Monday, September 8, 2008

*New* Smyrna-Ionia Autonomous State Flag Proposal

Several years ago, while I was the leader of the Neo-Byzantine Nationalist Organization, Enotita, I created a proposed flag for Asia Minor, which was adopted by the organization as the official flag of Enotitan Asia Minor.

This flag was created using the back drop of the Smyrna merchant ensign from the years of Ottoman Tyranny and the double headed eagle of Byzantium. Since then I’ve proudly seen this Enotitan Flag design spread to several web sites and you tube videos. Since then, I’ve debated long and hard over this flag proposals original design. Although I still agree with my original symbolism, I must say the coloring and its final out come has always bothered me. It is because of this that I’ve decided to take the design back to the drawing board and have since created a new design. I hope to see this new proposal spread just as much and even farther then the original design.

*The New Enotitan Asia Minor Flag*