Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Martyrdom on the Aegean: A Declaration of Intent

It’s a country of so much potential. Full of history and natural wonders with untapped resources, and yet it is instead nothing more then a ward of the state. A satellite state run by foreign interests and watched over by corrupt selfish political families and Church officials, true descendants of a Byzantine tradition, who trample on the hopes and dreams of an ancient people. This is Greece, once the center of progress and culture, and today a mere shadow of its ancient self, lacking any type of independent foreign policy and any true leadership to fix the domestic hardships now facing the nation. A new generation, still paying for the mistakes of the Great Schism, robbed of their future and trapped in a system that prevents any real change, but hope is on the horizon. A rage is growing, simmering on the surface of Greek society, lacking only the right fuse to light it. The solution is clear although many hesitate its actual execution. The solution is outright revolution, a Hellenist revolution to wash away the years of corruption, deceit and Abrahamic oppression. A revolution that will reignite the Hellenic spirit to overcome the nation’s current oligarchy and set things back to the way they were. A revolution, which will not only guarantee justice for all those Hellenes who have been roped by the current system., but also end Athenian domination doing away with the corrupt central government in Athens that cares not for the numerous villages and regions of Greece. A revolution that will bring a decentralized federation of autonomist Hellenic States, like the mighty city-states of old, a revolution, that will destroy the current mindset and free us from superstitions, jealously and selfish tendencies that infest the Hellenic mentality and ethnos. This is the revolution that must engulf the Hellenic homeland. Its revolutionaries are great; they are you and I. Revolutionaries leaderless for the next Alexander, the future Kolokotronis lies within us all. But it is not a revolution or opportunity to be stolen by false prophets draped in red, preaching the false truths of anarchy, socialism or communism. Beware of these disciples of the current troubles, these guilty criminals who have allowed things to be as they are. Who follow foreign ideologies that poison Hellenism, brought to us by foreign agents, theories that turned Hellene versus Hellene, which gave birth to the Macedonian Question and allowed the Greek Genocide to occur. The coming awakening is a revolution to be organized by the people, presented by the people and led by the people. So march patriots of truth, reason and liberty. March against those that wish to steal our future and crucify Hellenism for their own material gains. Destroy not the stores and businesses of our brethren, but rather break the offices and interests of those traitors that have brought us to this. Let the rage be guided not by revenge, but logic, fueled by all emotions and not just anger and let the light of Hellenism burn once more.