has recently become a dead issue because of PASOK and its socialist allies. A chance for bridging the gap between Hellenes of the Diaspora and those still living within the Motherland has been lost. An opportunity for our successful and well educated Diaspora to aid our motherland, has been cast aside because of the fear of change, because it threatens the status quo and the corruption that thrives because of it. This newest act of partisanship in Ellada only hurts the Hellenic people, rather then helping them.

This bill, would have allowed Hellenic nationals living in Diaspora to vote at their nearest consulate or embassy. Something that would have made it much easier for those living abroad to participate in national elections, as currently the economic burden of traveling to Ellada to vote is viewed as to great by most. Hundreds of thousands of potential voters, foreign-educated, successful and patriotic, who do not conform to the continued PASOK or New Democracy worship that works against Hellenism, are being denied a chance to bring real change to Ellada.

The Hellenic left is fearful of the Diaspora, and their potential to bring real change to Ellada. The political and economic change that could come with such a law can only benefit the Hellenic state and its citizens. The Hellenic left is not concern in aiding the suffering Hellenic people, but rather at re-conquering the seat of power from New Democracy. So that our nation may trade one old corrupt family for another. Shame on PASOK! SHAME on the Hellenic Left and SHAME on New Democracy for allowing this to happen!