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For Immediate Release: July 27, 2008
Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. 1-917-699-9935

NEW YORK—The Cypriot community asks AKTINA FM’s Elena Maroulleti to provide an
answer as to WHY she censored any and all notices and announcements on her radio
production, AKTINA FM, about the Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) July
20th, 2008 demonstration against the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC, including
the CANA offer of a FREE BUS from Astoria.

Elena Maroulleti ‘s censorship has raised grave concerns about her ethical
standards and commitment as a public interest radio outlet for our community.
Elena Maroulleti censored news and announcements from her own community, from
her own supporters . Elena Marouletti continues to deny any knowledge of the
July 20th 2008 demonstration (the communications that follow give a clear
indication that she was directly informed in advance of the event)An event that
achieved American network television coverage to mark July 20th 2008 as “the
34th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.”

CBS covered the HANDS OFF CYPRUS 2008 demonstration on July 20th, and before
July 20th the news of the demonstration was announced and covered by National
Herald Greek American Daily Hellenic and English edition, by Greek News, and by
newspapers, blogs and websites across the diaspora and in our homelands.

We provide, a vast spectrum of community member letters sent directly to Elena
Maroulleti, followed by Elena Maroulleti’s emails to us, documenting her denial
of the only demonstration in the United States to mark July 20th 2008 as “the
34th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of Cyprus” covered by major American
television network CBS. Finally we ask, that you follow up with our action alert
and ask Elena Marouletti to admit to her censorship, to end her denial, and to
make a public apology to the entire community.

1) Community member letters sent to Elena Marouletti Email:
2) Elena Maroulleti emails denying the censorship .
3) ACTION ALERT: Letter writing campaign asking Elena Marouletti to admit to her
censorship, to end her denial , and to make a public apology to the entire


Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 21:39:00 -0400
From: "Gus Kane" To:

Dear Host of Aktina FM:

My name is Kostas Kanellopoulos a 33 yr old married Greek-American living in
As i started to get involved with Hellenic issues just like the ones i have
heard you talk about on your shows many times,
i had the honour to meet Mr Nikolaos Taneris and other members of his
organization he was someone who i researched before i met and after meeting and
discussing with him have absolutely no doubt that he is a true patriot and an
individual that is most important of all a YOUNG! Greek-American activist with a
selfless heart that we are in short supply of.
I truly hope that there is an explanation for your not promoting his protest
that was organized by the youth that is the future of our country.
A protest against turkey is not a hard thing to get behind and everyone can do
their part especially you that for better or worse have inherited a radio
program such as it is.
So what is your agenda and why or who made you not want to support these young
Greek-Americans that spent their time, money and effort to help your country as
many of these young people involved do not trace their ancestry from Cyprus!

Did a donation cause the censorship? your action leaves many doors open as to
your motive.

I will leave you with a poem that i hope you can appreciate from a true patriots
parent and remember that the old people giving each other awards should be at
home drinking chamomile not being traitors to their race.

From: "Ioannis Fidanakis"
Subject: Open Letter to Elena Maroulleti from President of Panthracian Union of
America "Orpheus"

Dear Elena Maroulleti,

I never thought one day I’d be writing such a letter to you, an act which
saddens me deeply; however I feel that it is necessary. Recently, Saturday July
25th 2008, I happen to ketch a program on AKTINA FM, about Kypros and what was
done by PSEKA on its July 20th anniversary of the Illegal Turkish Military
invasion of the island. Like always I was proud to hear such things being
discussed on the air to keep our community informed and educated on our national
issues. Something I’ve always thought AKTINA FM has done an excellent job with,
and because of such I as President of Panthracian Union of America ‘Orpheus’
have advocated continued support and funding for your programs. However, I was a
bit confused as to why no mention had been made of another patriotic event held
on the same day in Washington D.C. by Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA),
an event that I participated in and was helped organized by Nikolaos Taneris, a
member of the Board of Directors of Panthracian Union of America . This event
was far more important and successful then anything PSEKA did that day. It was
the CANA protest outside the Turkish Embassy that achieved U.S. Media attention
on such key networks as CBS. This censorship of CANA’s activities led me to call
in to ask just why nothing had been said about CANA ’s actions. A phone call,
which I must say has left a bad taste in my mouth for AKTINA FM. I was rudely
told that AKTINA FM had not been informed about the event and that there were no
live calls being taken and hung up upon. I find it very hard to believe that an
event publicized in the National Herald, throughout the internet, and plastered
on fliers across Astoria , could have been overlooked by the Hellenic-American
Media, while American TV stations were aware and present. I personally feel
offended by AKTINA’s censorship and rude behavior towards this event and me,
personally. I will be sure to remember this when Panthracian Union of America is
asked to open its heart and pocket to keep AKTINA FM on the air.


