Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hellenic Airspace continues to be violated by Turkish warplanes

According to, eight Turkish fighter jets violated Hellenic Airspace, yet again, this past Sunday. This time the Turkish fighters flew dangerously close to an Olympic Airlines plane carrying 49 civilians. The response from the Karamanlis government on this blatant act of aggression by Turkey, however, was one of meaningless words and little action. What will it take for the Hellenic Government to grow a pair? To defend our territorial integrity like any normal sovereign nation would. Will it take the loss of American tourists before the Government and the International Community takes action? If the Hellenic politicians who rule Hellas are unable to stomach the responsibility of defending their own nation, perhaps they should respectfully resign as our leaders. I urge the brave men of the Hellenic Air force to take swift and appropriate action against these violations of our airspace. Next time a Turkish fighter jet enters our airspace, it is the duty of all Hellenic pilots to SHOOT DOWN the fighter jet! Even if it goes against direct orders from a superior officer.

Greece protests to Turkey over sorties in Aegean
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