Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Battle for Hellas (Greece) begins October 4th

The day of reckoning is upon us, as Hellas heads towards early elections, scheduled for October 4th. Amidst numerous financial scandals and the government’s failed handling of recent wildfires, the unpopular PM Karamanlis announced his wish for the President to dissolve parliament and make way for early national elections in hopes of seeking a ‘fresh political mandate’.

The worsening financial crisis and deteriorating political climate inside Hellas were noted as causes, which ‘forced Karamanlis’ hand’ to call for a snap election. During his address Karamanlis said: "We have to clarify the political landscape and proceed with a series of essential measures to emerge from the downturn.”

"The year 2010 will be a difficult and decisive one, and so the Greek people must choose a government that can lead the country out of this crisis"

With rising unemployment and economic growth failing, the International Monetary Fund predicts, “the country will enter recession in 2009, with the economy shrinking by 1.7 percent.”

Meanwhile, Hellas “is being pressed by the European Commission to adopt belt-tightening measures to reduce this year’s budget deficit to below the mandated ceiling of 3 percent of gross domestic product, improve competitiveness and severely cut its ballooning public debt.”

Karamanlis is right in the sense that Hellas is headed for troubled times and the fiercely divided political landscape will not help achieve victory in this crucial battle which a waits the nation. For Hellas, the battle of Armageddon is upon us, but this fight which a waits Hellas is not just one of economics, but also a struggle for our very identity. What many political analysts fail to add to the equation are the issues of the illegal immigration and the Anti-Hellenic irredentist propaganda and historical revisionism pouring out of Skopje. Both issues that the new government will be forced to solve along with the financial crisis.

At the moment, the New Democracy government trails the main opposition, the Socialist PASOK party by roughly 6 percent in recent polls. The likely outcome of the October 4th elections will be one of a Socialist victory, but what many Hellenes fail to realize is this will not be a victory for the nation. Are we to give up the corruption and scandals of New Democracy, for the corruption and scandals of PASOK? Have we forgotten the decades of corruption under PASOK’s leadership which led to the rise of Karamanlis’ New Democracy government in the first place? PASOK does not have the answers or the moral authority to lead Hellas in this time of crisis. The Left is only interested in continuing their petty rivalry with New Democracy at the expense of Hellenism. They will not end the corruption that plagues Hellas; rather they will just replace it for their own brand. They will not solve the financial crisis the nation is facing, instead they will allow illegal immigrates to flood the streets of Hellas under their multicultural agenda and rewrite Hellenic history and our very identity by bowing to foreign pressure over Macedonia.

The call for early elections was a victory for PASOK and their radical left pawns, who had been working directly and indirectly at pressuring the current government on several fronts, using a mix of ‘political blackmail’, violent protests, and terrorism to achieve their goal. Setting the stage for a historical election, which may bring about Hellas’ first ever Hellenic-American Prime Minister.

The only hope for Hellas is a patriotic revival, a protest against the corrupt system, which has failed the Hellenic people. Hellenes must vote against New Democracy and PASOK and cast their hopes behind a party with the courage to face the coming difficult times with honor and patriotism, one which takes a strong line on the National Issues, but also has a sound plan to handle the economic crisis with the best interest of the nation and environment in mind.