Ioannis Fidanakis

President of Panthracian Union of America “Orpheus”

From: Alex A []
Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 12:50 AM
Subject: Censoring July 20th Protest was An Error.....

Dear Elena of Aktina,

I participated in the July 20, 2008 peaceful protest at the Turkish Embassy
in Washington DC.
I feel somehow that Aktina is responsible for the low turnout for not offering a
public service announcement to the Greek Americans who have came out for the

Remember, I am former radio talk show on international human rights. I
listen to alot of
American talk radio. I remember a situation that arose in Afghanistan in the
summer of 2006.
A Muslim convert to Christianity was being sentenced to death. Talk Radio on
630 AM of Washington DC heard about this. Some Christian activists called into
the radio talk show host and said that there will be a Protest at the
Afghanistan Embassy in Washington DC.

The radio talk show host announced the protest at the Afghanistan. From
this, media took hold
of a Christian man being sentencing to death in Kabul for converting to
Christianity. Many people attented the protest in Washington DC. The whole world
noticed because of this one protest at the Afghani Embassy in DC. The Afghani
government was embarrassed and released the man for him to immigrant to Italy.

So, yes, Elena, protests have been announced before on talk radio. The
Cyprus cause
needs to garner public attention to expose the Turkish Government for their 34
year invasion and occupation. You could have played a role to expose the Turkish
government, but instead you chose to be silent about the July 20th protest. Your
silence contributes to the continued Turkish occupation of Cyprus. Bravo, what
have you accomplished? Tipota.


Alex Aliferis
This following letter is from Hellenic poet and writer Sevasti Boutos, the pdf
version is available for download here:

From: "Sevi Boutos"
Subject: Re: Logokrisia h adiaforia?

Γράφει η Σεβαστή
Μπούρα- Μπούτου

Λογοκρισία η

Επειδή η ζωή
μας είναι μια
σκηνή θεάτρου,
όπου ο κάθε ηθοποιός
αγαπιέται με
την ικανότητά
του να κρύβει η
να φανερώνει τα
δάκτυλά του,
για να τον χειροκροτά
ο κοσμάκης, έτσι
και τα Ελληνικά
Μέσα Ενημέρωσης
τής Νέας Υόρκης,
που εκπέμπουν
ήχο, παίζουν το
θεατράκι τους.

Όμως αγαπητοί
μου, όποιοι κι
αν είσθε εσείς
που αντιπροσωπεύετε
ένα φωνητικό
πομπό, ο λώρος
που μας δένει
με την γενέτειρα
δεν εξαγοράζεται
με το εισητήριο
μιας θεατρινίστικης
εκπομπής, αλλά
υπάρχει επειδή
υπάρχει η μάννα
που κυοφόρησε.
Κι αυτή η μάννα
έχει χάσει πολλά

Αν είσαι ραδιόφωνο,
ο μόνος τρόπος
να κλάψεις αυτά
τα παιδιά, είναι
να σπέρνεις το
Λόγο για βάλσαμο
στις καρδιές
τών ανθρώπων.
Ακόμη τινάζεις
στον αέρα, μια
φορά το χρόνο,
αυτούς που κρύβονται
από πίσω σου
για να κρατάς
στο χέρι το μικρόφωνο.

Δεν έπραξες
αγαπητό ραδιόφωνο
το αυτονόητο.
Το αυτονόητο
ήταν, ότι φέτος,
για δεύτερη
χρονιά, μια οργάνωση
που υποτιμάς,
έκανε μια ειρηνική
διαδήλωση μνήμης,
για τα 34 χρόνια
της εισβολής
τών Τούρκων
στην Κύπρο, έξω
από την Τουρκική
πρεσβεία στην
που από ό,τι γνωρίζω
δεν έχει γίνει
ποτέ στα χρονικά
από το 1974. Δεν έκανες
λοιπόν τίποτε
να το ανακοινώσεις,
παρόλα τα τηλεφωνήματα
που έλαβες από α
;ρκετούς ανθρώπους.
Τελικά διερωτώμαι,
πώς τα ξένα μέσα
όπως το CBS το έβγαλε
πρώτη είδηση το
ίδο βράδυ, και
εσύ ελληνικό
ραδιόφωνο δεν
το έβγαλες;

επιτέλους κύριοι
και κυρίες τού
ήχου, υπερήχου
και αποήχου να
παίζετε τραγουδάκια
για «το λαιμό
τής Ελένης» που
λέει και ο Ελύτης.
Ο λαιμός τής
Ελένης γέρασε
και ρυτίδιασε
από τότε που
πήγε στην Τροία
με τα ξένα αγρίμια
για να παίξει
στα ζάρια τίς
ψυχές ακόμη και
αυτών που προσκύνησε.

