Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anti-Hellenic Revisionism continues

Cleopatra was a Sista' and a Killer
By Keith Josef Adkins

"Cleopatra: A Portrait of a Killer airs Monday, March 23 on BBC One. And get this, archeologists are finally letting the tightly-curled hair and full lips out of the white-washed bag. That's right, the documentary plans to set the record straight: Cleopatra looked nothing like velvet-eyed, porcelain white Elizabeth Taylor. In fact, Cleopatra's mother was a black African. In fact, Cleopatra paraded among her Roman cronies and insisted [a la Halle Berry in her star-making moment in Queen] "I's Nigra, I's Nigra." You know, in case the Romans didn't know a sister when they saw one."

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Yet again Afrocentrists unable to show anything of their own cultural importance continue their campaign to steal ancient Hellenic history. It is a widely known historical fact that Cleopatra was of Hellenic (Macedonian) ancestry and was NOT a 'sista' in anyway shape or form. Yet many African-Americans continue their attempt steal Cleopatra from Hellenism. The author's inability to approach the topic on an academic level, rather then using Ebonics to carry along his argument just goes to show you how sad the Afrocentric community is. Perhaps one day Afrocentrists will find actual African heroes to look up to instead of stealing important figures from other ethnic groups.