Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Quest for the origins of the ancient Thracians

Ioannis Fidanakis - 7/16/2008
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The search for the identity of the ancient Thrakiotes (Thracians) lies within the question of just who was a Hellene in the ancient world. Whether through ancient mythology, history or modern archeology and anthropology the search for just who were the ancient Hellenes lead us on a difficult journey with today’s political climate. The fact that the ancient Hellenic people were polyonymous people just add to the friction between scholars with each owns political motives. How do we define the ancient Hellenic ethnos, when it was divided in to tribes, which did not feel a common kindred till later on in history, a process, which in and of itself was slowly realized and crudely selective. Are only the ancient city-states of Athens and Sparta the center of our people? A misconception held by some today, mostly because of our neighbor’s claims on different parts of our history and present territory. What defines people? Is it their common culture, religion, language, and descendant? Even so, where do we draw the line as what is a common anything? Are only those who shared the culture, religion, and dialects of southern Hellas to be considered Hellenes? What about others whose culture, religion, and language may have evolved differently far from their southern Hellenic brothers?

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