Saturday, June 6, 2009

Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα'

A war is approaching Hellenism, and this war will be like none before it. It will be a war that will destroy not only the artificial borders that define the Hellenic state, but also destroy the very identity of Hellenism, hoping to prevent its resurrection, if all ethnic Hellenes are not united. If patriots have ever been in need of a rallying cry, that time is now! The “Left”, a coalition of Socialist and Communist political fractions, followers of foreign ideologies that forget that there is no ‘Left’ or ‘Right’, but those who participate for the glory of Hellenism and those who do not. It is the “Left” that proclaims to work in the interest of the Hellenic People, yet betrays Hellenism at the flip of a coin. The agents of ‘Greater Albania’ eye the historical land of Epirus, whose Northern lands continue to lay under foreign occupation. Ethnic Hellenes of Northern Epirus are forgotten by the elite in Athens, who have done nothing against radicals who dare to revise the identity of ancient Epirus and lay claim to its many heroes who lived and died for Hellenism. Anti-Hellenists of Skopia, follow the same pattern, as they oppress true Ethnic Macedonian Hellenes in Pelagonia and continue their revisionist claims on the history and legacy of Macedonia. They are left unchecked by traitors who claim to be negotiating a solution with those who would dare to steal our very souls! The Turk is on the rise and his claims on Cyprus and Thrace, as well as his continued violations of Hellenic Airspace will not just fade away, the continued religious persecution of Orthodox Hellenes in Turkey hasn’t. The Worlds one great power, the United States, our supposed ally has made their position clear that they will side with the enemies of Hellenism, rather than the birthplace of democracy and Western Civilization. It therefore falls upon the shoulders of patriots to unite and carry the banner of Hellenism to victory under a glorious cry.

“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα

Athens is a battlefield waiting to erupt between illegal immigrants and ethnic Hellenes. The system is unable to handle the growing illegal immigration crisis, and fails to prevent the desecration of Holy sites of Hellenism and crimes against innocent indigenous Hellenes. Patriots are condemned for their actions to defend Hellenism by confused and misguided Hellenes, used as ‘tools’ by the Left, to prevent a united front against these issues, while the elite leadership of Athens prospers and its people suffer. We are not indebted to these Illegal’s who left their countries because of political corruption and little economic opportunities. It is not our duty to carry the burden of providing basic rights of man for them nor is it the Hellenic state’s responsibility. These foreigners must not be used as ‘tools’ by warring political parties inside the Hellenic world, as scapegoats or pawns. Rather we must show them true and honorable Hellenic hospitality, a good meal, fresh clothing and then send them on their way. There is no place for them inside Hellas, this is neither racist nor politically incorrect, but rather the truth. Ethnic Hellenes must be united on this issue, Hellas can only provide for its own kind and hence these illegals must leave our shores!

Our identity is under attack by Revisionists who wish to rewrite the Hellenic legacy and identity of Macedonia and deliver it into the hands of warped ‘Macedonist’ Slavs and Ethnic Hellenic Communists who are no longer aware of their Hellenic origins. They wish to blind the world to this national ‘identity theft’ and allow for generations across the globe to be ignorant to the historical truth that Macedonia and Alexander the Great are apart of Hellenism, just as Ancient Sparta and the numerous city-states are also apart of Hellenism. We must rally under the accomplishments and identity of our ancestors and defend their memory until our last breath on this great earth. For it is because of them and their great sacrifices that we are here today has Hellenes.

“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα“

The Global Economic Crisis is one that affects every single ethnic Hellene. It must not be used as a source of division between the Hellenic people. We mustn’t fall prey to propaganda which breeds animosity amongst our own ethnic kin. Rather we must use this crisis to reexamine our economy and political system, to do away with foreign aspects our current systems hold and return to our ancient roots. To bred a nation that is green and self-sufficient, able to provide for all Ethnic Hellenes, and defend against acts of Anti-Hellenism where ever they may be!

Finally we must also work to end prejudice against Ethnic Hellenes living in the Diaspora or in occupied parts of the Hellenic world, such as Northern Epirus, Pelagonia, Magna Graecia, Cyprus, and Northern and Eastern Thrace. We must openly embrace all ethnic Hellenes and work towards the rebirth of Hellenic identity in some cases and the return of Hellenes to their ancestral homelands in others. So that all of Hellas may be free.

The time is now patriots of Hellenism. Will we continue to allow Hellenism to travel down a road of no return, to be the next country on the chopping block, to be torn apart and divided by our enemies and their business partners in the West? Will we stand by as our history and identity is taken from us, while our people are left to economic ruin? The time to bring honor to our ancestors is upon us. It is up to each and every patriot to work for the continued survival of the Hellenic people.

In the Gods we trust
“Όλοι Ελλάδα Ένα“