Έλεος επιτέλους!
Οι δικοί μου
δυό άνθρωποι,
που χάθηκαν
στην Κύπρο, δεν
έχασαν σπίτια
αλλά την ίδια
την ζωή τους. Ο
Μιχάλης ο κτηνίατρος,
όπως έχει μείνει
στα χρονικά η
αναζήτησή του,
που ήταν και
Κύπριος, είχε
δυο παιδιά στην
και επισκέφθηκε
την μάννα του
εκείνο το καλοκαίρι.Παρόλες
τις φωνές της
να γυρίσει πίσω
στην Ελλάδα,
αφού ήταν και
προστάτης οικογενείας,
έφυγε στο μέτωπο
και αγνοεί&
#964;αι ακόμη. Ο άλλος,
το φιλαράκι
μου, ο Μπάμπης ο
Ελλαδίτης που
υπηρετούσε τη
του θητεία, θεωρείτο
μέχρι που πριν
λίγους μήνες .
Τα κόκκαλά του
βρέθηκαν, και
θάφτηκε στην
ιδιαίτερη πατρίδα
μας τα Μελίσσια

Κι εσύ χτενίζεσαι
ωραία Ελένη,
στους ωραίους
καθρέπτες της
Τροίας, για να
μη χάσεις το
χρυσάφι τών
πλούσιων Τρώων.
This letter is from established and beloved Cypriot community activist Andreas

From: "Andreas Savva"

Subject: Open letter to Ms Elena Marouleti

Dear Ms Elena Marouleti,

I am writing this letter to you to express my disappointment on the way you’ve
handled requests to inform the public about the July 20th, Demonstration in
Washington DC against the Turkish Invasions and Occupation of our homeland
Cyprus, and your refusal to inform the public about a free bus, which was
donated by a high ranking member of our community, and took people to Washington
DC from the Stathakion Center in Astoria.

We had our differences in the past, and I need to stress this out, this is not
because of our differences. Differences of opinion are good in a democracy, as
long as we deal with our differences as civilized and mature individuals. I will
attempt with this email to relate to you how wrong you were and to ask that you
offer a public apology.

Let me remind you of a few situations in which your actions were wrong, in my

A number of years back; I was serving on the board of Directors of the Cypriot
Student Association of America (EFOKA). We had decided to have a memorial
service for my childhood best friend and your cousin, I believe, Panikos
Demetriou. Panikos was brutally killed by the British military during a
demonstration at Akrotiri British Military Base. Â We requested from you to make
free public announcements for the memorial service and the event following the
religious service and you refused. Â Were you wrong refusing to announce the
event? This is something that I would let you ask yourself and deal with this
question for the rest of your life.

A few years ago Mr. Raouf Denktash, the then pseudo-president of the
pseudo-state TRNC, was visiting New York, and you interviewed him on the air. I
still remember the public outrage when you had referred to him with the title
“His Excellency”. Were you wrong back then? I think you were, but again, I will
let you keep asking this question to yourself.

Your beloved mother, may her memory be eternal, was a frequent listener to my
radio show. In one particular case, I made the mistake to recognize her by her
last name, and she immediately stopped me by saying she was not Mrs. Loukia
Marouleti, and she called me again once off the air to inform me that you were
not happy when she was calling my radio show, and not to recognize her on the
air because it will upset you. In respect to her wish only, I accepted her
request and never mentioned her name on the air again. I occasionally go back
and listen to your mother’s commentaries from recordings of my show, and I
question myself… Were you right or wrong censoring your own mother  to listen
on the radio and whether or not to call me on the air and discuss the Cypriot
Culture, History, and most of all the Cypriot Dialect that she so much loved?

