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For Immediate Release: May 22, 2010

Contact: Nikolaos Taneris, New York, Tel. (917) 699-9935

NEW YORK—Distinguished author and researcher Mrs. Fanoulla Argyrou presented her
scholarly findings based on her groundbreaking research in the British Foreign
Office to a broad range of youth organizations, community meetings, media
outlets and public events in the Greater New York area to commemorate the 91st
Anniversary of May 19th the International Remembrance Day for the Pontian Greek
Genocide, at the invitation of the Pan Pontian Federation of USA and CANADA

Mrs. F. Argyrou is specialised in the study of the British official released
Foreign Office documents on Cyprus with an experience of well over 20 years on
the matter. Argyrou has written 8 books (of the 8 books that Argyrou wrote, one
covers the Pontian Genocide) , numerous studies, speeches in conferences,
hundreds of articles in the Greek Cypriot press in Cyprus and is an associate
writer with London based newspapers “Ta Nea”, “Eleftheria” and “Simerini” in
Cyprus as well as others and Radio Proto in Cyprus. Her first hand research has
had strong affects on the political climate in Cyprus, and her findings have
raised serious questions about the official handling of the Cyprus question, and
the dangers involved with the Turkish-inspired bizonal bicommunal federation
plans. Arygrou’s research, political analysis and methodology in communicating
the truth about Turkish Crimes has inspired entire generations of activists. It
was with deep respect that she was received by patriots in the Greek-American

Argyrou’s speeches and presentations focused on the British archival record
which is her specialty. However, also covered were timely revelations of fact,
including details on the war crimes background to Mehmet Ali Talat, and long
term efforts to Turkify the entire Greek Island of Cyprus, by means of the
bizonal bicommunal so-called “solutions” Also discussed was the importance of
the book “The Bloody Truth” (available for download on the CANA website and in
hard copy ,free of charge from CANA) In the book are details on the gory
massacres and cover-ups by the Turkish terrorist organizations Volgan and TMT,
as well as research that includes Turkish documents on Turkish Crimes in Cyprus.
This book presents irrefutable evidence against Turkey for its unpunished crimes
in Cyprus.

The overall success of Fanoulla Argyrou’s visit to New York was in hammering
home the truth, with irrefutable evidence, on the cycle of Genocide that Turkey
is responsible for from Asia Minor to Cyprus. And the fact that Turkey remains
and remained an aggressor because Turkey continues to escape punishment for its
crimes. Notable attendees and messages of support for the events came in from
Ted G. Spyropoulos, USA Coordinator, World Council of Hellenes Abroad and Dr.
Olga Sarantopoulos, Secretary of World Council of Hellenes Abroad who flew into
New York from Vienna. The events were also followed by a “who’s who” of Greek
and Greek-Cypriot journalists and academics, who like it or not, couldn’t stay
away from hearing the truth—almost the entire journalistic staff of The
National Herald TNH, Demetrios Rhombotis of AKTINA FM and staff from NEO
magazine, Alex Stephanopoulos and Despina Syriopoulou of Greek American News
Agency, Apostolos Zoupaniotis correspondent for RIK and CNA Cyprus News Agency,
and even Dr. Christos P. Ioannides the Director of the Center for Byzantine and
Modern Greek Studies at Queens College, City University of New York, to name
just a few.

To view the Fanoulla Argyrou speeches and presentations in English, please
download the following PDF document on our site:

To read the Fanoulla Argyrou speech in original Hellenic presented in Astoria at
the Stathakion Center, please click the following link:

We also managed to capture the entire Fanoulla Argyrou speech in original
Hellenic on video, please view: ΤΟΥΡΚΙΚΑ ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑΤΑ: Ομιλία της κ. Φανούλα
Αργυρού στην Αστόρια.

ΤΟΥΡΚΙΚΑ ΕΓΚΛΗΜΑΤΑ: Ομιλία της κ. Φανούλα Αργυρού στην Αστόρια. from Nikolaos Taneris on Vimeo.

The CANAgrassroots YouTube channel has several video that have been uploaded
with greetings from speakers, including:
The greeting from Nikolaos Taneris at the 91st Pontian Greek Genocide
Commemoration in New York.

The address from the ANCA ER Executive Director Garo Manjikian at the 91st
Pontian Greek Genocide Commemoration in New York.

And the entire speech, from Key note speaker Fanoulla Argyrou at the 91st
Pontian Greek Genocide Commemoration in New York:

The National Herald –NYC Remembers Pontian Genocide May 19, 2010 PDF doc

ΕΘΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΗΡΥΞ τΕταρτΗ 19 μαΪου 2010 Τα βρετανικά αρχεία για τη Γενοκτονία των
Ομιλία Κυπρίας ερευνήτριας σε εκδήλωση που οργανώνει η Παμποντιακή Ομοσπονδία
στην Αστόρια PDF

ΕΘΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΗΡΥΞ παραςΚεΥη 21 MAΪΟΥ 2010 Εκδηλώσεις για την επέτειο Γενοκτονίας
Ποντιακού Ελληνισμού στη Ν.Υ.
Page 7Οι εκδηλώσεις για τη Γενοκτονία page 3

Please keep checking our website for more updates and the CANAgrassroots you
tube channels for updates. Contact us for your copy of “The Bloody Truth” for
your family and friends, print out and sign our petition calling for the arrest
of the Turkish murderer of our Greek-Cypriot brother Solomos Solomou. And join
us again this July 20th for our annual protest directly in front of the criminal
Turkish Embassy in Washington DC. The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA) is
pleased that the fervor for justice is growing stronger with each passing year,
as much as the bizonal bicommunal clique with their political ineptitude and
personal agendas would like to bury this issue of memorialising 20th of July
with muddled messages and talks (to the tune of bouzoukia and baglamades) on
so-called "solutions" that involve so-called "federations" with the very
criminals who perpetrated a HOLOCAUST on Greek-Cypriots, we say NEVER AGAIN. We
will not be silent, and we are not going away.
ΑΙΜΑΤΗΡΗ ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ - BLOODY TRUTH (Download the Greek and English PDF book) Learn
the Truth about the Turkish terrorist organizations Volgan and TMT and the
Turkish Bizonal Bicommunal Federation plan. Volunteer for our information
tables to distribute the book.
Print out and sign the petition The Murderer—KENAN AKIN A CALL FOR JUSTICE

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