Monday, September 29, 2008

Do not forget Hellenism! For Hellenism has not forgotten you!

By Ioannis Fidanakis

In less than a month’s time, patriots from around the metropolitan area will descend on the United States’ Mission to the United Nations, under the banner of Hellenic Human Rights, in hopes to bring International attention to the suffering of Hellenes living under the oppressive regime of Skopje. This mass rally will be the first of its kind in response towards the racist government of Skopje, with its revisionist tactics, that for years have been violating the human rights of its indigenous minorities, in attempts to fully remove the Hellenic presences inside its borders. This injustice is clearly an act of cultural genocide against those living within this oppressive state’s borders. For years the government of Skopje has worked to not only rewrite the very history of the Balkans by stealing pieces of Hellenic and Bulgarian history in order to create a warped ethnic consciousness for themselves, but has also worked to stamp out any signs of Hellenic, Bulgarian, and Albanian national feeling within their borders.

Many have said why do we Hellenes care so much over a name? That history is just that, history and that our objections over the name issue are simply bad business in an economically motivated world. That we live in the age of globalization, working towards a common goal, a united Europe. To this I say it is more than a name, more then just history or even economics. It is about a systematic attack on the Hellenic ethnic consciousness and very identity. An attempt to change what it means to be a Hellene. An assault that originated from Communist ideology that no longer manifests itself as purely an ideological tool for domination of the Balkan Peninsula, but rather now takes on an artificial ethnic racism, as millions of brainwashed Bulgarians now fanatically believe that they are Macedonians and attempt to rewrite history and erase all signs of the Hellenic characteristic of Macedonia.

Today 250,000 true ethnic Macedonians live under Skopje-Bulgarian tyranny, denied the right to a Hellenic consciousness, the freedom to speak the Hellenic language, and other basic human rights. To those living in the historically Hellenic area around Monastiri, I say to you Hellenes, Do not forget Hellenism, because Hellenism has not forgotten you! No matter what foreign pressures may want the world to think, Macedonia is and will always remain the very soul of Hellenism. Your years of living in fear of entire annihilation are at an end. As true patriots mobilize to make your story known to the whole world!

To the government of Skopje – your oppressive tactics against not only Hellenes, but Bulgarians, Albanians, Gypsies, and all ethnic minority’s that refuse to bend to your Stalinist attempts to change the very make up of the former Yugoslavian province of Vardaska, are at an end. We do not forget the long history of cultural genocide that previous governments in Skopje have committed against Hellenism, like the abduction of 28,000 Hellenic children that were taken to Skopje and raised under the false national consciousness that you have created. The years of your state sponsored discrimination and revisionist propaganda will no longer be tolerated by the civilized world.

With this said, I hope to see all patriots of Hellenism turn out to protest on October 27th, for the immediate investigation of the Skopje-Bulgarian government’s racist practices against its Hellenic minority, and push for this matter to be publicized in the annual Country report on Human rights Practices in FYROM.