Finally, on July 20th last week, you were asked to inform the public about a bus
that was donated by a high ranking member of our community, so people can
participate in the demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC.
The event was organized by Cyprus Action Network of America, and was supported
by many other community organizations. Were you again wrong not making a public
announcement informing people about the demonstration and the free bus outside
the Stathakion Center?

In one of your responses to a CANA member that I’ve happened to read, you were
so concerned about UNITY in our community. What you did not know is that it took
many efforts and hard work to maintain that unity. We finally were able to get
members of CANA and members of the leadership of the Greek-Cypriot community
together on the same table and talk out their differences. Were you aware of
this? I very much doubt it.

Were you aware that one of these outstanding members of our community supported
financially the CANA event? Again I very much doubt it. But in any case, whether
the event was supported by all or by a few; it was your duty as a producer of a
program that is aired on public airwaves to at least make the announcement.
Censoring it on your own judgment, because you probably did not like to do so,
or because as you said, you did not know the group that was organizing the
demonstration in Washington DC for 2 years in a row, is insulting to say the
least. Insulting because one of the journalists that works on your show
(Demetris Robotis), not only is very much aware of CANA, but in email
communications he had with them, was offering his opinion in a professional and
civilized manner.

We live in a pluralistic society and everyone’s opinion is welcomed. If you
would like to be called a producer of public service programming, then act like
one, without censorship, serving the public interests only.


Andreas Savva
The following is from John Soudas, a strong CANA supporter who travelled to
Washington DC to participate in the HANDS OFF CYPRUS 2008 Protest Against the
Turkish Embassy, all the way from Seattle , Washington USA.

From: John Soudas To: Sent: Sunday, July 27, 2008 4:06
PMSubject: The Turkish Embassy Protest, July 20th 2008... Response to your
purported voiced opinions
July 27th, 2008

To Ms. Elena Maroulleti,

I understand that you and your media outlets have taken a position to censor
the July 20th 2008 demonstration at the Turkish embassy. I heard that in
private you and your cronies are privately "ranting at“those that organized and
led the protest at the Turkish Embassy. What nonsense is this? Maybe you can
confirm this yourself if I am mistaken in this characterization of your
comments. If my characterization is correct then my comments below apply.

I suppose that you are against this because it is anti-Turkish?

Maybe you are one of those Cypriots that believe that Cyprus should give up
their sovereignty, surrender its National Guard to the Turks, give up 50% of its
governing apparatus and tax dollars to the Turks and accept the Turkish army to
rule over all of Cyprus for another 30 years. And I failed to mention that not
only are we talking about all these take aways and more but all this is to
benefit just 3% of the Greek Cypriot population leaving 97% of the Greeks on
Cyprus defenseless and out in the cold.

It is never easy to understand the motives of someone who controls the
community information, but I can only conclude the following about your words
and actions:

• YOU must be an avid Turko-phile (Turk appeaser), who buys the STATE
DEPARTMENT line that the Greeks must learn to accept their losses and accept the
Turkish viewpoint in all matters,

• YOU could be like the Greek American and Cypriot leadership which are
STATE DEPARTMENT puppets that are sent out by the State department to pimp their
own community and surrender them to Ottoman rule.

• YOU and a few of your buddies( in the Cypriot Lobby) think that you
have an ordained right to run the Greek American community and control its
thought patterns, money, and the issues of the community like some kind of
"Mafia Godfather/Godmother". That is nobody in Greek New York does anything
without kissing your slippers and bowing (getting on ones knees) to the self
proclaimed leaders of Greek Americans in New York.

Maybe you can tell us what category you belong to?

It would be interesting to find out.

I participated in the Protest in front of the Turkish embassy to mark the brutal
genocidalist invasion of Cyprus by Turkey on the day of July 20th 1974. I did
so, to join with others to say that we as Greeks do not accept the fait accompli
of the results of the Turkish invasion of the island of Cyprus. I want to send
a message to the White house and the Turks that the Greeks do not forget, nor
forgive the events of July 20th and August 14th 1974. We as Greek Americans do
not accept the State Department plan that was instituted long ago by Nicholas
Burns to make Greece a Satellite State of Turkey and to render all Greek
American Anti-Turkish protest as neutered and eliminated.

I will say this to you. Your censorship of the demonstration in Washington DC
is not only wrong but it does immense destruction to the Cypriot and Greek
cause. You and people like you are setting the stage for the destruction of
Cyprus. You and your patrons over at PSEKA, and the Cyprus Federation have done
their best to transform the Cyprus and Greek community into a state of ignorance
and dissolution. Maybe these are your marching orders from the State Department
who get their orders from the White House?
YOUR MOTHER showed valor and courage .
Now what kind of Greek are you?

