Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Open letter to PSEKA and the Congressmen

MARCH 08,2010


We have received through email despatches from PSEKA a congressional letter sent
to Secretary of State Hilary Rodham Clinton dated 3 March 2010 signed by Gus M.
Bilirakis, Elton Gallegly, Shelley Berkley, Jim Costa and Michael McMahon,
members of Congress.

Assuming that this letter was prepared signed and sent with the involvement and
persuasion of PSEKA, it is regrettable in the least to notice such a low tone
demand from the Secretary of State.

What these congressmen ought to have demanded many days ago from Secretary
Clinton was “the immediate and unconditional recall and replacement of her
Ambassador to Turkey”.

Nothing of the sort happened. It was indeed PSEKA’s obligation and duty deriving
from its sole existence, to have demanded the recall and replacement of the
American Ambassador within 24 hours, with a letter written on its own headed
paper and signed by its Executive. Nothing of the sort happened.

Not days but a whole month later (statement by James Jeffrey made on 3 February
2010 this letter dated 3 March 2010) these congressmen come up with this
meaningless letter demanding nothing in actual fact. For “what” this letter is
circulated, I honestly wonder!

If only it underpins, unfortunately, the inaptitude and negligent indifference
of PSEKA to act immediately and decisively on matters of PRINCIPLE and confirms
that this organisation, has since long outlived its usefulness.

Because, PSEKA’s coming into being, was not this kind of damaging inactivity or
the annual…celebrational conferences in Washington. As for the ones visiting
Cyprus every August, there is no need to elaborate further. It has been
established since long that they are only good for annual paid up holidays for
selective individuals from all over the world and the traditional (sic) wine and
dine party in the presidential garden…

Coming back to the content of the letter of 3 March 2010 by the congressmen
referred above addressed to Secretary Clinton, this letter refers to two

a) The statement made by James Jeffrey on 3 February 2010, in his capacity as
the US Ambassador to Turkey, namely: “Turkey … doesn’t invade neighbours… it has
security concerns in Cyprus …”

In their letter, the congressmen demand NOTHING from Hilary Clinton, who must be
well pleased for not being obliged to do anything!

b) It refers to a State Department’s decision “not to provide the Cyprus
government with $2.5 million for the Limnitis crossing of the Green Line in
Cyprus”, claiming that “…this is needed to restore American’s credibility after
the 2004 debacle in order to help facilitate continued peaceful interaction
between the Greek and Turkish Cypriots”.

Well, if the congressmen and PSEKA are really interested in regaining American’s
credibility they will certainly NOT achieve it by paying ANY amount of money for

As refugees we are more interested in seeing America pressurise “its vital ally
Turkey” to get her 40,000 strong military back to their barracks in Turkey
together with the 180,000 (number increases and differs from month to month)
Anatolian settlers back to where they were brought from, away from our stolen
land and properties.

If these congressmen have the real will and determination, let them “stop and
think” as to WHY the Turkish demand for the RACIST so called “Bizonal,
Bicommunal Federation”, which they all blindly support, has NOT been possible to
be enforced...

I urge them to call upon their own Dr. Henry Kissinger and ask him about his
meeting with the Foreign Office officials sent to Washington by the then British
Foreign Secretary James Callaghan and which took place in the State Department
on 27 August 1974, and ask Dr. Henry Kissinger himself to repeat to them in his
answerto the British officials, when they told him that the policy they were to
promote vigorously for Cyprus was the BIZONAL BICOMMUNAL FEDERATION (BI-REGIONAL
they called it at the time), namely: He told them “Two to three chances your
policy will fail”, believing that the Greek Cypriots would never accept that
solution and he was right, at least on that respect.

No matter how hard they will keep on trying, the Greek Cypriot’s reply will be a
strong “NO”.

Yours sincerely,

Fanoulla Argyrou



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