John Soudas

Seattle Washington


My Profile:

I have been involved in the Cyprus issue since 1974 when I was in college. I am
an AHEPA member, Past District Governor of District 22, AHI member and past
coordinator state of Washington, and long time attendee of the AHEPA Cyprus &
Hellenic affairs. I have attended one PSEKA conference and know the bullshit
that goes on there.
Georgia Maratheftis originally forwarded the supportive message below to Elena
Maroulettis , below you will see her letter to CANA, also sent to Elena
Marouletti, and her reply to Elena Marouletti ‘s denial of the act of

From: Maratheftis, Georgia
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 4:51 PM
To: ''

Dear CANA,

I am in total agreement with the sentiments of this open letter. I participated
in the peaceful "Hands Off Cyprus 2008" demonstration on July 20 in DC. It was
a proud and loud group that stood up for Cyprus. Thank you for the opportunity
to participate and let it be known that Turkey's brutality will be challenged
and the Cypriots will not be cowed and silenced by brute and might of the
Turkish war and propaganda machine.


Georgia Maratheftis
From: Maratheftis, Georgia []
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 6:15 PM
To: ''

Dear Ms. Maroulleti,

Thank you for replying. I cannot know what you deem to be the false and
unfounded accusations. I am personally aware of two people who called your show
on Saturday, July 19, 2008, while it was on the air to ask that an announcement
be made to Astoria residents of the free bus to DC for people wishing to
participate in the Cyprus demonstration. At least one of these people spoke
directly to you and the request to mention the demonstration was rejected out of
hand. My grandmother was shot and killed by Turkish soldiers in Aheridou on
August 31, 1974. She was 58 years of age. Another lady who participated in the
demonstration lost a brother-in-law during the war. We are members of your
community. We look to the Greek media to inform the Greek community of events
that are pertinent to our history, culture and interests. Censorship owing to
personal bias or misinformation or, indeed, a lack of information, fails to
fulfill any purpose. It is also a disservice to the community being served.


Georgia Maratheftis

a letter to CANA leader Nikolaos Taneris congratulating a “SUCCESFUL
EVENT”,followed by another letter to Taneris where she says she changes her mind
about airing anything about the event after the event, followed by her most
latest letter, sent to community activist Alex Aliferis, where she characterizes
her own community as “sick”

-----Original Message-----
From: aktina []
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2008 5:54 PM
To: Maratheftis, Georgia

Dear Ms. Maratheftis,

I will not engage myself in a back and forth communication with the members of
this unknown to me group. However, since you took the trouble to forward to me
their email, I will only note that it is filled with false and un-founded

Elena Maroulleti
From: "aktina"
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 19:11:00 -0400

Dear Mr. Taneris,

Thanks for your email. Congratulations sounds like you had a
event. I'll address all of your points on my radio program this coming
Sunday which airs from 1:30-6pm

Elena Maroulleti
From: "aktina"
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 2008 14:39:40 -0400

Dear Mr. Taneris,

Under further thought, I have decided not to respond on the air because
believe in unity and harmony.

The struggle of the Cypriot people for freedom and justice has been
going on
for (34) years. There are individuals and organizations in our
that have spent millions and have dedicated their lives to this cause.

As you know, my family came to the States as refugees from Famagusta.
Aktina FM has been founded to support this cause. I have sacrificed
all my
personal wealth and have dedicated all my time and effort to this

You may be too young to remember the many demonstrations, candlelight
processions, both in Washington, DC and New York. I don't need lessons
patriotism. We applaud and embrace all individuals and organizations
support the struggle of the Cypriot people.

Please continue your work without disparaging those who have given
everything for freedom."

Elena Maroulleti

Subject: RE: Censoring July 20th Protest was An Error.....
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2008 12:07:14 -0400

You guys are sick!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3) ACTION ALERT: Please write to Elena Maroulleti and ask for a clear
explanation on WHY AKTINA FM censored any and all notices and announcements
about the Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) July 20th, 2008 demonstration
against the Turkish Embassy in Washington DC. Please remember to ask Elena
Marouletti to make a public apology to the entire community.

AKTINA FM , Tel: 718-545-1151

Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)
2578 Broadway #132
New York, NY 10025
New York: Tel. 917-699-9935